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East African or West African?
55 min 40 comments
sleazy as always
1 hr 6 comments
Why do Somalis live like animals and wipe their asses with bare hands?
1 hr 248 comments
Cure for Hair Loss Found!
1 hr 1 comments
It's finally clear, Somalis hate Bantu more than Gabooye
1 hr 41 comments
futada iyo siilka keba macaan
1 hr 1542 comments
do somali marry muslim eritreans
4 hr 7 comments
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Do somali woman love the white man!
4 hr 199 comments
poor kid
4 hr 2 comments
What do you wish for?
4 hr 5 comments
why do Somali think its haram to eat pork
5 hr 6 comments
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa
5 hr 4239 comments
Somali people are NOT black
6 hr 66 comments
Somali girl crowned miss Africa utah
10 hr 35 comments
Any Somalis living in Doha, Qatar?
11 hr 15 comments
Why Somali culture is dumb ?
12 hr 21 comments
Who supports Al-shabaab?
13 hr 18 comments
The dumbest african leader
14 hr 17 comments
Somalis Are Well Liked By Their Fellow Muslims.
14 hr 12 comments
why are somalis so stupid? hurry up and leave islam
16 hr 26 comments
the one will guided
17 hr 1 comments
UN Envoy Raises Possibility of Somali Withdrawal
17 hr 8 comments
Do cows eat grass but why monkey eat lice ?
18 hr 1 comments
Trolling Somalians here are from...?
19 hr 4 comments
somali whatsapp users
20 hr 28 comments
What do you study?
22 hr 42 comments
the illusion of hijab
Wed 17 comments
Why the Arab League doesn't help Somalia
Wed 17 comments
gabdhaha somalida ma jecelyihiin in laga leefo siilka marka loo galmo...
Wed 22 comments
Talo siin yaa doonaayo wixi jaceyl dhab ah hayo!
Wed 13 comments
Somalia Bantu problem
Wed 307 comments
Gabdhaha buuran iyo kuwa dhuuban kuwee raaxo macaan
Wed 1239 comments
would somali girls mind marrying a northern sudanese arab?
Wed 10 comments
has anyone successfullymet someone from topix ??
Wed 7 comments
Why are Somali girls so ugly
Wed 270 comments
why Are puntland and somaliland fighting
Wed 17 comments
Light skin/wavy hair Somalis....face the facts...YOU ARE NOT PURE SOMALI
Tue 57 comments
the one will guided
Tue 1 comments
the one will guided
Apr 22 1 comments
Garoob doon
Apr 22 26 comments
Apr 22 2 comments
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h...
Apr 22 1089 comments
the History of majeerteen? Midgaan and cowards
Apr 22 21 comments
Why do Arabs hate Somali so much, what did we ever do to them?
Apr 22 213 comments
The Strange History of the Somali People
Apr 22 22 comments
What's your opinion on all these increasing Somali Interracial Marria...
Apr 22 69 comments
Puntland Is rich with oil and all that belongs to all Somalis
Apr 22 100 comments
why am I not getting marriage proposal?
Apr 22 26 comments
attention all white knight phaggots...stop please!
Apr 22 1 comments
Do you know Barawani people?Are they mixed Somali??
Apr 21 413 comments
IHow can people say Somalis aren't Arabs when their ancestors were??
Apr 21 33 comments
scientific errors in the Qur'an
Apr 21 2 comments
Allah is the devil
Apr 21 6 comments
Any somali medical students in Eastern Europe
Apr 21 8 comments
I'm considering becoming a Quranist / Quran only muslim.
Apr 21 48 comments
Gus keebaa ugu macaan??
Apr 21 27 comments
Kacsi badan
Apr 21 23 comments
Rebuilding Somalia
Apr 21 20 comments
Futa cun cun
Apr 21 2 comments
dowlada kenya maku saxsantahay in ay somalida dalkeda kamasafuriso
Apr 21 2 comments
Somali Marriage Event
Apr 21 26 comments
'Support Somali state or risk takeover'
Apr 21 1 comments
qabiilke ugu badan qabaa'ilka somalida ma hawiye, daarood,isaaq,raxan...
Apr 21 205 comments
SOMALI GIRLS: Do You Want To Marry A Somali Guy...
Apr 21 438 comments
Jail for Reporting Rape
Apr 21 49 comments
Yemeni Arab woman in uk what do you think of us pakistani Bengali men...
Apr 20 64 comments
What is your tribe?
Apr 20 119 comments
Why can't you dirty somalians stay out of England?
Apr 20 209 comments
Somalian bastards to be kicked out of Kenya
Apr 20 46 comments
Sheikh Voodoo wishes
Apr 20 56 comments
maxameduk inu qaniis yahay mala socotan?
Apr 20 331 comments
Apr 20 7 comments
love u somalis
Apr 20 52 comments
Did you like Siad Barre?
Apr 20 7 comments
Robert Anton Wilson Mantra
Apr 20 2 comments
Why do Somali girls marry Black Boys
Apr 20 113 comments
would you marry your cousin?
Apr 20 16 comments
Ikraan caraale iyo falis Abdi
Apr 20 11 comments
Qolka Aqoon yahaynka Guurdoonka ah
Apr 20 10 comments
why do somalis luv ethiopian nd kenyan men
Apr 20 12 comments
Why do Somalis and Ethiopians hate each other
Apr 20 87 comments
We're not superior complex!!
Apr 19 10 comments
Somalis in London what do they work?
Apr 19 17 comments
Twin Cities' Somali community demands justice for families 'under sie...
Apr 19 8 comments
I am in love with a Bengali girl but her family don't like black
Apr 19 165 comments
are reer xamar people racist to other somalis.
Apr 19 5 comments
Why do somali men have a problem with africa american men?
Apr 19 82 comments
Kenya sends 91 Somalis to Mogadishu amid crackdown
Apr 19 7 comments
Why do some somalis dress like arabs and palastinians?
Apr 19 19 comments
why is topix a mental asylum
Apr 19 3 comments
Eritrean and ethiopian are much more beautiful than somalis
Apr 19 38 comments
North sudanese arabs are racist to somalis
Apr 19 27 comments
Wiil Raba Guurdoon Xalaal ah
Apr 19 302 comments
sudani and Somali people are brothers in islam
Apr 19 2 comments
Hi who's from Canada here
Apr 18 1 comments
Qolka garoobka logu raxeyo bashal
Apr 18 67 comments
Redefining what and who are Somalis.
Apr 18 5 comments
Educated Somali Brother
Apr 18 6 comments
the one will guided
Apr 18 1 comments
the one will guided
Apr 18 1 comments
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