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Obama seeks $3.7 billion in immigration funds 1 min 219
Judge strikes down DC ban on handguns outside home 2 min 162
Barack Obama, our next President 3 min 1.08M
John McCain on the Decline & Fall of the United States Senate 5 min 1
Obama takes tougher line against Gaza casualties 8 min 39
Who Would Jesus Deport? 8 min 1
Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media 10 min 65.7k
Bob L. Petersen Help please get me away from here Anywhere Ne Co Cali... 11 min 1
With GOP Runoff Over, Perdue and Nunn Face Off 14 min 23
Bachmann says she may make another presidential bid 14 min 258
Evolution vs. Creation 16 min 113k
Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds voter ID law 19 min 5
Unaccompanied Minor Charges America with Border 'Ice Box' Abuse 21 min 1
The President has failed us 25 min 246k
Gay marriage 27 min 53.0k
A&E: Duck Dynasty will continue, religion and greed, motivators 28 min 26
'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate 29 min 147k
BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's citizen... 31 min 175k
Texas law professor calls for repeal of Second Amendment 31 min 9.43k
not Over Yet? Border crisis bill in limbo after chaotic day in House 31 min 1
Exit polls: Boozman defeats 2-term incumbent Lincoln in Arkansas 37 min 831
Corker Applauds Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling On Obama Appointments 37 min 2
Gov. Scott Signs Bill To Grant In-State Tuition Benefits To Illegal I... 42 min 51
4 charged with murder in death of USC student 44 min 5
Unemployment Extension: Still Dead 46 min 9
Lois Lerner Called Some Republicans '***holes' and 'Crazies' in Newly... 47 min 60
US sharpens criticism of Hamas, urges cease-fire 48 min 188
Of course Obama is sending illegal aliens here. 1 hr 29
Lawmakers Summoned Back to DC as Border Bill Hangs in Balance 1 hr 6
Obama going to dinner as clock ticks toward recess 1 hr 25
Obama speaks with world leaders after re-election 1 hr 12
Struggle for Water Rights in Detroit Is Showing How to Fight (and Bea... 1 hr 52
With corporate help, Obama announces actions on renewable energy 1 hr 72
Longtime GOP Texas Gov. Perry wins another term 1 hr 21.7k
Family of 8 killed in Gaza, as UN's Ban heads to region 1 hr 237
Some lethal injection problems in US executions 1 hr 29
Texas: Gay-marriage ban best for children 1 hr 151
Christie defends record in 2nd summer stop in NH 1 hr 1
GOP base includes racist 'elements,' congressman charges 1 hr 265
King's legacy still cause of debate 2 hr 938
Obama takes tougher line against Gaza casualties 2 hr 22
Homeless slayings underscore dangers on the street 2 hr 12
Democrats find living on minimum wage is tough 2 hr 182
House GOP calls off vote on immigration bill 2 hr 8
Gay marriage fight unlikely to disappear soon 2 hr 360
Who is the worst president since WWII ? 2 hr 287
USDA overhauls decades-old poultry inspections 2 hr 1
Governor Mike Pence 3 hr 1
Once slow-moving threat, global warming speeds up, leaving litt... 3 hr 45.9k
More than 100 Protesters Arrested Outside White House over Deportations 3 hr 3
CO Baker Found Guilty for Denying Gay Couple Wedding Cake - May Face ... 3 hr 16.2k
Arizona to get unaccompanied immigrant youths 3 hr 51
Cruz demands answers on FAA flight ban to Israel 3 hr 122
Atheists on the march in America 3 hr 71.0k
Immigration leads Arizona governor's race issues 3 hr 1
Losing Streak Lengthens for Foes of Gay Marriage 3 hr 2.81k
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists? 3 hr 9.53k
Holy Spirit Condemination. 4 hr 7
McConnell leads Grimes in Bluegrass Poll 4 hr 27
Group backing gay marriage releases TV ad in Ohio 4 hr 7
Hundreds of protests planned this weekend across US over border crisis 4 hr 158
US, Europe impose tough new sanctions on Russia 4 hr 14
Probe exposes flaws behind rollout 4 hr 5
Obama offers US help negotiating Israel cease-fire 4 hr 389
US condemns 'heinous murder' of Palestinian teen 4 hr 1.04k
Ex-IRS official called conservatives 'crazies 4 hr 32
House Republicans vote to sue Obama over healthcare law 4 hr 9
CIA director apologizes to Senate leaders 4 hr 2
Rare Beltway Bipartisanship: Bashing Japan Trade Policy 4 hr 1
Gay couples denied marriage licenses in S.Carolina 4 hr 9
Senate Bill Would Fine Colleges For Mismanaging Campus Rape Cases 4 hr 3
Obama set to lambast Republicans over lawsuit 4 hr 66
Global warming 'undeniable,' scientists say 4 hr 32.1k
Newly confirmed VA chief greeted with lawsuit over military sex assau... 4 hr 5
With Israel at war, US lawmakers give full support 4 hr 22
A Series of Debates 5 hr 6
Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision 5 hr 305k
UN rights expert accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' in treatment of... 5 hr 811
Gay, transgender workers gain US bias protection 5 hr 21
Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Registry For Same-Sex Couples 6 hr 6
GOP Official Dave Agema Says 'Sexual Perversion' Is Ruining America 6 hr 21
Massachusetts lawmakers take up bill on abortion clinic buffer zones 6 hr 3
Mississippi Could Soon Shut Down Its Only Abortion Clinic 6 hr 4
CO Supreme Court orders Boulder County to stop issuing same-sex marri... 6 hr 26
Crying wolf on impeachment 6 hr 3
Senate poised to follow House by approving post-scandal VA overhaul 6 hr 8
Harry Reid Wants Immigration Reform Attached to House Border Bill 7 hr 10
Obama `Effective Messenger, Period:' DNC Chair 7 hr 2
Spanish, Catalonia leaders meet on secession push 7 hr 2
Gov. Patrick Signs Mass. Abortion Buffer Zone Billmore 16 minutes ago 7 hr 1
READ: White House statement slams GOP, claims DREAMers are 'Americans... 7 hr 3
Judge in W.Va. asked to delay gay marriage ruling 7 hr 12
Rep. Gutierrez Checks on Immigrant Kids in Texas 7 hr 3
Rand Paul: MSNBC has 'partisan cranks and hacks' 7 hr 5
Obama's Muslim Founding Fathers 7 hr 25
Court favors disclosing anti-gay marriage donors 7 hr 1.77k
Analysis of Obama's phone calls reflect escalating world crises 7 hr 21
email sent to family member with details of police encounter 8 hr 1
Judge in Episcopal schism trial: It's a civil matter 8 hr 9
Terri Schiavo's Painful Deprivation of Food and Water Began Fou... 8 hr 1.14k

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