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The oil rig has to be removed and free passage of the east sea should... 16 min 58
Should China reintroduce foot binding to preserve its identity? 23 min 47
Re-examining foot binding: Should China re-introduce foot binding of ... 59 min 23
Chinese national anthem is a provocation against Japan 1 hr 46
Japanese are racist, sexist, and arrogant 2 hr 303
Kalynda Davis' life back to normal after China jail ordeal 4 hr 1
Chinese and Anime 11 hr 6
Chinese people what do you feel about India? 13 hr 986
Which race is the most greedy? Sat 37
Cransley pupils celebrate Chinese New Year Sat 1
Father of Chinese boy He Tide pictured running nearly naked in New Yo... Fri 7
Volvo may expand export markets for China-built cars beyond U.S. Fri 55
"Chinos" - Recent political reestablishment also reestablishes Chines... Fri 5
China, Vietnam to address maritime disputes without using 'megaphone ... Fri 15
High-speed rail link expands beyond borders Thu 7
Macau ranks No. 1 in economic performance among world cities Thu 2
The Communist Party Has Ruined China, Withdraw From It Immediately! Jan 22 202
China-backed Thai railway construction to begin in September Jan 22 1
Chinese and Turkish cities and energy-boom towns dominate list of top... Jan 22 1
China + Pakistan vs. India + Russia, who WINS? Jan 21 866
Are Indians British/English men since India was once part of the Brit... Jan 21 0
Why Americans HATE the VIETNAMESE? Jan 20 181
islamic terrorism in china Jan 20 41
Two die of bird flu in China : January 17, 2015, Jan 20 2
Turkey aims to second US in using laser as military weapons Jan 19 3
Kiwi scientist receives China's highest research honour Jan 19 6
Palestinians hurl eggs at Canadian foreign minister's convoy Jan 19 4
Police shoot dead two Uighurs in south China trying to cross border i... Jan 19 4
Palestinians hurl eggs at Baird's convoy Jan 19 5
Sea Trials: How one man bought China its aircraft carrier Jan 19 1
China stole plans for a new fighter plane, spy documents have revealed Jan 19 1
China's Xi congratulates new chairman of Taiwan's ruling party Jan 18 1
Restaurant in China Offers Free Food to 'Good Looking' Customers Jan 17 2
Why are Chinese so backward? Jan 17 77
Twin tragedies of MH370, MH17 deeply impact Malaysia, world Jan 17 55
Muslim Uigurs escape Chinese persecution; seek refuge in Turkey Jan 17 10
5.Dog eating... Jan 16 162
Aussie leader: System failed to track siege gunman Jan 16 12
IQ And Race; Chinese Brains Are Bigger Jan 15 128
Beware of Hindu Nationalism Jan 15 14
China vs India, Philippines, Vietnam, and S. Korea who will win? Jan 15 272
Ex-Teacher Hailed As Chinese Banksy With His Stunning Dusty Windscree... Jan 15 2
Let us post and talk about anything you like in here Jan 14 2
China and Japan to resume maritime defense talks over disputed Diaoyu... Jan 14 1
Ma Ying Jeou will go to jail for corruption soon! Jan 14 5
Why Hollywood will bow to China's Great Wall of censorship in 2015 Jan 14 1
Chinese-made Volvo to be China's first car export to US Jan 14 1
American passenger dies on Vietnam Airlines flight Jan 13 4
Volvo to sell Chinese-made cars in US Jan 13 3
Exclusive - Toyota ends freeze on expansion, looks at three new plants Jan 13 1
Chinese govt. uses Japan-bashing to bolster its legitimacy Jan 12 141
It's Amateur Hour in China's Market as Penny Stocks Surge Jan 12 1
China Travelers Open Emergency Exits to Protest Flight Delay Jan 11 8
10 Things to Know for Today Jan 11 1
Illiterate Chinese air passenger 'did not know smoking was banned' Jan 11 3
china should invade india now Jan 11 12
Audio on slavery Jan 10 2
China dating app helps gay men banish the blues - and AIDS Jan 9 3
who is the best friend of china Jan 9 8
Mesozoic Era: Age of the Dinosaurs Jan 9 2
Philippines Asia's Strongest Performing Economy Jan 9 6,096
Why White failures teach English in China? Jan 8 2,353
why india and pakistan hate china Jan 8 20
A newly modest China? Official's reassurances raise eyebrows in US. Jan 7 2
Most embarrassing moment in human history just happened to me Jan 7 1
china+russia + india vs america and nato who wins ? ;p Jan 7 10
Amazing Chart Shows How Fast China Is Adding Billionaires Jan 7 1
Are Chinese The Smartest Race? Jan 7 213
St George Palace construction postponed Jan 6 2
Tibet must gain its right to free thinking Jan 6 41
Are the Chinese The Lost African Tribe Of Asia? Jan 6 5
china jealous of india? Jan 6 19
Are Finnish The Lost Mongolian Tribe Of Europe Jan 6 89
Is Jim Crow alive and well in Tibet?: guest opinion Jan 6 5
american propaganda and lying days are over Jan 6 1
convicted sex offender mervyn conn Jan 5 1
Vietnamese man, Phu Lam committed mass murder in Edmonton Jan 5 9
kogi state University, Direct entry admission call_08063490147 Jan 4 1
Covenant University, Canaan Land, Direct entry admission call_0806349... Jan 4 1
Israel freezes Palestinian tax revenues in response to ICC membership Jan 4 4
US plans to subjugate Russia, China Jan 3 11
Fight malicious anti-China anti-Hong Kong lies with facts Jan 3 1
How to Profit From China's Continued Growth in Year of Goat Jan 3 1
China's Remote Fortresses Lose Residents, Gain Tourists Jan 2 1
walmart faling in china great news Jan 2 1
Do Chinese women enjoy anal sex? Jan 1 21
35 killed, 42 injured in Shanghai stampede Jan 1 4
MH370 relatives view Indonesia crash with empathy, and envy Jan 1 1
This Is China's First Commercial Jet Jan 1 3
2015 is beginning of the "Chinese Century" Jan 1 6
many filipina are slut, cheap, backstabber and Jan 1 8
Christians Now OutnumberCommunists In China Dec 31 2
War China Vs Vietnam who will win? Dec 30 154
China Enters Gibberish Stage of Capitalism with Adidos, Orgee Brands Dec 29 3
PM says his cabinet 'took Serbia away from bandits' Dec 29 1
Stocks Mixed Amid China Growth Hopes, Greece Woes Dec 29 5
China steps in as the banker to call in a pinch Dec 29 1
With a Friend Like China, Who Needs the IMF Dec 29 3
Ditching US dollar: China, Russia launch financial currencies Dec 29 1

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