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Evolution vs. Creation 6 min 141,684
Ben Carson: Race Relations Have 'Gotten Worse' Under Obama 9 min 1,774
Gingrich: U.S. 'losing the war' with radical Islam 10 min 68
The President has failed us 10 min 304,057
Obama: Yemen unrest won't halt drones 12 min 7
Gay marriage 12 min 57,011
Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision 14 min 307,757
Netanyahu visit continues to stir emotion 14 min 24
Can Obama's presidency be saved? 15 min 1,567
Barack Obama, our next President 16 min 1,172,092
GOP hopefuls weigh in on gay marriage 16 min 32
Newspaper in trouble for calling Illegal Immigrants 'Illegal Immigrants' 16 min 29
US believes it is number one - Russia 17 min 71
Once slow-moving threat, global warming speeds up, leaving litt... 18 min 50,206
Who do you side with in Ferguson? 20 min 11,153
Jindal headlining all-day prayer rally in Baton Rouge 20 min 2
US officials: Netanyahu using Congress speech on Iran to 'play politics' 20 min 16
Dignitaries head to Saudi Arabia after King Abdullah's death 22 min 18
Moscow warned over Ukraine violence 22 min 5
Analysis: Equal rights or statesa rights on gay marriage? 23 min 191
Obama: Racism, bias in US will take time to tackle 23 min 2,265
Jane Fonda's Vietnam-era arrest bolsters GOP credentials 24 min 23
Ferguson Police Are Being Relieved Of Their Duties: Report 27 min 5,561
Republican White House maybes court evangelicals toward 2016 29 min 1
Obama keeps the lights on bulb bright idea 32 min 13
Obama to seek wilderness designation for Alaska refuge 38 min 2
Obama to pay respects in Saudi Arabia 40 min 4
Deadly 130-foot tsunami created by 8.1 quake in the Aleutians 41 min 1
Santorum: Immigrants costing US jobs 46 min 7
Sunday Talk Preview: Mideast Power Shift 47 min 11
BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen... 50 min 184,320
Protesters interrupt Perry, Christie at 2016 GOP event in Iowa 54 min 6
Romney version 3.0? 54 min 131
Hebdo attack a false flag? Police commissioner died while writing report 1 hr 3
The crash of Air Asia jet was predicted 1 hr 4
Bobby Jindal: 'Let's be honest here, Islam has a problem' 1 hr 235
Paris attacks revive concerns about US security, intelligence gaps 1 hr 300
Scott Walker has no college degree. That's normal for an American, bu... 1 hr 553
The flaw of the cheating story on Ebola 1 hr 11
Planned Parenthood Has Abortion Quotas, Says Former Clinic Director 1 hr 6
Steve King's 'deportables' tweet a headache for 2016ers 1 hr 5
Texas Sen. Cruz Says of 2016 Field: 'Don't Talk, Show Me' 1 hr 1
Is Obama's 'Election Proximity' Excuse a Snub to Netanyahu? 1 hr 29
GOP presidential candidates face delicate balancing act 1 hr 19
Jeb Bush: GOP Must Embrace Immigration Reform 1 hr 10
State of the Union spoilers: Obama's proposal for the middle class 1 hr 158
Senators: More US special ops troops may be needed in Yemen 1 hr 1
'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate 1 hr 167,929
More US special ops troops may be needed in Yemen 1 hr 4
Charles Koch calls on fellow conservative donors to expand their comm... 1 hr 14
Obama to propose protecting 1.4 million acres of U.S. Arctic refuge: ... 1 hr 2
Obama received warmly in India, seeks policy advances 1 hr 1
Judge Throws Out Alabama's Same-Sex Marriage Ban 1 hr 16
Obama, Modi cite breakthrough on India civil nuclear program 1 hr 4
Palin says she's - seriously interested' in 2016 campaign 1 hr 7
Walter Harold Marlin 4 President 2 hr 537
Body cameras for cops could be the biggest change to come out of the ... 2 hr 2,372
HOH: Political Aides Pounce on Whatever-gate 2 hr 13
Judge: Michigan must recognize 300-plus gay marriages 2 hr 268
Next gay marriage fight: religious exemptions 2 hr 6,258
Anti-gay Tenn. billboard stirs religion debate 2 hr 3,477
Drones have come dangerously close to mid-air collisions with B.C. pl... 3 hr 2
Racism at its best 3 hr 1
Romney says climate change presents a big challenge to US 3 hr 7
French left picks presidential runner, Hollande favoured 3 hr 8
Marco Rubio Blasts Florida's Same-Sex Marriage Appeal While Insisting... 3 hr 198
Teachers union president vows to fight cuts to pensions 3 hr 6
'Sabotaged and Bullied': Veteran Wins Battle to Ban Cross ... 4 hr 2
Erdogan invites Armenian leader to join Gallipoli commemoration 4 hr 160
Ukraine Attacks Bus and Trolley in Center of Donetsk 4 hr 18
Federal judge strikes down gay-marriage ban in Alabama 4 hr 31
NY asks feds to probe 2013 Rikers Island inmate death 4 hr 9
Former County Council candidate Styn to run for Erie City Council 4 hr 15
GOP presses state bills limiting gay rights before ruling 5 hr 35
Terror undeterred by mass surveillance 5 hr 46
Can't wait to vacation in apartheid Cuba? Don't pack your suitcases j... 5 hr 19
Pelosi: Boehner invite to Netanyahu inappropriate 5 hr 38
NYT Is Lost in Its Ukraine Propaganda 5 hr 19
Bush says no civil war in Iraq 6 hr 36
India's Modi welcomes Obama with a big hug 6 hr 1
With State of the Union, Obama sets agenda ... for 2016 election 6 hr 102
Why Christie Has a Better Shot Than Many Think 6 hr 13
High Court to Hear Lethal Injection Case 7 hr 5
5 things to know about the tea party movement 7 hr 4,979
U.S. senator threatens aid cut to Palestinians over ICC move 8 hr 49
Global warming 'undeniable,' scientists say 8 hr 33,753
Obama Calls for Two Years of Free Community College for All 8 hr 753
Border Patrol agents say GOPa s border security bill is weak a window... 9 hr 4
Democrat Gwen Graham takes heat for right-leaning votes 9 hr 1
Police: Man shot his family, killing 3, then killed himself 9 hr 7
Republican newcomer Ernst says Congress ready to change U.S. direction 9 hr 69
World watches but Malaysia's Cabinet behaves like the proverbial... 9 hr 5
NHL motion to dismiss concussions suit heard in court 9 hr 2
Democrats make pitch for big tax cut 10 hr 120
Survey finds 97% climate science papers agree warming is man-made 10 hr 106
Team Rubio message: Ready to run 10 hr 6
Jeb Bush emails foreshadow a likely immigration battle with GOP 11 hr 3
House Republicans propose shrinking federal workforce, cutting servic... 11 hr 19
US and Cuba move to normalize ties, open embassy 11 hr 678
Man Wins $10 Million in Lottery Trying to Buy a Sandwich 11 hr 1

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