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Why do Somalis and Ethiopians hate each other
6 min 86 comments
Why do Somali girls marry Black Boys
32 min 111 comments
Do you know Barawani people?Are they mixed Somali??
40 min 406 comments
We're not superior complex!!
1 hr 10 comments
IHow can people say Somalis aren't Arabs when their ancestors were??
3 hr 18 comments
Somalis in London what do they work?
3 hr 17 comments
It's finally clear, Somalis hate Bantu more than Gabooye
3 hr 23 comments
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Twin Cities' Somali community demands justice for families 'under sie...
3 hr 8 comments
I am in love with a Bengali girl but her family don't like black
4 hr 165 comments
are reer xamar people racist to other somalis.
4 hr 5 comments
Why do somali men have a problem with africa american men?
4 hr 82 comments
would you marry your cousin?
4 hr 15 comments
futada iyo siilka keba macaan
5 hr 1531 comments
Why do Somalis live like animals and wipe their asses with bare hands?
6 hr 241 comments
would somali girls mind marrying a northern sudanese arab?
8 hr 9 comments
Rebuilding Somalia
9 hr 18 comments
Somali people are NOT black
12 hr 62 comments
What is your tribe?
13 hr 109 comments
Kenya sends 91 Somalis to Mogadishu amid crackdown
13 hr 7 comments
Qolka Aqoon yahaynka Guurdoonka ah
15 hr 9 comments
Why do some somalis dress like arabs and palastinians?
15 hr 19 comments
qabiilke ugu badan qabaa'ilka somalida ma hawiye, daarood,isaaq,raxan...
15 hr 203 comments
why is topix a mental asylum
16 hr 3 comments
Eritrean and ethiopian are much more beautiful than somalis
18 hr 38 comments
North sudanese arabs are racist to somalis
18 hr 27 comments
Wiil Raba Guurdoon Xalaal ah
18 hr 302 comments
sudani and Somali people are brothers in islam
18 hr 2 comments
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h...
Sat 1096 comments
somalis are the ugliest humans
Fri 42 comments
Hi who's from Canada here
Fri 1 comments
Qolka garoobka logu raxeyo bashal
Fri 67 comments
Redefining what and who are Somalis.
Fri 5 comments
Yemeni Arab woman in uk what do you think of us pakistani Bengali men...
Fri 54 comments
Somali girl crowned miss Africa utah
Fri 34 comments
Educated Somali Brother
Fri 6 comments
the one will guided
Fri 1 comments
the one will guided
Fri 1 comments
Tuaregs and cushites the same people
Fri 19 comments
Fri 2 comments
Somalis r stupidest Arabs
Fri 30 comments
Why are somali people the most beautiful people in Africa?
Fri 106 comments
Wasmo Kuso Martay Mide Kugu Macaaned
Thu 88 comments
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa
Thu 4234 comments
Somaliland hates somalia
Thu 45 comments
help me help you
Thu 1 comments
So many racist Somalis on Topix!
Thu 27 comments
Why is Somalia in the Arab League?
Thu 11 comments
Somali Slave History????
Thu 44 comments
I cant stand North American somali guys taking our London girls
Thu 15 comments
Why are Somali men so disgusting
Thu 14 comments
love u somalis
Thu 48 comments
why Are puntland and somaliland fighting
Thu 15 comments
Sheikh Voodoo, tell us about yourself
Thu 56 comments
when you say somalis are not arab, you either one of these two. read
Apr 17 143 comments
Why are Somalis and other Blacks such idiots?
Apr 17 7 comments
A typical Arabs view on Somalis "Unrully people" lol
Apr 17 7 comments
just curious are there somali yemeni mixed people
Apr 17 8 comments
somali peasants wannabe arab
Apr 17 6 comments
Somalis were SLAVES!
Apr 17 118 comments
why do so many Somali women Bleach their face
Apr 17 40 comments
lesbian bisexual
Apr 17 15 comments
Somalia wants to keep hold of Somaliland
Apr 17 3 comments
Look At This Sexy Half White Half Somali Guy! He's Sooo Hot!!
Apr 17 43 comments
SOMALI GIRLS: Do You Want To Marry A Somali Guy...
Apr 17 437 comments
the one will guided
Apr 17 2 comments
the one will guided
Apr 17 1 comments
Somail guys
Apr 17 17 comments
somali girl white man, can it work?
Apr 17 56 comments
Is it just me or is the somali community in MN failing?
Apr 16 4 comments
what is wrong with somali parents in the west? why do they fail at pa...
Apr 16 17 comments
Your first reaction when diagnosed with STD?
Apr 16 17 comments
Why Do Somali Women BLEACH Their Skin?
Apr 16 68 comments
What type of music do you listen to?
Apr 16 21 comments
Somali Single Mothers
Apr 16 51 comments
Somali obsession over skin color?
Apr 16 10 comments
Apr 16 2 comments
I am a tutsi originally from Rwanda and people say I look very somali...
Apr 16 41 comments
does a half somali and half north sudani arab exist
Apr 16 43 comments
how much?
Apr 16 1 comments
New trend Somali men marrying Indian Muslim women
Apr 16 142 comments
Is oral sex haraam?
Apr 16 5 comments
maxameduk inu qaniis yahay mala socotan?
Apr 16 330 comments
Present to Somalia (from me)
Apr 16 4 comments
according to the cia demographic study there are 30000 arabs in somalia
Apr 16 6 comments
Hottest Somali Rappers
Apr 16 18 comments
Ya Dyna_Girl, please read this
Apr 16 837 comments
Mysterious Ancient lines in somalia? whats your opinion
Apr 16 16 comments
courtship and marriage: the somali experience (introduction)
Apr 16 1 comments
is kismanyo belong to Majerten or mariixan?
Apr 16 81 comments
Why are we Somali men the least desirable men on the planet????
Apr 16 226 comments
Fav Somali food
Apr 16 215 comments
Somalis complain about South Africa
Apr 16 45 comments
Young Somali Girls Used as PROSTITUTES in KENYA!!!
Apr 16 36 comments
Somalia Bantu problem
Apr 16 292 comments
borama somalia has the most beautiful women MASHALLAH
Apr 16 3 comments
Light skin/wavy hair Somalis....face the facts...YOU ARE NOT PURE SOMALI
Apr 16 56 comments
war deg deg ah: somali khaniis dancing in ohio
Apr 15 30 comments
Qibrad raaxo ka qaado
Apr 15 21 comments
my stalker for 5 years
Apr 15 3 comments
the one will guided
Apr 15 1 comments
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