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Evolution vs. Creation 8 min 120,465
Terri Schiavo's Painful Deprivation of Food and Water Began Fou... 24 min 1,178
'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate 39 min 158,522
Gay marriage 56 min 56,617
Sarkozy overheard telling Obama Netanyahu's a liar 1 hr 172
U.S. Army Officer Calls Obama an "Impostor" 1 hr 18,706
Barack Obama, our next President 1 hr 1,124,276
The President has failed us 1 hr 269,273
GOP stokes Ebola fears against immigrants 1 hr 450
Ebola fears spark backlash against Latino immigrants 1 hr 89
Obama admin. to allow thousands of Haitians into U.S. without visas: ... 1 hr 28
Mrs. Bush: History will vindicate her husband 1 hr 54,518
Anti-gay Tenn. billboard stirs religion debate 1 hr 1,320
Global warming 'undeniable,' scientists say 1 hr 32,960
Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision 2 hr 306,189
Ferguson Police Are Being Relieved Of Their Duties: Report 2 hr 3,849
Container ship towed away from Canadian coast 2 hr 15
Ebola commentary desperately needs clarification 2 hr 24
Judge in Episcopal schism trial: It's a civil matter 2 hr 18
Democrats praise Republican judge on gay marriage move 2 hr 148
Hospital at center of Ebola drama apologizes 2 hr 7
Immigrant families torn by detentions 2 hr 8
Obama wants an election about the economy, not him 2 hr 433
Becomming A Nudist Family 2 hr 15
The Next Attorney General Should Make Presidential Pardons Less Racis... 2 hr 2
2014 Election Guide: Lieutenant governor candidates on the attack 3 hr 3
BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen... 3 hr 179,209
GOP types accused of 'thinly-veiled racism' for criticizing Ebola res... 3 hr 127
Justices allow Texas to enforce strict voter ID law 3 hr 88
Who do you side with in Ferguson? 3 hr 6,574
Who is the worst president since WWII ? 3 hr 926
Why They Hate Obama 3 hr 12,304
Grimes escalates Obama bashing ahead of Hillary visit 3 hr 87
Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows 4 hr 11
Rahall-Jenkins House race remains tight 4 hr 3
Obama approves reservists for Ebola fight, government under fire 4 hr 182
Pennsylvania lawmaker who fired on mugger ... 4 hr 4
Response to Bill O'Reilly: Jesus Didn't Start a New Religion 4 hr 377
Romney Leads Scattered 2016 GOP Field, Clinton Still Dominates the De... 4 hr 13
Prime Minister Stoltenberg visits President Obama 4 hr 7
Eric Holder's legacy: From Guantanamo to Ferguson 4 hr 3
Clinton seeks to boost Democrats in Arkansas, US 5 hr 1
France's new Socialist govt cuts members' salaries 5 hr 2
Germany's Merkel starts 3rd term in new coalition 5 hr 55
WHO faulted for Ebola failures as Obama taps czar 5 hr 14
Ukraine's Neo-Nazis Demand Respect 5 hr 18
Texas law professor calls for repeal of Second Amendment 5 hr 11,418
Supreme Court paves way for gay marriage ina 5 hr 394
Next gay marriage fight: religious exemptions 6 hr 542
"Tony Blair: I cried for Iraq war victims" 6 hr 17
Obama to broaden US effort to combat militants 6 hr 1,214
Bon Jovi to urge people at concerts to volunteer as part of Oba... 6 hr 272
Teen's Shooting Highlights Racial Tension 6 hr 3,253
Cruz tried to kill lame duck 6 hr 27
Hillary Clinton Faces Skeptical Iowa Voters 6 hr 1,006
Illegal Migrants 'Too Scared' To Get Treatment 6 hr 5
African-American Voters in Ferguson Rejecting Democratic Candidates 6 hr 26
Ron Klain's resume: From recounts to stimulus to Ebola 6 hr 36
Rice, Blakeman battle in 4th Congressional District race for Carolyn ... 6 hr 1
US judge strikes down NC gay marriage ban; first same-sex weddings ex... 6 hr 188
Unprecedented amount of 'dark money' fuels midterm races 7 hr 5
Warren in Minnesota: 'The game is rigged' 7 hr 14
Getting Latinos to Go Out and Vote 7 hr 2
Bush Backs Amendment Banning Gay Marriage 7 hr 2
Record number of black candidates seeking office 7 hr 20
Democrats see election lifeline: the black vote 7 hr 3
Bush Won't Declare Disaster For Levees 7 hr 82
Gay marriage developments: Wyoming holds out 7 hr 11
Jeb Bush: Immigration is 'not a felony' but 'an act of love' 7 hr 46
Montana Democrats Attack Daines Over Birthplace 7 hr 133
Valley of the Caddo Museum and Cultural Center opens in Paris 7 hr 4
'White boy' Biden calls tea party 'crazy' 8 hr 171
Gingrich: Mitt Romney is a liar 8 hr 57
Teacher back in class after Bush-Hitler comparison 8 hr 64
Letter: Fiscally conservative and voting for Measure A 8 hr 5
GOP head calls Brewer 'Judas' over Medicaid plan 8 hr 4
Embattled Rep. Michael Grimm has a real shot at winning election 8 hr 5
Arkansas high court strikes down voter ID law 9 hr 15
Ebola patient flew on Frontier flight without symptoms 9 hr 145
Kay Hagan's Bad Math 9 hr 20
Blacks Fear Man Found Hung In Mississippi Wasn't A Suicide 9 hr 110
First lady doesn't believe polls 9 hr 6
Inadequate Obamacare plans continue to force patients to delay care; ... 9 hr 1
House Dems fight to hold 9 districts Romney won 9 hr 28
Cubans Mobilize to Fight Ebola 9 hr 26
Underdog Gillespie says he sees path to victory 9 hr 8
Gay marriage news: NC magistrate won't marry couple; licenses applied... 9 hr 142
Fast and Furious Docs show another gun linked to botched operation 10 hr 73
KFC or Popeyes? 11 hr 1
Religious persecution continues in Cuba 11 hr 4
Fiercest fighting in days hits Syrian border town 11 hr 6
Gay snapchat usernames!! 11 hr 16
Global Security 11 hr 1
Spanish, Catalonia leaders meet on secession push 11 hr 3
Republican Martinez claims NM governor's seat 12 hr 233
Gay marriage becomes legal in Arizona 12 hr 26
AK-47 rifle tied to Fast & Furious used in Phoenix gang assault: Lawm... 12 hr 1
Once slow-moving threat, global warming speeds up, leaving litt... 12 hr 47,469
Obama endorses Muriel Bowser for D.C. mayor 13 hr 2
Federal judge strikes down Alaska's marriage ban 13 hr 96

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