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Was Adrian Peterson wrong to punish his child with a switch?
sports 116
Who do you side with in Ferguson?
ferguson 4,103
Somalia Discussions 1 to 100 of 16,200
stupid black men talk 14 min 1
your mum is Black 27 min 1
!!!!!!!!!Do the Ashraaf Somalis intermarry with Darood people 59 min 5
What's wrong with being Bantu? 1 hr 10
Where to find a good somali man in Calgary 4 hr 51
bantus have higher iq compared to Somalis 4 hr 2
Root of Bantu resisance amongst Somali's 4 hr 4
i hate jareer black bantus 6 hr 3
Blacks ruin everything!!! 7 hr 10
Yaa Gus Weyn Rabo Oo Futada ka wasaa? 7 hr 4
look in the mirror r u jealous of Somali!! 7 hr 3
so glad from the bantu hatred that we never slaves 8 hr 2
mama 8 hr 1
why are you here if you don like Somali? 8 hr 1
SOMALI GIRLS: Do You Want To Marry A Somali Guy... 8 hr 459
why non somalis allowed on insulting somalis on this forum 8 hr 1
question why do come to Somali site if u hate Somalis? 10 hr 1
how does it feel to know Somalis r intelegent 11 hr 1
25 year old lawyer somali women, is it time to marry? 11 hr 3
somaliland and somalia reunification 12 hr 24
Mareham should lead jubbaland dialoge . 17 hr 1
futada iyo siilka keba macaan 18 hr 1,743
Why are Somali girls so ugly 19 hr 289
Somali man killed in west London 20 hr 110
gus wayne gabadhii rabta halkanaa laga helaa 22 hr 4,335
somali christians 22 hr 915
why does America love war? Tue 19
Gabdhaha buuran iyo kuwa dhuuban kuwee raaxo macaan Tue 1,314
Half Yemeni Half Somali(Help!!! ) Tue 57
future jobs in somalia Tue 2
I am in love with a Bengali girl but her family don't like black Tue 178
somalis should hate voodooo Tue 7
has somalia won any medals? Tue 6
Some Bantu encourage their children into prostitution Tue 1
Somali women turning to prostitution in YEMEN! Mon 83
calafdoon bb pin exchange Mon 29
Interesting thing about Somali peopleís hairí Sep 15 116
Kenya withdrawels it's water challenges to Somalia. Sep 15 6
Why do you hate jareer people so much? Sep 15 57
i'm kenyan man am looking for somalia girl . Sep 14 1
Why do Somalis in seattle steal polo gucci and true religions Sep 14 1
I'm A White Guy & I Wanna Date This Somali Girl...Do I Have A With Her Sep 14 101
Instragram found a catfish on my Facebook Sep 14 1
Somali girls love us Jamaican reverts Sep 14 136
ugly man like somali women Sep 14 19
Somali girl crowned miss Africa utah Sep 14 32
College students Sep 14 10
Somali is a primitive language Sep 14 61
How Important is Oral Sex to You? Fikirkaaga soo gudbi. Sep 14 10
Do Somalis support ISRAEL? Sep 14 89
just reuniting each other! Sep 13 6
Police raid Somali gang in Toronto Sep 13 5
are there any somali youtubers? Sep 13 37
i love my people Sep 13 43
dhuqmada siilka iyo mida guska tee macaan sideese labaduba raxo oga h... Sep 13 1,190
How many somali youths in the west want to someday be president of So... Sep 13 1
Somali teenage Girl showing her Naaso in public Sep 13 8
the illusion of hijab Sep 13 27
how are somali people treated in libya Sep 12 14
I Am Al Shabaab Sep 12 165
Qolka garoobka logu raxeyo bashal Sep 12 68
why do somali women gossip so much? Sep 12 3
i am happy wit mine identity are you? Sep 12 3
I am so ashamed to be a Somali. I hate being Somali! Sep 12 6
Why are nigerian men so obsessed with our somali ladies? Sep 12 113
Somali men have smaller penis than Bantu men Sep 12 5
Skin lightening crisis among somali people. Sep 12 30
somali guys bodybuilding thread!! Sep 12 1
Marrying a Somali Woman Sep 12 71
Knegros Steal $69,000 Worth Of Chicken For A SuperBowl Party Sep 12 11
this a somali forum so go n insult others Sep 12 1
Somali Women = Ancient Witches Sep 11 18
nacasta soomaalida ayaan necebahay Sep 11 2
can i consider my self a SOMALILANDER? Sep 11 14
i hate majerteen " mj" people: Sep 11 35
Why are Somalis such self-haters and Uncle Toms? Sep 11 13
Somali lawmaker killed in Mogadishu drive-by shooting Sep 11 12
ASAP ROCKYS hooyo is habar gidir salebaan Sep 11 28
Somalia President Mohamud visit draws protest Sep 11 16
Are you in favor of a political union of somali speaking countries? Sep 10 10
Men pretending to be Muslim reverts just to get married. Sep 10 6
Our leader Godane killed Sep 10 6
i hate "abgaal" hawiye Sep 10 42
somaliland and puntland to join ethiopia, proposed by somaliland Sep 10 8
Ok, beside Somali... What Girls you think are more sexier than the ... Sep 10 75
waa maxay sabata somalida ugu xishooto wasmada?? Sep 10 612
naagaha iyo gabdhaha somali waa dhiloyiin sharmoota ah Sep 10 9
i hate soomaali oo dhan Sep 10 20
making money with premium rate numbers Sep 10 1
Somali Marriage Event Sep 9 57
Can anyone help me get my wife to uk from somalia..any links Sep 8 8
Baafin somalilifers Sep 8 1 Sep 8 16
Somali Women Dress Ugly Sep 8 160
if my daughter or mother raped In xamar there wil be dead soldiers . Sep 8 2
somali girls rapd by amisom soldiers Sep 8 1
Black Guys who F&@cked Somali Girls Sep 8 141
premium rate numbers Sep 8 1

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