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Why Somaliland needs their Independence from Somalia 9 min 1
Boosaso is 1/4 the size of Burco 1 hr 4
Why Do Muslims Suck On Education? 1 hr 19
Somalia VS Eritrea who would win?? 1 hr 31
what makes you being proud somali ? 2 hr 5
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa 2 hr 4,490
Turkey in Somalia 2 hr 3
Do you want to make money with International Premium Rate Numbers 2 hr 1
Sheick VOODOO 3 hr 16
What is the population of shaanshi reer xamar and barwani in Portland... 4 hr 36
Please stop it Muslims on topix. 6 hr 2
The best city in Somalia?? 6 hr 22
Why do somalis hate or racist towards bantus and black people? 7 hr 6
futada iyo siilka keba macaan 7 hr 1,793
Abgaal's are NOT owners of xamar 8 hr 16
Habar Jeclo Sub clan of ISAAQ is the biggest sub clan in the whole of... 8 hr 63
North Dir vs. South Dir 9 hr 16
Do you think the new Somali Prime minister will bring change?? 9 hr 2
Do you know Barawani people?Are they mixed Somali?? 9 hr 444
Somali girls marry white muslim converts 9 hr 98
Professional Somali guy looking................................... 11 hr 57
Somali girl crowned miss Africa utah 15 hr 39
hee 15 hr 1
Kenya is trying to Steal Somali Oil 16 hr 41
self hating black woman 17 hr 4
Somalia should partner with Israel 18 hr 13
Look How beautiful our somalia 21 hr 4
Why do Somali girls marry Black Boys 21 hr 154
How do you vent? 21 hr 6
Qolka garoobka logu raxeyo bashal 23 hr 96
Why are Somali men so disgusting Thu 90
Dhuuqmada Guska/Leefida Siilka oo keena Cudurka Cancer Wed 50
Iam not loyal to Hawiye, Darod, Dir or any other clan. Only Somalia Wed 17
racist somali mothers? Wed 5
Somali Women HATE Somali Men Wed 137
What is DIFFERENCE between Ethiopians, Somalians and Eritreans? Wed 558
Do arab girls marry somalis? Wed 57
----)- Describe yourself in one word ----- Wed 1
do Somalis support isis? Wed 1
waa maxay sabata somalida ugu xishooto wasmada?? Wed 620
Congratulation CCC Sharmarke. Wed 2
so we're wondering Wed 4
hahaha bantuu attackk!!! Wed 3
Jaleous Somali haters rule this forum Wed 4
my Eritrean neighbours have a starring problem Wed 8
Follow me on twitter Wed 1
Somali Bloggers Wed 3
Half Somali Half Korean. Tue 18
Why are Somali girls so ugly Tue 302
North sudanese arabs are racist to somalis Tue 43
I am real somali lesbian. Tue 135
I wanna marry somali girl but I am Habesha muslim Tue 21
Which is the biggest Somali Clan? Tue 455
Capital city of Somalia must be relocated to Merka, Brava or elsewhere Tue 1
Ok Whom You Think Will Win the Mis World 2014 Beauty Pagent Tue 10
"We are grateful for Ethiopia's support," residents of Baidoa town - ... Tue 2
Mogadishu belongs to all somalis,regardless religion or ethnicity Dec 16 13
i hate being somali what should i do ;( Dec 16 163
boga baafinta Dec 16 33
isaaq arab Dec 16 71
Somalis, stop following Salafism/Wahabism/ISISISM Dec 16 9
waxaan ahay guur doon Dec 16 121
yaa kacsi badan gabdhaha suna gudka iyo kuwa fircooniga Dec 16 1
Gabdhaha buuran iyo kuwa dhuuban kuwee raaxo macaan Dec 16 1,318
Every Somali tribe must surrender Dec 15 21
gabdhaha somalida ma jecelyihiin in laga leefo siilka marka loo galmo... Dec 15 27
maxaa keena inay gabadhu noqoto sharmuuto? Dec 15 65
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h... Dec 15 1,275
cheating Dec 15 7
Are Somali Girls Good In Giving Head / Oral Sex? Dec 15 3
Which beste singer; Farxiya Fiska, or Nimco dareen? Dec 15 75
Mogadishu Rebirth Dec 15 5
Somalia VS Eritrea who would win?? Dec 15 16
why are somalis always fighting and arguing Dec 15 44
Are Majerteens the smartest Somalis? Dec 15 92
are we wishing to diminish? Dec 15 2
Arab man, Somali girl! will it work? Dec 15 227
naaguhu nooceebay ugu jecelyihiin wasmada Dec 14 42
Venereal Voodoo Dec 14 12
Why do the Somali galbeed People want Independence from Ethiopia? Dec 14 2
one name for somalia men Dec 14 4
Female Circumcision Dec 14 2
Is this story true, Mise awrkukacsi? Dec 14 5
Maxaan sameeyaa Dec 14 13
Somalinet Chat Dec 14 25
Two (Somali) Sydney women flee to Syria to become IS jihahi terror br... Dec 14 1
Fellow Patriotic Somalis, i made this fb page specialy for you! Dec 14 1
Why so many many Somalians claiming handouts?? Dec 14 42
Ethiopia's role in maintaining peace in So... Dec 14 10
somali christians Dec 14 918
i am a horny girl and i want big long gus Dec 13 16
When will we see somaliweyn Dec 13 35
Somali is not a race Dec 13 19
How somalia will look like in 10 yrs after oil? Dec 13 20
Beautiful Somali/Indian Wedding Dec 13 4
Ogaden should be called western somalia Dec 13 4
I am so ashamed to be a Somali. I hate being Somali! Dec 13 15
Why is there so much hate on Topix [Somali forum] Dec 13 31
french montana is somali? Dec 13 26
farhiya Dec 13 4

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