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Set aside hate, China's President Xi Jinping says on Nanjing Massacre... 2 hr 40
In China, Expectant Dads Line Up to Experience Labor Pains 2 hr 1
IQ And Race; Chinese Brains Are Bigger 8 hr 59
need honest simple girl 8 hr 1
Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution Activists Spread Trouble to Macau 10 hr 1
Aussie leader: System failed to track siege gunman 13 hr 11
You Chinks are inferior to us whites 18 hr 6
Nanking Massacre is fake 22 hr 248
Oil prices sink futher Wed 4
why are chinese so selfish and mean? Wed 53
China's mountain hermits seek peace, find joy Wed 1
Beijing to get third airport to reduce congestion, delays Wed 1
List of top directories - must have your website Wed 1
Color Changing LED Bathroom Sink Faucet Tue 1
Waterfall Glass Tub Faucet With Hand Shower Tue 1
American in North Korea denounces U.S. policy Tue 18
China's FC-31 Stealth Fighter Makes Statement at Zhuhai Air Show Dec 16 99
Thai flight forced to return by unruly Chinese passengers Dec 16 7
China to buy S400 to deter Taiwan and Japan and India Dec 16 41
China + Pakistan vs. India + Russia, who WINS? Dec 15 862
UN climate talks in Peru seem headed for overtime Dec 15 1
Marriage: American man looking for serious woman Dec 15 16
President visits monastery on state visit to China Dec 15 1
Are Vietnamese law - abiding ? Are they not racist ? Dec 15 8
US plans to subjugate Russia, China Dec 14 6
Wal-Mart Made Its Crumbling China Dec 14 4
Xi blames Japan for Nanking Dec 14 7
American in North Korea denounces U.S. policy Dec 14 1
Urumqi parliament bans burqas in China's Xinjiang region Dec 13 19
Taiwan Sun Flower Movement Queen & Prostitution Dec 13 6
Ma Ying Jeou & KMT lost miserably in local elections yesterday Dec 12 107
China tests world's largest air-raid siren ahead of first official Na... Dec 12 1
China's New Power Generation Idea: Burn Soiled Notes Dec 12 1
First freight train from China arrives in Spain after 13,000km test run Dec 12 5
Chinese gay dating app grows to 15 million users Dec 11 11
China's ethnic region's capital to ban veiled robes Dec 11 3
China city moves to ban Muslim veil Dec 11 1
Asian Light Skin Color DIFFERENT From Whites Dec 11 63
Knife-wielding Palestinian girl, 14, arrested at checkpoint Dec 10 3
White people are racist towards Chinese people, its our turn!! Dec 10 856
Why Americans HATE the VIETNAMESE? Dec 10 176
China readies 'high capability' rocket for manned mission to Moon Dec 10 1
When Fashion Meets Tech In China Dec 10 1
Fergusion Racial Protest & Police Professionalism Dec 10 13
Umbrella Revolution - Hunger Strike Joshua Wong Style Dec 9 3
Taiwan's 400 years of history Dec 9 30
China jails seven students of Uighur scholar for separatism Dec 9 1
China sends water to Maldives amid shortage crisis Dec 9 1
China launches CBERS-4 satellite Dec 9 1
India’s MOM spacecraft arrives at Mars Dec 9 52
Six Keys to Keeping Your Business Out of Legal Trouble in China Dec 8 1
1 Dog Per Family Now The Law Dec 8 56
Mervyn Conn's conviction for indecent assault in 1989 was UPHELD ON ... Dec 8 4
TLB and Front End Loader Needed Dec 7 1
African Native Doctor returns a lost Lover Dec 7 1
Chinese interest in the South still growing Dec 7 1
China Passes Us Us loses title of world's largest economy to Beijing Dec 7 5
Ball in our court Dec 6 1
Chinese gay dating app grows to 15 million users Dec 6 3
Aust, China to boost military co-operation Dec 6 16
Chinese County Massacres 50,000 Dogs Dec 6 34
Woman Crashes When Teaching Dog to Drive Dec 6 60
China posts fake rocket launch story Dec 6 689
Three Korean Carriers Team With Huawei For 5G Development Dec 6 3
China vs India, Philippines, Vietnam, and S. Korea who will win? Dec 6 265
Thirty new spider species found in one of China's richest biodiversit... Dec 6 2
Crystal Group chairman bags 2 EOY 2014, China awards Dec 5 1
China arrests former security chief Zhou Yongkang Dec 5 1
Black Rhino horns available for sale Dec 5 3
Huge live traffic urgently looking for good routes ***Pak,Afg,Ethiopi... Dec 5 1
Chinese Dentistry Holds Huge Growth Prospects For TC Medical Dec 4 1
China rolls ahead with train makers' merger Dec 4 1
On first 'Constitution Day', China blocks protests Dec 4 1
God Damned Holy Spirit!!!. Dec 4 1
Beijing bans smoking in public spaces Dec 3 2
The U.S. and China Agree to Extend Visas for Short-Term Business Trav... Dec 3 3
OTLEY students have enjoyed an amazing ten-day educational trip to Ch... Dec 3 2
Chinese People Brutally And Savagely Attacked By YT Chavs in England Dec 2 34
urgently need 300ports 9234!!!!pls add me on skype:chinaskylinerebeca Dec 2 1
China grants scholarships to 52 Ethiopian students Dec 2 1,413
China launches national traffic management website Dec 2 1
Why do Nepalese hate Indians? Dec 2 162
Vietnam court jails six human traffickers Dec 2 26
China's carbon goal a tough sell in coal country Dec 2 1
Mainlanders hope Taiwan elections will revive Sun Yat-sen's spirit of... Dec 2 2
The Communist Party Has Ruined China, Withdraw From It Immediately! Dec 2 200
Ex-Chinese General Caught With Cash Hoard Weighing Over 1 Ton Dec 2 12
Urgently need Pak Ncli good working routes,500k live traffic ,urgentl... Dec 2 1
Attack In China Leaves 15 People Dead Dec 1 12
Asian Students Sue Harvard For Discrimination! Nov 30 3
KKL-JNF Experts Visit China for Future Environmental Collaborations Nov 30 5
Is China headed for a wider anti CCP insurgency? Nov 29 88
who can tell me the most popular forum website in US? Nov 29 123
nanjing massacre and tiananmen square massacre never happened. Nov 29 11
WAR between China and India today? Who do you think will win? Nov 29 36
Should Outer Mongolia be Returned to China Nov 29 47
China tells Turkey"stop intefering in Chinas affairs Nov 29 3
us citizenship requirements Nov 28 2
Filipinos Are Poor Because They Are Lazy and Dumb! Nov 28 89
Ferguson Uprising Versus Revolutions in Ukraine and Hong Kong Nov 28 2

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