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Barack Obama, our next President 3 min 1,098,786
Ferguson Police Are Being Relieved Of Their Duties: Report 3 min 1,592
The President has failed us 5 min 255,491
Staffer to Ohio congressman resigns after porn star ex tweets picture... 5 min 15
Who do you side with in Ferguson? 6 min 1,095
Mayor: Possible Fema Trailers For PPD HQ? 6 min 4
'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate 12 min 150,906
Global warming 'undeniable,' scientists say 12 min 32,403
Evolution vs. Creation 13 min 114,739
Once slow-moving threat, global warming speeds up, leaving litt... 15 min 46,244
Bill O'Reilly Uses His 'Asian Privilege' Argument As An Excuse To Att... 19 min 1
Mississippi tea party activist dead of apparent suicide 21 min 22
Congressman Posey discusses autism, vaccines and lack of CDC... 29 min 1
Voters in Florida, 3 other states head to polls 29 min 10
Can Paleoconservatives, Libertarians, and Leftists Unite Against the ... 31 min 21
Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term 32 min 22,251
Anti-illegal immigration Border Convoy headed to El Paso 33 min 410
A ticket to Sarah Palin's funhouse 34 min 80
Hit ISIS targets in Syria? Not so fast 35 min 3
Photo of the Day - The Cubanization of Venezuela's Independence Day 38 min 11
APNewsBreak: Jindal suing feds over Common Core 39 min 1
Romney has 15-20% chance of victory: poll data expert - The Trail 40 min 304
Ku Klux Klan hands out candy in South Carolina 44 min 115
New fear: What happens in Ferguson if no charges? 44 min 187
Why Do Most Jews Stay with Obama? 46 min 178
ECAU like free money 52 min 1
Obama addresses vets in trip laden with politics 1 hr 8
Supreme Court: Was gay marriage settled in 1972 case? 1 hr 333
Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac 1 hr 7
Oklahoma Candidates Work Through Last-Day Chores 1 hr 1
Books balanced for last La. budget, with borrowingBooks balanced for... 1 hr 1
GOP Shies Away From Obamacare Repeal 1 hr 1
Why They Hate Obama 1 hr 11,663
Arizona's state treasurer claims victory in Republican primary 1 hr 2
3Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly nominate NRA head Wayne LaPierre in la... 1 hr 27
U.S. veterans health probe says cannot link deaths to broken system 1 hr 4
Rubio interrupted by hecklers in South Carolina 1 hr 6
Utah granted more time to file gay marriage recognition appeal 1 hr 4
Defiant Gov. Perry rejects 'outrageous' indictment 1 hr 122
The Fix: Obama might allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay. It... 1 hr 76
Teen's Shooting Highlights Racial Tension 2 hr 1,192
Congressman: Get Ready for Immigration Move From Obama 2 hr 26
Israeli army officer wounded by fire from Syria 2 hr 1
Calif. Lawmaker: Leadership Could Free Marine Jailed in Mexico 2 hr 6
BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen... 2 hr 177,226
Bernie Sanders headed to Iowa 2 hr 20
Maine Governor LePage embraces candor in campaign 2 hr 2
Gay marriage 2 hr 54,754
UN rights expert accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' in treatment of... 2 hr 1,807
Eric H. Holder Jr., in Ferguson, shares pain over racism 2 hr 190
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists? 2 hr 9,746
Americans strongly opposed airstrikes in Syria last time. Why would i... 3 hr 1
Obama takes tougher line against Gaza casualties 3 hr 354
Executive accused in Madoff scam pleads guilty 3 hr 16
Ohio attorney general appoints special prosecutor to investigate Wal-... 3 hr 3
What happened in Ferguson could be happening anywhere. But it was mor... 3 hr 153
VP Biden congratulates 'fellow veep' on Emmy win 4 hr 2
Pro-life groups press vulnerable Senate Democrats to support late-ter... 4 hr 1
US Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Israel's Gaza Offensive 4 hr 312
Texas law professor calls for repeal of Second Amendment 5 hr 10,201
Cheney touts economy, Patriot Act during Missouri, Kansas visit 5 hr 3
March to FLETC in support of undocumented immigrants planned in Artesia 5 hr 198
Rumsfeld Likens Chavez's Rise to Hitler 5 hr 7
McCAIN Urges Congress to Pass Guest Worker Bill 5 hr 6
Kennedy Pushing Funeral Protests Amendment 5 hr 4
Obama back in DC amid crises; as if he never left 6 hr 11
Bush pushes GOP lawmakers to back wiretaps 6 hr 7
Pope Francis acknowledges State of Palestine 6 hr 117
Pelosi defeats Cindy Sheehan to win 12th term 6 hr 4
Bahrain next in line for Cuban doctors? 6 hr 1
Jay Nixon: Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown could walk 7 hr 33
Obama, Cuba's Raul Castro greet each other with handshake 8 hr 19
Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision 9 hr 305,423
Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media 10 hr 66,014
California to appeal ruling tossing death penalty 11 hr 10
Biden to Iraqi leaders: Time for new government 11 hr 4
Rubio: "We must move slowly on immigration." 11 hr 3
The latest on damaging earthquake in California 11 hr 9
ISIS Plans to Blow Up an Entire American City and Obama Still Golfs 11 hr 45
Central Valley mayoral election hinges on the right to dance 11 hr 13
#MarineHeldinMexico: California senator declines luncheon invite... 12 hr 2
Obama's Bitter Trans-Atlantic Legacy 12 hr 5
Tim Hortons Deal Could Lower Burger King's Tax Bill 12 hr 1
Gay marriage supporters heading to key hearing 12 hr 7
Militias complicate situation on Texas border 12 hr 143
Napa earthquake hastens calls for warning system 12 hr 1
Wisconsin, Indiana set to defend gay marriage bans before federal app... 12 hr 10
The country's sinking climate debate 13 hr 2
Rand Paul says he scares Democrats. Should he? 13 hr 8
KKK Endorsement 13 hr 92
Strong California quake shakes famed wine country 13 hr 10
Virginia Gay Marriage Fight Echoes Past Battle Over Interracial Marriage 13 hr 8
'The War Is Not Over' 13 hr 276,433
Ole Miss frat suspended, noose suspects kicked out 13 hr 15
Gingrich: Mitt Romney is a liar 13 hr 51
Michele Bachmann: Obama Won Because He's Black and America Felt Guilty 13 hr 303
Colin Powell Endorses Obama 13 hr 872
Tony Blair: 'I cried for Iraq war victims' 13 hr 83
Al Sharpton Suggests He's The Frederick Douglass Of Our Time [VIDEO] 14 hr 22
McConnell leads Grimes in Bluegrass Poll 14 hr 71

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