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Who do you side with in Ferguson?
ferguson 4,146
What's your favorite movie of 2014?
entertainment 267
China Discussions 1 to 100 of 29,690
The Chinese Mind 1 hr 28
Chinese girls likes Indian men and try to get settled in India. why? 1 hr 308
Indians are well-known RACIST anywhere!!! 2 hr 3
Asia wants to 'lead world' 3 hr 1,372
70% of Vietnamese are RACIST 3 hr 1
Remembering Tibet as an independent nation in Asia 4 hr 150
U.S. welcomes China's first-time attendance at naval forum 4 hr 1
Long Live Chinese Communist Party - Gongchandang Wansui ! 4 hr 3
Two Indian firms help China ship Myanmar gas over land 4 hr 1
are the chinese racist? 4 hr 13
YEARS of CHAOS for China in CCP Faction War! 4 hr 10
i hate indians "hindus" from india: 5 hr 14
CCP China High School Graduation Rate? 7 hr 38
CCP Mass-Murderers Remain Free 7 hr 8
The Communist Party Has Ruined China, Withdraw From It Immediately! 7 hr 184
I HATE CHINA (in response to "why do Westerners hate China") 8 hr 2,551
Zhou Yongkang to be PURGED in CCP Faction War? 8 hr 25
am looking for a guy 8 hr 2
China + Pakistan vs. India + Russia, who WINS? 8 hr 852
Why are chinese people dirty and so unhygienic 8 hr 851
Why do chinese girls like to marry filipino men? 9 hr 19
China grants scholarships to 52 Ethiopian students 12 hr 1,409
Canada ratifies China investment deal, may help smooth relations 14 hr 17
China and Hong Kong poised for showdown over democracy 23 hr 9
British Museum features 'golden age' of Ming China Wed 1
Become a native English teacher in China, no questions asked Wed 1
Obama downplays prospects for Mideast peace Wed 4
war russia ,china ,india vs american nazis and nato terrorists wh... Tue 5
Remembering Tibet as A SERF Province of China Tue 1
Can China solve its pollution problem? Tue 8
Free Tibet! Taiwan Independence! Democracy Now! Tue 43
China President wants to revive ancient route as BCIM trade corridor. Tue 1
Hong Kong rethinks rules after Alibaba IPO loss Mon 1
Is China headed for a wider anti CCP insurgency? Mon 69
Taiwan's unresolved status is getting growing attention in the United... Sep 15 1,244
china should put sanctions on america until debt fully paid Sep 15 3
china + india or china vs india Sep 15 9
China: United and Prosperous Motherland of All Nationalities Sep 14 2
DANGER! - Alien Political & Religious Cults *** INVADE *** China Sep 14 1
Matthews join tourism sales mission to China Sep 14 1
China reveals archives of victory against Japan in WWII Sep 13 1
Xi Jinping urges China's central Asian neighbours to help step up ext... Sep 13 1
Vietnam's Pivot Sep 13 34
China Over Everything in the World - Western Liberal Detractors Go to... Sep 13 6
Free Economic Zone Plan Slammed as 'Suicide' Pact for Taiwan Farmers Sep 13 3
China puts 4 on trial for train station attack Sep 13 1
Hermes Plans Expansion in China Sep 13 1
China 'largest economy' by 2024 Sep 13 9
Why China is queit towards whites despite you bann opium strictly? Sep 13 1
Ban Wealthy Chinese from Coming to U.S.A Sep 12 9
China ! please hold Tibet independence, Uyghur referendums ASAP Sep 12 0
Florida State student dies on China study program Sep 12 53
Australians face death penalty for drug trafficking in China Sep 12 1
War India VS China, WHO WILL WIN? Sep 12 500
The Remote Mine at the Heart of a Dispute Between Australia and China Sep 11 1
China's growing financial sector will benefit Singapore: PM Lee Sep 11 1
China: Fighters back from Iraq, Syria are threat Sep 11 1
Japanese government honours war criminals again Sep 11 97
Why do Jap women have bigger boobs than Chinese women? Sep 10 34
China ! Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China Sep 10 3
i hate han chinese from mainland china Sep 9 35
Pope Francis pursues a thaw in relations with mainland China Sep 9 2
Chinese exchange students fill empty nests Sep 9 1
Shanghai couple drive van 12,400 miles to Britain Sep 9 2
war japan vs china who will win? Sep 8 893
PLAAF recruitment video Sep 8 2
Xbox One Launch In Japan A Massive Failure, No Enthusiasm Among Consu... Sep 7 3
China's top leaders remember victory over Japan Sep 7 4
Susan Rice goes to China in bid to salvage relations before Obama visit Sep 7 1
Brand agency recognized for county tourism boost Sep 7 1
the xbox one launch in japan is a fail! the xbox one is officially de... Sep 6 1
Plan to extend Pearl River Delta city clusters aimed at boosting poor... Sep 5 1
Modern Design Gold Handle Kitchen Faucets Sep 4 1
Brass Handled Shower Head Tub Faucet Sep 4 1
Why does China have so many enemies and no friends? Sep 3 2,121
Baby Boom or Economy Bust: Stern Warnings About China's Falling Ferti... Sep 3 13
Canada, China quietly hold top-level meeting on strained ties Sep 3 2
Chinese people what do you think about Nepalese people? Sep 3 1
Where is the Chinaman Haiyang 981 oil rig now? Sep 3 18
China entrepreneur turns to film to take on social issues Sep 3 1
China Galaxy Securities closer to 8b yuan IPO Sep 3 1
China Honors Korean Fight Against Occupation Sep 3 1
China's top leaders remember victory over Japan Sep 3 1
China Sees Growth in a Web of Fast Trains Sep 3 5
I hope the Chinese Secret Police "takes out" Liu Xiaobo Sep 2 7
DNA Proves Chinese Are African Sep 2 34
Why are Chinese people never horny? Sep 2 14
innocent american bloody beheaded Sep 2 1
China continues to send experts, supplies to Ebola-hit African countries Sep 1 5 scammers Aug 31 1
Why Chinese girls in UK have sex with black and white guys? Aug 31 13
Senior Red Cross official 'evenhanded' as he visits MDA in Ashdod and... Aug 31 2
I Hate Certain Chinese Much More than Anti-China Foreigner Aug 30 2
Do you think China is surrounded by its perennial Russia,Vietnam, I... Aug 30 3
Why do Asians have inferiority complexes to whites? Aug 30 1,632
China says wants to mend ties with Vietnam: Xinhua Aug 30 33
The China connection: new book reveals Khmer Rouge relationship Aug 30 125
save my world 2014 music video Aug 30 1
4th LRPP CONFERENCE 2015 Aug 29 1

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