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are there somalis in india studying medicine. share the info 1 hr 3
Children of Samaale 1 hr 114
qolka calaf doonka rag iyo dumar 2 hr 116
Somalis Should Learn From This Lady. 2 hr 7
Somali Chat ... 3 hr 1
Amhara and Tigray trash are active on this Somali forum 3 hr 9
is this the end of culusow regime 4 hr 1
How to hit on somali girls 8 hr 43
Which Qaabiil has the hottest chicks (no tribalism hyping or offense ... 8 hr 369
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h... 10 hr 1,204
Getting caught doing the right thing 12 hr 1
Why are Somalians so dirty and stinky 15 hr 63
I need a native somali lover to be my one and only man 15 hr 9
futada iyo siilka keba macaan 15 hr 1,758
Black Woman Hates Herself And Wants To Be White. 19 hr 1
ignorant racist black lady wants free water 19 hr 1
Always stand up for your right. Fri 5
I'm a Somalian teen, raised as a Muslim and now I'm an Atheist. Fri 22
Does somalia have a rail network? Fri 4
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa Fri 4,370
Black Man Dismembers His Own Mother Then Poses For A Picture With Her... Fri 21
Where& how a girl can find a good Somali husband Fri 138
Yemeni Arab woman in uk what do you think of us pakistani Bengali men... Thu 75
What do somali women see as a dream husband Thu 1
sheekhaal (fiqi omar) is raxanweyn Oct 23 7
maxameduk inu qaniis yahay mala socotan? Oct 23 412
Black father abandons chinese daughter. Oct 23 1
Black Father Has A Sexual Relationship With His Own Daughter Oct 23 1
!!! Simple!!! if you don't like Somalis don't come to a Somali forum. Oct 23 15
If a somali girl dated a non somali, what would you do? Oct 22 188
The Day I Met Him - a Gay Somali Oct 22 1
Ok, beside Somali... What Girls you think are more sexier than the ... Oct 22 77
what are somalis known for? Oct 22 4
Black MOM cuts 6 year old BALLS, then glue it back!! Oct 22 1
Taliban are Back while US infidel crusader soldiers leave Oct 22 1
7 Year Old Sold Into A GangRape In AMERICA Oct 22 1
Uncivilised Black MOM leaves kids to burn to get food Stamp. Oct 22 1
Arabic TermWORD-> Al Ilah <-BECOMES-> Al lah was a PAGAN MooNGod Oct 21 21
Half somali benefit. Oct 21 11
Is today 21st Octobar? there is a party Oct 21 1
God hates blacks Oct 21 3
waxaan ahay guur doon Oct 21 115
Qolka Guurka xalaasha ah ilaahey dartiis Oct 21 611
Mareehaan vs Majeerteen Oct 20 65
i need help from somalis regarding info about medical school in india Oct 20 1
Atheist Somalians? Oct 20 2
Why is the Majeerteen clan hated by Every other tribe? Oct 20 148
Kushites are SUDANESE NOT Somalian Oct 19 39
what clan is majority in galgadud region of Somalia Oct 19 1
Guess my ethnicity based on my DNA result from AncestryDNA Oct 19 12
which clan is majority in hiiraan regione Oct 19 4
how much does it cost to buy or create a building in somalia Oct 19 10
What qabiil is Sheekhaal? Oct 19 150
Move over Somali girls, Brazilian Women are the definition of Xaax Oct 19 18
Why do Arabs hate Somali so much, what did we ever do to them? Oct 18 283
Uurmidig Mareexaan too big tribe. Oct 18 23
qabiilke ugu badan qabaa'ilka somalida ma hawiye, daarood,isaaq,raxan... Oct 18 217
Wiil Raba Guurdoon Xalaal ah Oct 18 393
Why do macalins in dugsi? Oct 18 11
Today in history: Mason-Dixon line set Oct 18 2
Do you know Barawani people?Are they mixed Somali?? Oct 17 427
Is there any somali porn Oct 17 42
qarxis gaalka abdi johnson Oct 17 1
somali girls are literally obssessed with being pale. Oct 17 133
Qolka garoobka logu raxeyo bashal Oct 17 72
Are there any Somalia and atheists? Comment why you left Islam. Oct 17 4
Somalis were Slaves Oct 17 71
Somalia to halt banned charcoal trade at port recaptured from al Shabaab Oct 17 1
Somalia gets its first ATM Oct 17 1
What is the best somali accent? Oct 17 1
islii/eastliegh wasmo doon Oct 17 38
somali girls always want to marry a guy frm ogaden tribes Oct 16 47
Do Somalis Fear Mankind More Then Their Creator? Oct 16 2
Somalis, Can you please give me advice about my Boyfriend? Oct 16 85
A Letter to the Diaspora (Qoraal ku saabsan QurboJooga) Oct 16 1
guur doon 2014 Oct 16 6
Average IQ in Subsaharan Africa is 60-70 Oct 16 56
QurboJoog - Chat, Forum & Network Oct 16 6
abwaan Maslah Hashi Dhoore Oct 16 1
is this geneology true? Oct 15 1
Haawiiyaas, come in.... Oct 15 70
Ebola knocking Somalia Door?A Sierra Leone soldier has tested positiv... Oct 15 9
ismadhanto iyo dhashod ayan mai jiray Oct 15 2
Somali guy Oct 15 2
i hate qabiilka sheekhaal Oct 15 12
From where the habesha people come to horn africa Oct 15 21
Michelle Obama Was Born a MAN named Michael and was A TranSEXUAL? Oct 15 5
a kenyan man looking for a somali lady Oct 15 1
naagaha iyo gabdhaha somali waa dhiloyiin sharmoota ah Oct 15 11
Black Guys who F&@cked Somali Girls Oct 14 145
Somalia businesses Oct 14 3
what is wrong with somali parents in the west? why do they fail at pa... Oct 14 20
hook up with somalis girls now! Oct 13 4
the History of majeerteen? Midgaan and cowards Oct 13 22
asdjflk akdjfad asdf Oct 13 1
Whatsapp group for fun and pass time! Oct 13 13
i hate qabilka habargidir and murusade people Oct 13 3
how to make friends with our own people Oct 13 1
Swedish security police arrest man for plotting terror attack in So... Oct 13 2
china reopened embassy in mogadishu Oct 13 1

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