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war deg deg ah: somali khaniis dancing in ohio 1 hr 37
Is this woman singing in Somali ? 1 hr 3
maxameduk inu qaniis yahay mala socotan? 1 hr 372
This singer sounds like she's singing in Somali, but it's an Arabic d... 1 hr 2
If Somalia declared war on Israel would you support it ? 2 hr 12
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa 3 hr 4.31k
Gabdhaha buuran iyo kuwa dhuuban kuwee raaxo macaan 5 hr 1.28k
The Greatness Of OGADEN People 7 hr 75
I Am Al Shabaab 9 hr 161
futada iyo siilka keba macaan 12 hr 1.68k
Any somali Shia out there? 17 hr 176
Why I hate Somalis? 18 hr 16
prayer for phalastan 18 hr 40
Ok, beside Somali... What Girls you think are more sexier than the ... 21 hr 69
Half Somali/Half Korean ^___^ 21 hr 113
black dykes 23 hr 6
Why do Somali men have big butts and long skinny arms and legs ? 23 hr 5
Any Somali lesbians in Midwest America?? 23 hr 22
Atheist Islam-Hater converts to Islam! Funny yet AMAZING story! Wed 3
Why racist Somalis hate blacks ? Wed 313
Not Muslim Anymore Wed 51
Knegros Steal $69,000 Worth Of Chicken For A SuperBowl Party Wed 10
Somalia Oil & Gas Summit I 20 October 2014, Londo Wed 2
the trollop troll is back Wed 2
A Song for Bantus Wed 1
the yibir clan and madhiban clan are jews. new york times Wed 6
You somalis are Arab than you thought. 41.1% Arab. Wed 48
Qolka Guurka xalaasha ah ilaahey dartiis Wed 607
Naagaha Ethiopiankaa iyo Naagaha Soomalida yaa Siil Macaan Wed 16
I love Maya Jama Wed 12
Looking to marry a somali girl but her family want her else where. Wed 74
Somali girls are the sexiest..... Tue 4
darood hates Isaaq, Isaaq hates darood? why so much hate? Tue 139
Why are somali women such sellouts Tue 95
would you kiss and hold the hands of your gf/wife in the public? Tue 28
I wish I was Half Somali Half European, I hate being a full Somali gi... Tue 12
Wiil Raba Guurdoon Xalaal ah Tue 360
why are uk somali girls so beautiful Tue 149
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h... Tue 1.16k
su'aal gabdhaha somaliyed dhaman gus size ke jecel yihiin mise ku fil... Tue 56
guur doon 2014 Tue 5
Why do Somalis live like animals and wipe their asses with bare hands? Tue 293
one smart girl Tue 5
islii/eastliegh wasmo doon Mon 33
Eid mubarak Mon 12
where is Laila Adigar Mon 7
I have NO CLITORIS Jul 28 255
Ethiopian and WHITE people say that Somalis are SAVAGES Jul 28 30
Talo siin yaa doonaayo wixi jaceyl dhab ah hayo! Jul 28 15
any somali somali lesbians in London Jul 28 1
So how r u celebrating eid Jul 28 1
who married or dated eritrean girls Jul 28 6
premium numbers service Jul 28 1
Homosexual Somalis Jul 28 60
The Pope In Somalia & Somaliland. Jul 28 1
grandpakhalifqarxis Jul 27 1
gabaar reer islii oo ilacidaa Jul 27 1
Why do somali men have a problem with africa american men? Jul 27 108
What qabiil is Sheekhaal? Jul 27 148
Fresh moderator in town Jul 27 4
Somalis kept in Zoos in 1890 Paris Jul 27 7
Happy Eid Jul 27 1
why are the Mareexaan's soo great ? Jul 26 43
lame lame Jul 26 12
From Strong Atheist To Islam Jul 26 3
Why Do Somalis Love Palestine More Than Their Own Country? Jul 26 17
Why do Somalis Have HUGE foreheads?? Jul 26 64
Arab guys Attarctted to Somali Gurls Jul 26 527
Why are Ethiopians more beautiful and lighter than Somalis!? Jul 26 30
Why do Arabs always assume every Somali speaks Arabic? Jul 26 45
who married an eritrean here and what do you think of them Jul 26 1
Jobs in Doha, Qatar. Jul 26 2
im I Somalian? Jul 26 12
Which is the biggest Somali Clan? Jul 26 439
reer shabelle and murusade connection? Jul 26 4
New trend Somali men marrying Indian Muslim women Jul 26 173
Somali gays in toronto ? Jul 26 1
i gave head to habar younis Jul 26 7
Presence of Persians/ Afghani's in Somalia? Jul 25 25
Somali Jews Jul 25 20
Mohamed Hersi jailed 10 years on terror charges Jul 25 2
Muslim Destroys Atheism (Logical Proof for God) - in few seconds Jul 25 1
Be Opposite the Disbelievers! Jul 25 1
Declaration of Disbelief by Somali atheist teenager Jul 25 102
live gaza cam stream link HERE!! Jul 25 10
A WEBSITE dedicated to BANTUS Jul 25 1
Why Westafrican/bantu consider us arab and arab consider us black? Jul 25 15
Somali lawmaker killed in Mogadishu drive-by shooting Jul 25 6
somali bantu Jul 25 22
do muslim people have sex too? Jul 25 57
Why somali hâte bantus? Jul 25 9
What are the ajuraan people? Jul 25 35
Somali lawmaker shot dead in drive-by shooting Jul 25 1
Blind Somali Man Joins ISIS Terrorists. Jul 25 2
silence and ... Jul 24 1
Black Guys who F&@cked Somali Girls Jul 24 139
Somalis were Slaves Jul 24 62
Somalis are the 2nd poorest Ethnic group in America. Jul 24 79
Do Somalis support ISRAEL? Jul 24 12

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