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Once slow-moving threat, global warming speeds up, leaving litt... 2 min 51,484
Barack Obama, our next President 3 min 1,191,086
Gay marriage 3 min 57,910
Scott Walker has no college degree. That's normal for an American, bu... 4 min 1,851
Atheists Aren't the Problem, Christian Intolerance Is the Problem 4 min 4,820
Eric Holder: Gun lobby 'simply won' by killing Sandy Hook reforms 5 min 858
'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate 5 min 172,209
Evolution vs. Creation 5 min 149,520
Rubio makes more 2016 moves 7 min 3
Dozens of Democrats skipping Netanyahu's speech 7 min 3
Pat Robertson: People Who Are Addicted To Drugs Are 'Enslaved By Vege... 8 min 3
The President has failed us 8 min 312,888
Senate passes controversial transgender restroom bill 10 min 68
GOP Must Move On From Obamacare Repeal 13 min 56
Obama: Racism, bias in US will take time to tackle 14 min 3,359
Netanyahu speech exposes partisan and diplomatic rifts 16 min 21
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the 18 min 40
Brrr! February brought record cold, snow to Northeast 25 min 27
Giuliani explains why Obama doesn't love America 28 min 595
Scott Walker reverses immigration stance 28 min 48
Shannon Bream Attacks Michael Schiavo To Defend Jeb Bush? 32 min 11
The View that Putin's Advisor Has on Obama's Ukrainian War 35 min 64
Who do you side with in Ferguson? 38 min 12,062
Creationism isn't a science and doesn't belong in science class: Matt... 39 min 674
Is Jeb Bush 'evolving' on same-sex marriage and other gay rights issues? 41 min 138
Obama to honor troops as Iraq combat mission ends 42 min 138
House leaders, Senate Democrats at odds over how to fund Homeland Sec... 42 min 15
Marines charged with rape 52 min 18
Net neutrality: FCC approval considered victory for consumers, Netfli... 56 min 47
Georgia woman seeks to delay death for husband's murder 56 min 2
4 missionaries detained in Venezuela expected home Tuesday 1 hr 2
Federal judge blocks Nebraska's gay marriage ban 1 hr 2
Parents of murder victim demand changes in bordera 1 hr 1
Dems call GOP Homeland Security strategy a political blunder 1 hr 39
Pat Robertson: Drinkers And Pot Smokers Are 'Enslaved To... 1 hr 1
Chicago's black voters key as Garcia battles to defeat Emanuel in may... 1 hr 8
Israel's Netanyahu heads to Washington for Congress speech 1 hr 34
Obama: 'Now is the moment' for police to make changes 1 hr 15
Bill Gives Oklahoma Governor Sweeping New Powers 1 hr 1
10 Things to Know for Monday 1 hr 3
jodhpur gay 1 hr 3
BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen... 1 hr 184,945
Homeland Security funding drama darkens U.S. fiscal outlook 2 hr 45
Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision 2 hr 308,924
Boise Immigration Rally Draws Hundreds, Call for Rights for Undocumen... 2 hr 100
Cruz tells anti-tax group 'No' to Common Core in schools 2 hr 19
Greek radical left wins election, threatening market turmoil 2 hr 479
Alexander pledges help if court blocks health law subsidies 2 hr 8
Netanyahu: World Powers 'Have Given Up' in Iran Nuke Talks 2 hr 7
Obama calls out GOP on immigration policy 2 hr 164
Obama Calls for Two Years of Free Community College for All 2 hr 1,289
Packersa Jarrett Bush arrested for public intoxication in California 2 hr 1
White House hopeful Walker: Union battles prepared him to take on Isl... 2 hr 74
How court challenges to the Affordable Care Act could affect your bus... 3 hr 1
Rand Paul wins 2015 CPAC straw poll 3 hr 25
DARPA Tests New Close Air Support Technology 3 hr 1
Mexicana s killing by police exposes wounds in a changing town 3 hr 10
The Fix: People say politics is all bad news. These 4 stories prove t... 3 hr 7
Obama isolated on his Iran gambit 3 hr 10
Working Families Party claims big victory 3 hr 1
Keystone pipeline wins Senate vote in victory for GOP, Mitch McConnell 3 hr 52
Hillary's foreign fundraising mess: Even the liberal press is fed up 3 hr 15
Kerry asks for benefit of the doubt on Iran nuclear talks 3 hr 4
Donald Trump Still Not Convinced Obama's Birth Certificate Is Real 4 hr 6
Prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov shot dead 4 hr 37
What Divides Catholics and Protestants? 4 hr 83,958
Lent 4 hr 1
Global warming 'undeniable,' scientists say 4 hr 33,947
Obama to GOP: Stop copying me on economy 4 hr 83
Venezuelan President Claims Americans Have Been Captured Due to... 4 hr 1
How to party like a conservative 4 hr 5
US officials called 'terrorists' mock Venezuela travel... 5 hr 1
Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov shot to death; government cal... 5 hr 10
Jimmy " Margaritaville " Buffet To Cuba ? 5 hr 2
Paris Hilton In Cuba - Si !!! 5 hr 1
Body cameras for cops could be the biggest change to come out of the ... 5 hr 2,520
Border Agent Brian Terry statue unveiling ignored by Obama and Holder 6 hr 1
Highly skilled immigrant spouses can soon work in US 6 hr 10
Scott Walker calls Reagana s bust of air traffic controller strike... 6 hr 38
Did Obama threaten to shoot down Israeli planes if they attacked Iran? 6 hr 3
US officials called 'terrorists' by Venezuelan president mock new tra... 6 hr 2
Dem: Questions around opposition leader's death need answered 7 hr 7
Obama, Netanyahu on collision course 6 years in the making 7 hr 14
Milbank: Walker gives tacit approval to bashing of Obama 7 hr 3
Young Republicans are remarkably liberal on pot 7 hr 7
Why Obama Fears Netanyahu's Speech 8 hr 1
Rudy Giuliani's fall from America's Mayor 8 hr 51
my crush called me ugly behind my back but he watches me 8 hr 1
Dahlkemper seeking support outside Erie County for marine sanctuary plan 9 hr 2
Eric Holdera s parting shot: It's too hard to bring civil rights cases 9 hr 5
O'Malley Takes a Shot at Clinton 9 hr 5
Detroit Public School To Suspend Kids If Parents Miss Common Core Tes... 10 hr 1
Split over - tactics' is to blame for DHS funding impasse, House GOP ... 10 hr 4
Illinois Congressman repays Uncle Sam for redecorating office 10 hr 5
DHS funding flap: Republicans 'control' the Congress. Really? 10 hr 1
5 Most Controversial Presidential Elections in American History 10 hr 1
Trump: Hillary, McCain were 'birthers' 11 hr 2
Netanyahu, US officials to face off on Iran 11 hr 2
Walter Harold Marlin 4 President 11 hr 595
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