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My Peace with Racism in America. My Peace with White America.
1 hr 15 comments
Chinese factories stalling as euro zone business picks up
2 hr 1 comments
China threatens to kill Justin Bieber for Japanese war Shrine visit
2 hr 6 comments
Trade between the Ajuuraan Empire and the Ming Dynasty
4 hr 7 comments
Obama backs Japan's Island Dispute
4 hr 6 comments
South East Asia views Japan more positively than China
5 hr 21 comments
5 hr 10 comments
Find the lowest prices with Find&Save!
China says 1/5 of its farmland polluted
6 hr 8 comments
Israel will not freeze illegal settlement construction in Jerusalem, ...
6 hr 2 comments
will china experience a revolution within the next decade?
7 hr 16 comments
Critics fear Canada getting cold feet over trade with China
8 hr 4 comments
NEWS: China BEGS Philippines to delay case
14 hr 175 comments
South Korean ferry tragedy: Finally Taiwan TV has a chance to attack ...
17 hr 1 comments
why are chinese so selfish and mean?
17 hr 37 comments
Can China be Trusted?
18 hr 26 comments
The Hidden Treasures of Southern China
19 hr 4 comments
US caught in own web of lies
Wed 2 comments
Asia-Pacific Navies Sign Communication Agreement
Tue 1 comments
Hong Kong Election 2017
Tue 398 comments
Is China a threat to world peace and security?
Tue 1816 comments
Work online
Tue 1 comments
China sentences activists for urging officials to disclose assets, sa...
Apr 21 1 comments
Troubled history fuel Japan-China tension
Apr 21 1 comments
In the driving seat: China's yuppies are new market force for global ...
Apr 21 1 comments
4 questions about missing Malaysian plane answered
Apr 20 2 comments
Jews caught scapegoating/demonizing Chinese people.
Apr 20 27 comments
Japanese are racist, sexist, and arrogant
Apr 20 69 comments
Chinese people what do you feel about India?
Apr 20 882 comments
China's shadow to follow Obama around Asia
Apr 20 1 comments
Automakers unveil China-focused models in Beijing
Apr 20 1 comments
indonesia Riot 1998 anti chinese
Apr 19 40 comments
do chinese girls want black man husband?
Apr 19 2425 comments
McGold,Was the Ping heard in Bejing
Apr 19 5 comments
China releases list of companies planning to list after IPO drought
Apr 19 1 comments
Why are chinese people dirty and so unhygienic
Apr 19 755 comments
China Car Sales Stall, But Wealth Gets Gas
Apr 18 1 comments
i hate china and chinese?
Apr 18 94 comments
Why do Nepalese hate Indians?
Apr 18 134 comments
Taiwan MUST NOT sign the trade pact with China !!!
Apr 17 99 comments
Indonesia equips frigates, corvette with stealth radars
Apr 17 1 comments
Zhuhai ranks first among top ten sustainable Chinese cities
Apr 17 1 comments
Diaoyu Islands, The Truth
Apr 17 14 comments
China Should Tear Down its Yalu River Fence
Apr 16 1 comments
Merkel appeased China's Xi by giving him a 1735 German-made map
Apr 16 3 comments
PA decries Hebron attack, says Israel wouldn't do the same
Apr 16 3 comments
Translation from Chinese, URGENT HELP NEEDED, please
Apr 16 4 comments
China + Pakistan vs. India + Russia, who WINS?
Apr 15 838 comments
Toyota is not American-Oriental Defect
Apr 15 327 comments
Challenged at home, Cambodia realigns its foreign relations
Apr 15 10 comments
Senior S.Korean intelligence official...
Apr 15 1 comments
Negroes are not welcome in china
Apr 15 92 comments
Tesla, Sinopec may build charging stations in China
Apr 15 1 comments
Russia denies involvement in Ukraine's domestic affairs
Apr 15 9 comments
Easter promotional of all termination
Apr 14 1 comments
Wall Mount Color Changing LED Shower Heads
Apr 14 1 comments
Mixer Taps Bathroom Sink Faucets
Apr 14 1 comments
Australian PM Confident Sounds Are From Flight 370
Apr 14 7 comments
Chinese group acquires Britain's House...
Apr 14 1 comments
Fliers' thoughts, from 'no fear' to 'it's scarier'
Apr 14 1 comments
The China connection: new book reveals Khmer Rouge relationship
Apr 13 50 comments
Queen Elizabeth will feel ashamed of such British Hong Kong subjects.
Apr 13 29 comments
How Walmart cashier became a labor leader in China
Apr 13 1 comments
War India VS China, WHO WILL WIN?
Apr 13 404 comments
Jackie Chan the sell out.
Apr 12 46 comments
In China, jar of fresh French air sells for $860
Apr 12 9 comments
Chinese drivers' licences legality questioned by RCMP
Apr 12 5 comments
Chinese Troops Could Train In Australia
Apr 12 2 comments
China's military unveils new warplane ahead of Hagel visit
Apr 12 15 comments
1904 China map admits Paracel, Spratly not Chinese territory
Apr 12 55 comments
China grants scholarships to 52 Ethiopian students
Apr 12 1391 comments
Chinese/US Feminist Exhibition in China
Apr 11 1 comments
Site lets Chinese users send data after death
Apr 11 1 comments
Why does China have so many enemies and no friends?
Apr 11 2113 comments
China Postpones Panda Diplomacy With Malaysia
Apr 11 2 comments
Implications for Australia on Indonesias rise
Apr 11 1 comments
Australia PM: 'Confident' sounds are from lost jet
Apr 11 6 comments
Free Xinjiang! Free Inner Mongolia! Free Tibet!
Apr 11 343 comments
China's soaring potential a springboard for budget airlines
Apr 11 1 comments
Australia, China build defence ties
Apr 11 2 comments
More underwater pings heard in hunt for plane
Apr 10 15 comments
Why are thier so much anger in Asia
Apr 10 2 comments
Is It Time for the U.S. to Partner With China in Space?
Apr 10 3 comments
The Communist Party Has Ruined China, Withdraw From It Immediately!
Apr 10 158 comments
Audi Announces A6 Plug-In Hybrid For Chinese Market
Apr 10 1 comments
Japan, us, vietnam, philippines will teach China
Apr 10 133 comments
Bad experience-Cangzhou Dawn DDDragon School-Salary problem and bad m...
Apr 10 3 comments
Is Vietnam a province of China?
Apr 9 150 comments
Nokia says gets Chinese approval to sell phone business to Microsoft
Apr 9 1 comments
Hagel visits Chinese aircraft carrier
Apr 9 10 comments
What does MIROLYUBA HATES the Chinese and China so much?
Apr 9 16 comments
Indonesia rejects Chinas 9 dash line
Apr 9 15 comments
Angela gave xi a map
Apr 9 16 comments
Zaragemca's Top Experience
Apr 9 2 comments
Irvine drops 'friendship city' plan with Vietnam town amid protest
Apr 9 4 comments
Is the increased risk of death due to alcohol intake greater for wome...
Apr 9 1 comments
Hong Kong separatists on Taiwan TV
Apr 8 43 comments
China Corporate News: Tencent Takes Over Sohu's Sogou
Apr 7 3 comments
China warns US against 'interference' in Hong Kong
Apr 7 4 comments
Ships race to investigate signals in jet search
Apr 7 2 comments
Malaysian Airlines Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing Missing
Apr 7 455 comments
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