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Do I have any Somali features? I'm Half Somali Half Iranian...
16 min 126 comments
Somalis are the 2nd poorest Ethnic group in America.
1 hr 60 comments
Wiil Raba Guurdoon Xalaal ah
2 hr 354 comments
american army commander convert to islam
3 hr 1 comments
I found somali PORN!!!
3 hr 9 comments
"Homosexual" Agenda in Black Church: 1950's - Now
3 hr 1 comments
Why Are So Many Bantu Men GAY?
3 hr 1 comments
Bantu obsessed with sex
3 hr 6 comments
"Jamaica's Underground Gays"
3 hr 1 comments
documentary on male gay prostitutes living in jamaica
4 hr 1 comments
Why Do Somalis Love Palestine More Than Their Own Country?
4 hr 3 comments
Bantu Behavior
4 hr 6 comments
ramadaan mubaarak
4 hr 2 comments
Bantu transexual men on the streets of Washington DC
4 hr 3 comments
sillyness of this forum
5 hr 9 comments
Islam's pagan Roots
5 hr 2 comments
Not Muslim Anymore
5 hr 21 comments
Gabdhaha buuran iyo kuwa dhuuban kuwee raaxo macaan
5 hr 1280 comments
how many have u slept with
5 hr 1 comments
Habar Jeclo Sub clan of ISAAQ is the biggest sub clan in the whole of...
6 hr 31 comments
Why Westafrican/bantu consider us arab and arab consider us black?
7 hr 3 comments
are the somali girls in eastleigh nairobi eager for marriage
7 hr 1 comments
Why are Somali guys so ugly?
7 hr 262 comments
how is the married life you guys out there
7 hr 8 comments
guys n jewellery
7 hr 3 comments
OMG! Boy Cuts Another Boy's Head. warning! Graphic video
8 hr 9 comments
futada iyo siilka keba macaan
15 hr 1674 comments
Why are Somalis hated by everyone in the world?
15 hr 82 comments
If a somali girl dated a non somali, what would you do?
17 hr 184 comments
Why do Somalis deny being black?
17 hr 256 comments
Somali girls love us Jamaican reverts
18 hr 135 comments
Somalians fight like dogs in this forum
21 hr 21 comments
im going to eastleigh nairobi to visit a relative.
22 hr 1 comments
Propaganda and trolling
22 hr 19 comments
The chaining up of the devils in Ramadaan
22 hr 15 comments
Knegros Steal $69,000 Worth Of Chicken For A SuperBowl Party
Mon 9 comments
I need to wash my siil and futo
Mon 8 comments
maxameduk inu qaniis yahay mala socotan?
Mon 362 comments
Did East Africans establish ancient south Indian Empires?
Mon 1 comments
wasmada daba maxaa ka macaan?
Mon 3 comments
father refused suitor due to different qabil
Mon 15 comments
Lost in translation and situation, need a genuine advise
Mon 12 comments
sex posts on this forum are Bantu
Mon 12 comments
Yemeni Arab woman in uk what do you think of us pakistani Bengali men...
Mon 68 comments
Are Somalis sick in the head or just cursed?
Mon 9 comments
save Somalia the game
Sun 2 comments
qolka calaf doonka rag iyo dumar
Sun 110 comments
im looking for mj friends/people
Sun 3 comments
Why is the Majeerteen clan hated by Every other tribe?
Sun 145 comments
I'm considering becoming a Quranist / Quran only muslim.
Sun 53 comments
whats wrong with somali girls generally
Sun 11 comments
why do ogaden have no low IQ?
Sun 6 comments
Which is the biggest Somali Clan?
Sun 438 comments
Israel support Khatumo state of somalia
Sun 38 comments
Sun 9 comments
I Cant Stand Extra Fruity Black Bantu Males
Sun 2 comments
freeman & take note are gay Somalis
Sun 12 comments
Any Somali chicks like Bantu dudes
Sun 3 comments
Why are midgan people discrimanated?
Sun 29 comments
is it true somali girls give head
Sun 98 comments
Somali transsexuals exist
Sat 8 comments
what can masterbate do you?
Sat 1 comments
wiil gus weyn igu darso cadoow18@live.com
Sat 9 comments
A Tale Of A Somali Family & An African-American Family
Jul 19 5 comments
Laila and sheik vodoo are the same person
Jul 19 5 comments
The Gayest Straight Men In History! Hilarious
Jul 19 3 comments
She Had Kids With A White Man So Her Kids Would Be Better Than Other...
Jul 19 8 comments
Reformed-Homosexual Bantu expecting a baby
Jul 19 3 comments
where to find somali porno
Jul 19 7 comments
Will Qom protect the neo-Majoos in Baghdad?
Jul 19 3 comments
warning! this video made me VOMIT after 2 minutes
Jul 19 4 comments
Most crime in USA committed by the fatherless
Jul 19 1 comments
Bantu heaven is sex with chichen
Jul 19 1 comments
Stabbed In The Neck Over A Piece Of Chicken
Jul 19 1 comments
I hate somali people what should I do
Jul 19 46 comments
Somalis were Slaves
Jul 18 57 comments
war deg deg ah: somali khaniis dancing in ohio
Jul 18 32 comments
Muslim Inventions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 18 2 comments
what if allah was somali?
Jul 18 17 comments
home swap
Jul 18 7 comments
Did you ever fell in love with someone?
Jul 18 53 comments
Somali Marriage Event
Jul 18 35 comments
wiil guurdoon ah
Jul 18 1 comments
why somali women have huge ass ?
Jul 18 183 comments
Why do Somalis Have HUGE foreheads??
Jul 17 63 comments
I Am Al Shabaab
Jul 17 156 comments
Support Somali Gay Community
Jul 17 62 comments
Jobs in Doha, Qatar.
Jul 17 1 comments
He wants to get married during the month of Ramadaan
Jul 17 4 comments
Why can't Somalis admit they are mixed?
Jul 17 200 comments
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h...
Jul 17 1156 comments
all somali News, live somali TV, Radio in one place
Jul 17 1 comments
pastor shot in church after sex with wife and daughter
Jul 16 2 comments
Mom Microwaves Her 28 Day Old Infant
Jul 16 2 comments
Shebab launch major attack on Somalia's presidential palace
Jul 16 43 comments
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa
Jul 16 4288 comments
Somali Nursing Student Association?
Jul 16 1 comments
Half Somali half Palestinian
Jul 16 97 comments
Average IQ in Subsaharan Africa is 60-70
Jul 16 48 comments
Somali guys STOP marrying SOMALI women PLEASE!!!
Jul 16 104 comments

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