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Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in West Bank clash
2 hr 8 comments
The Dream Of Exporting China-Made Cars To The United States
2 hr 17 comments
Chinese govt. uses Japan-bashing to bolster its legitimacy
2 hr 30 comments
Fury as China paper publishes Japan map with mushroom clouds over Hir...
2 hr 76 comments
Western powers largely alone in condemnation of Russia
4 hr 1 comments
Mainland's first Chinese-Russian university will open its doors by 2015
4 hr 3 comments
Meat supplier in China scandal has global reach
5 hr 1 comments
China plans railway to India, Nepal borders by 2020
7 hr 2 comments
War India VS China, WHO WILL WIN?
8 hr 465 comments
Chinese tourists at Da Nang International Airport. Photo: Nguyen Tu
15 hr 2 comments
Why Americans HATE the VIETNAMESE?
17 hr 173 comments
Why are chinese people dirty and so unhygienic
21 hr 822 comments
Malaysia MH17 tragedy - Do the Ukrainian & American govts tell you ev...
23 hr 2 comments
Food scandal - Yum Brands Inc (KFC's parent) apologized to Chinese cu...
23 hr 4 comments
10 things: Final hours of Flight 17's passengers
Wed 1 comments
6 arrested in China killing blamed on cult members
Wed 6 comments
Japanese are racist, sexist, and arrogant
Wed 76 comments
China anti-terror advice: "fight back"...
Wed 1 comments
Why do people HATE Chinese?
Wed 1006 comments
China seals McDonald's, KFC supplies after scandal
Wed 1 comments
China grants scholarships to 52 Ethiopian students
Wed 1402 comments
Air traffic control' to cause widespread flight delays
Wed 1 comments
McDonald's, KFC operations in China affected by food scandal
Tue 3 comments
do chinese girls want black man husband?
Tue 2533 comments
Another Black Man Killed In America!
Tue 6 comments
China, Cuba to further advance ties
Tue 4 comments
China criticises Japan's move to expand...
Tue 84 comments
Why Speculators from Communist China are Snapping Up U.S. Real Estate
Tue 1 comments
Shower Heads & Hand Showers - Tub & Shower Faucets
Tue 1 comments
Kitchen Sink Faucets: Tools & Home Improvement
Tue 1 comments
Green developer Landsea courts investors with deep pockets
Mon 3 comments
Actor Park Hae-jin becomes fashion designer in China
Jul 21 1 comments
China warns officials against aping Western morality
Jul 21 1 comments
McDonald's, KFC in China face new food scandal
Jul 21 1 comments
McDonald's, KFC in China Face New Food Scandal
Jul 21 1 comments
India is scum of Earth! Must see this proof
Jul 20 25 comments
Taiwan's unresolved status is getting growing attention in the United...
Jul 20 1235 comments
China's Xi visits South Korea as ties strengthen, wary eye on the North
Jul 20 8 comments
China media: South Korea ties
Jul 20 3 comments
Restoring health and hope in rural China
Jul 20 1 comments
Factories burned in anti-China protest in Vietnam
Jul 20 1112 comments
Has Israel just turned India and China into another Zionist stooge
Jul 20 7 comments
Are Asians Inherently Smarter?
Jul 19 129 comments
Hong Kong Election 2017
Jul 19 466 comments
Putting Taiwan into focus
Jul 19 21 comments
Why do Jap women have bigger boobs than Chinese women?
Jul 19 32 comments
The oil rig has to be removed and free passage of the east sea should...
Jul 19 26 comments
Obama called Xi Jinpin: If you do not move your oil rig 981 ...
Jul 19 1 comments
UK working with China firm on carbon capture
Jul 19 1 comments
Chinese officials will buy more electric cars
Jul 19 17 comments
Tension soars as Vietnam says China sank its fishing boat
Jul 18 582 comments
Moving away from POLITICS
Jul 18 11 comments
Is China headed for a wider anti CCP insurgency?
Jul 18 60 comments
I want to say I hate the Korean,very very much!
Jul 18 37 comments
Deadly Sexually Transmited Disease originated from the West
Jul 18 8 comments
Vietnam anxious as fate of China-detained fishermen remains unknown
Jul 18 164 comments
The Communist Party Has Ruined China, Withdraw From It Immediately!
Jul 18 180 comments
Western experts rejected Vietnamese & Filipino disinformation campaigns
Jul 17 10 comments
Ghost of Zhou En-Lai has ordered Xi to move the oil rig out of Vietna...
Jul 17 2 comments
American racism is worsening! KKK is recruiting new members!
Jul 17 2 comments
Actors exchange 'I do's' on Chinese concert stage
Jul 17 1 comments
China joins counter-piracy part of Hawaii drills
Jul 17 1 comments
how would you destroy china? :d
Jul 17 1678 comments
Chinese arrest of former PetroChina Canadian chief casts shadow over ...
Jul 17 1 comments
Stereotypes of Chinese people
Jul 17 43 comments
Dealing with U.S.A. Hypocrisy and Double Standard...
Jul 17 13 comments
Ten provinces among targets of latest anti-graft inspections
Jul 16 1 comments
China and Japan's 'war of words'
Jul 16 2 comments
All aboard: China's railway dream
Jul 16 5 comments
Uganda destined for middle income status - PM...
Jul 15 2 comments
XFP-10G-LR cisco compatible Transceiver
Jul 15 2 comments
Why China does NOT fear India's missiles
Jul 15 1 comments
China, Kazakhstan upgrade relationship
Jul 15 12 comments
who can tell me the most popular forum website in US?
Jul 15 122 comments
China's next ambition: World Cup victory
Jul 15 1 comments
Who is more brainwashed? Westerners or Chinese?
Jul 15 136 comments
Why Are Chinamen So Stupid?
Jul 15 227 comments
Jul 15 287 comments
IBM launches Chinese smart city R&D base
Jul 14 1 comments
China TV news anchor arrested before airtime
Jul 14 2 comments
What Muslims may think about Tony Abbott's comments on WW2 Japan
Jul 14 1 comments
Australian Prime Minister praises Japanese World War II violent attac...
Jul 14 33 comments
Where to get a Chinese slave girl?
Jul 14 24 comments
Why do Asians have inferiority complexes to whites?
Jul 14 1630 comments
China indicts US, British corporate investigators
Jul 14 1 comments
China holds ceremony to mark China-Japan war
Jul 14 54 comments
Does Russia and China see Israel as a role model in dealing with neig...
Jul 14 1 comments
QSL Report: July 2014
Jul 13 1 comments
nanjing massacre and tiananmen square massacre never happened.
Jul 13 10 comments
Chinese officials will buy more electric cars
Jul 13 1 comments
China studying new Silk Road rail link to Pakistan
Jul 13 3 comments
Heads up! Supermoon is here
Jul 13 1 comments
Starwood's Westin brand passes 200 mark
Jul 13 2 comments
China gives a rare glimpse at Naval ships
Jul 12 1 comments
Fury as China paper publishes Japan map with mushroom clouds over Hir...
Jul 12 6 comments
Chambersburg teachers experience the Chinese education system
Jul 12 1 comments
Is Chinaman or Hong Kong man a bad word that should be avoided??
Jul 11 14 comments
Will Xi Jinping Prosecute June 4th Mass Murderers?
Jul 11 18 comments
CCP Mass-Murderers Remain Free
Jul 11 7 comments
25 years on, no fading of Tiananmen wounds, ideals
Jul 11 19 comments

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