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2014 Emmy Awards Discussion
entertainment 150
Fed Judge Strikes Down California's 10-Day Gun Waiting ...
guns 175
What's your favorite dessert?
food 3
Should the U.S. Do More to Address the Ebola Outbreak?
health 50
Somalia Discussions 1 to 100 of 16,139
New Somali chat room for hot somali girls to meet African American men 2 hr 2
Gabdhaha buuran iyo kuwa dhuuban kuwee raaxo macaan 3 hr 1,298
futada iyo siilka keba macaan 3 hr 1,709
why do somali women gossip so much? 4 hr 2
Can this be considered Racial 5 hr 15
List of richest cities in Africa with USD $ Millionaires 2013 5 hr 21
Hesso Somali HD, rtmp:// 5 hr 1
Men pretending to be Muslim reverts just to get married. 7 hr 3
OIC appeals to its members to assist Somalia 7 hr 1
Somalia should take in Syrian refugees 14 hr 24
just reverted 16 hr 23
Kenya Captures Kismayo, Ogaden Celebrating; Marehan Crying 17 hr 69
Are Darood people Yemanies from hadramout? 19 hr 535
Somali Marriage Event 19 hr 36
Why do all Somalians stink? (I am Ethiopian) 23 hr 5
Wiilasha Somalida Maxey u gus yar yihiin horta? Thu 17
Let us MOURN this young girl .. Only 26 and shot dead.. smh Thu 6
New Micheal Jackson Somalis Thu 5
Intercultural Couple - A Story about a Somali-Polish Love Thu 15
ZOOMALIS Are Ugly filthy Scums Thu 6
why i hate bantu apes? Thu 17
i hate "abgaal" hawiye Thu 32
i hate majerteen " mj" people: Thu 29
i hate qabiilka sheekhaal Thu 4
i hate soomaali oo dhan Thu 18
How Do Somali's Feel About Super Model Iman Thu 17
women are better customer advisors Thu 1
marabta Wed 1
Help what is the population of reer xamar shaanshi in Columbus or Min... Wed 1
I met the most beautiful woman what do you think I should have done Wed 20
Can rahanweyn people spak somali? Wed 29
Why do Somali's hate other African countries?? Aug 27 88
Ma jiraaan gabdha somali ah oo dabada lagawase mase waa ben arintaaa Aug 27 1
Somali Anal sex/ Wasmada Futada Aug 27 1
I am a Somali girl looking for White, Hispanic, Latino converts to ma... Aug 26 45
Solution to Clanism Aug 26 28
paltal wasmo iyo siigo xaaax!! Aug 26 8
Do Somalis support ISRAEL? Aug 26 74
Somalis with Blue Eyes Blond Hair not Old People!!! Aug 26 12
darood hates Isaaq, Isaaq hates darood? why so much hate? Aug 26 146
Origins of Darood Aug 26 34
What is the population of shaanshi reer xamar and barwani in Portland... Aug 26 1
alright for some Aug 26 2
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h... Aug 26 1,173
I have a problem Aug 26 2
when someone is about to become muslim Aug 26 3
Is it true there is a large reer xamar/ benadiri people population in... Aug 25 3
Where can I meet a Somali lady in London ? Aug 25 5
somali: how do you feel about white people classifying you as caucasi... Aug 25 60
Somalis Are Hilarious People Aug 25 8
If Said Barre was still in power... Aug 25 136
news and current affairs Aug 25 1
I really want to marry a reer xamar girl but how is this looked in th... Aug 25 4
many islamic states now coz of Us terrorism Aug 25 6
Average IQ in Subsaharan Africa is 60-70 Aug 25 52
maxameduk inu qaniis yahay mala socotan? Aug 25 399
Guurdoon baan ahay Aug 25 1
yaan web came ka dhax wasaa Aug 25 1
i am a horny girl and i want big long gus Aug 25 7
does a half somali and half north sudani arab exist Aug 25 46
Why are Somali girls so ugly Aug 24 285
somalis help! She's the perfect woman, is she using me? Aug 24 8
Annihilation of the OGADEN Aug 24 34
Why are somali people the most beautiful people in Africa? Aug 24 110
Habar Jeclo Sub clan of ISAAQ is the biggest sub clan in the whole of... Aug 24 45
Arab man, Somali girl! will it work? Aug 24 223
qeylo Aug 24 1
Why do somalians hate/dislike Ayaan Hirsi Ali Aug 24 182
intermix with whites or parish... your choice!! Aug 24 1
Amazing Ayatollah now are allies with America Aug 24 8
nacaska dadkiiska diiida ha raaco gaaalo Aug 24 1
isnac o is dil noloshu kuuma fiicna maxaa yeeley dadkaakada ayaa ilow... Aug 24 1
Wiil Raba Guurdoon Xalaal ah Aug 24 370
cds Aug 24 2
real question why does ayan hate Somalis/Muslims Aug 24 1
bombing Palestine is ok but afghans, Iraq, libya, and Somalia is Aug 24 1
some humans are better than others Aug 24 1
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa Aug 24 4,324
what somali clan has the sexiest people ? Vote people ... Aug 24 64
Why are Somali women boring in bed Aug 24 6
i hate somalis Aug 24 2
Somalia President Mohamud visit draws protest Aug 24 13
Canadian Somali woman killed by white ex-bf Aug 23 95
Starlin Abdi Arush: In Loving Memory Aug 23 10
Why do somali men have a problem with africa american men? Aug 22 114
any lesbian somalia girls or bisexual in ohio Aug 22 24
Are there any light skin somalis ? Aug 22 46
Arab guys Attarctted to Somali Gurls Aug 22 529
Light skin/wavy hair Somalis....face the facts...YOU ARE NOT PURE SOMALI Aug 22 62
Somali. Aug 22 1
join this group on FB Aug 22 1
dutch male model. somali Aug 22 14
Why are Somali men so disgusting Aug 22 80
wht do you think of getting married at age 19 or 20 Aug 22 15
Do we somalis smoke marijuana? Aug 22 7
God loves Somalies part 1 Aug 22 13
I have to tell someone n boast Aug 22 1
hawie should either cooprate or complain. Aug 21 11
SOMALI GIRLS: Do You Want To Marry A Somali Guy... Aug 21 456
AMISOM to leave Somalia in 2016 Aug 21 3

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