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Hoo Guska Jaq Macnto 1 hr 3
why it so easy for males.....??? 1 hr 8
Why are Somalians so dirty and stinky 2 hr 122
Do you think Ogaden WILL Come back to Somalia? 2 hr 13
North sudanese arabs are racist to somalis 2 hr 47
Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi: Who was? 3 hr 176
futada iyo siilka keba macaan 3 hr 1,881
Bantu? 3 hr 1
dutch male model. somali 5 hr 50
incest sex 6 hr 6
WTF Bantzoo Trans Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 hr 6
Bantzoo Song for Mrs Obama!!!!!! 9 hr 1
Learn from; Asian Self Hate, White Worship, and Inferiority Complex!!!! 13 hr 5
Gals in Netherlands, you want baashaal? 13 hr 16
bantzoo Burns Baby on the street 14 hr 1
Negro Bed Wench????????? 15 hr 2
Midgaan 16 hr 38
Hood Rat???? 19 hr 1
“knee-grow bed wench”!!! 20 hr 1
Don't you think Marehan was best ruler in Somalia? 20 hr 3
“white daddy syndrome”!!! 20 hr 1
somali girl white man, can it work? 21 hr 69
what are somalis known for? 21 hr 27
wasmada ugumacaan Thu 27
1 family member leaves Islam?!?!! Thu 22
kusali nabi muxamed scw Thu 1
where can one find half somali half yemeni girls? Thu 15
qabiilke ugu badan qabaa'ilka somalida ma hawiye, daarood,isaaq,raxan... Thu 232
i hear that Aden Yemen has a neighborhood called Basateen Thu 1
ONLY Black Women Treat Mixed People Like GODs Wed 2
somalinet waxa gaadh ka haysa islaan darood ah Hahaha Wed 7
Colour Of Your Eyes Wed 17
where do the yemenis live in somalia? to the north near bari? Wed 13
Somalians and bananas Wed 34
New Somali chat room for hot somali girls to meet African American men Wed 5
There are light skinned somalis Wed 59
Nin Walaashii Damaaciyay Wed 4
Why are the arabs and turks coming to Somalia?!?? Wed 21
where are all the 28-35 year old somali guys in london Wed 22
Do you know Barawani people?Are they mixed Somali?? Wed 448
A wonderful Secular Somali Lady Running For Office In Australia. Wed 1
Guurdoon Wed 136
The "Infidels" Rescued A Somali (Somalilander) Muslim Women From Musl... Wed 1
any somali women in cairo or dubai? Wed 6
bantzoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wed 1
Black queen TWERKING fell out of a moving CAR ! Wed 6
Large number of Bantu men becoming Gay Why?????? Wed 1
Vote for your Favourite Wed 1
Futo xaar leh iyo khaniis Wed 1
Somalia must create a secular republic Wed 83
Blaming culture, religion or race for the crimes of an individual????? Wed 5
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa Tue 4,567
94% of all Terrorist Attacks by NON-MUSLIMS:1980 to 2005, According t... Tue 1
why are somalis so harsh to women?? Tue 15
East African or West African? Tue 47
Somali guy in love with a white girl Tue 8
Dharka iska bixi hadaad tahay garoob ama single mother waa laguu raax... Jan 27 2
Half Somali Half Korean. Jan 27 20
Incest sex Jan 27 19
who has the most beautiful girl somalia,ethiopia or kenya Jan 27 72
Fighting the Cut: Laila Hussain Jan 27 4
Petition to stop the khat ban in UK Jan 27 19
Is it me or are somalis mixing a lot these days??? Jan 27 137
Don't trust Ogaden and Majeryen Jan 27 18
So many somali women on online dating sites Jan 27 29
Somali ladies are annoyed with somali men! Jan 26 32
Why do Arabs hate Somali so much, what did we ever do to them? Jan 26 288
dirty reer xamars Jan 26 1
naagaha futada ma kacsadaan mase jecelyihiin in futada laga waso Jan 26 12
Turkish President points out new project to build 10,000 homes in Som... Jan 26 3
Why Somali Sisters want Mixed Kids? Jan 26 1
Language Barrier Jan 26 2
Why do Somali girls marry Black Boys Jan 26 157
Hindu, sikh, atheist, christian, Jew and Muslim Debate. Jan 26 1
Every human being is born upon the FITRAH. Jan 26 1
Are you intelligent enough to understand this debate?????????? Jan 26 1
AMAZING, Atheist meets a an EX-Jew now a Muslim!!!!! Jan 26 1
Professor of Atheism LOSES Debate to a Muslim in 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!! Jan 26 1
Where do you live? Jan 26 44
who has goals to become presisent of somalia one day Jan 25 17
Why reer waqooyi are most backwards Malis when it comes to dress code Jan 25 2
Somali men are so unromantic! Jan 25 7
Somalis Are not indigenous But old mixed people. Jan 25 8
Look at this Xaalimo at carab got talent!! Jan 25 4
share it Jan 25 5
Going to Somalia for the first time, what to expect as a bi-racial So... Jan 25 30
Rightwing/Lejusticier's father qarxised Jan 25 1
Somalia future timeline Jan 25 1
Rightwing/Lejusticier the effeminate dog qarxised Jan 25 1
The power of the Beard!!! Jan 25 1
somali girls are literally obssessed with being pale. Jan 25 134
Turkish president visits war-torn Somalia Jan 25 1
Which Somali Proverb do you like??? Jan 25 4
Whatsapp group for fun and pass time! Jan 25 29
98% of Somali women in Somalia have suffered FGM Jan 24 1
Somalinet Chat Jan 24 30
somalinet chat!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 24 4
Somali queens Jan 24 5
looking for midoo garoob Jan 24 1
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