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Catcher1 wrote:
The redneck beat me to it.
Somebody tell me the difference between
1)"That was a heated post after long hours of reading Sharkey's bullshit, racist, "blame whitey" comments. I just couldn't take it anymore",
2)"that was because so and so said...."

It is ALL lame excuses and everyone knows it!

Happy Lesbo wrote:
<quoted text>
.. seriously, you can tell a great deal about a person by hugging them ..
.. if they hold the embrace, they're authentic ..
.. if they quickly withdraw, maybe pat you on the back, ............ (think about it) ..

What do you construe from the person that throws a liplock on you that takes you into the next dimension?

Black Thunder 42 wrote:
<quoted text>
It is ALL lame excuses and everyone knows it!

"Everyone that is atheist", you mean...

You're welcome.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Yawn... It's "always" me that doesn't read right....
YOU wrote this to ME:
"Thanks Bongo.
Please take note, Riverside, a Christian agreed with the possible alternatives expressed by Scar and myself."
To which I replied: "I didn't I agree with you two"
"You two" being you and bongo.

So WTF is your dilemma in the whole situation?...other than total ignorance or stupidity?

Hidingfromyou wrote:
<quoted text>
Sweet. So listen to them more.
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
1. You're using distraction again. You specifically avoided using the ascribed/achieved status discussion and called KKK and NAMBLA 'protected "companies"' whatever you mean by that. In any case, people join them, so they're achieved and not protected in the same manner that ethnicity and sexuality are.
2. What??? What on earth do you mean by both are "protected groups" and "Anyone who is not a member of either of those two groups would be crazy to be a part of either of those two groups"? You just called them protected groups and then said no one should join.
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
You just wrote:
<quoted text>
So you're contradicting yourself when ever you feel it's useful. How enjoyable to have a discussion with someone who can redefine their statement son the fly, refuses to engage in the argument itself, denies science while asking for evidence, accuses all atheists of being liars, introduces distractions as a debate tool and is basically all over the place doing anything he can to avoid speaking to the original topic in question.
Now, if I was a bigot, I'd point out your religious biases here. But I'm not. This just falls on you.
"Topix" don't nava a catorgy for you yet...but I will be the first to announce your presence in it's catagory!...
I love you!...I can't even begin to explain the reasons why sis...you'll jist have ta take my word for it...(but I think you already know why).

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
The first part of it was pure sarcasm, mocking was Sharkey was bitching about for the past few days.
The second part was said in anger, as I posted to scar, I just couldn't take his shit anymore and just snapped.
You ever snap?
It happens.
Get over it.

Emotion plays the true path of the heart.
You have shown your true "heart" .
It is what it is.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you agree with those incest laws in New Jersey?
Do you think incest is ok(assuming consenting adults, of course)?
What's your take on it?

I'm not totally familiar with New Jersery's incest laws and I don't have time to look them up right now. Contrary to the movie title, death does not take a holiday.

I try not to pry into people's sexual lives. As far as I'm concerned, if they're both adults, it's consensual sex and nobody is getting hurt, I'm OK with it. It's really none of my business.

Hidingfromyou wrote:
<quoted text>
I get ... annoyed.

It's cuz I poke ya in the side, an goad ya !
Jist quit yer ly'n now!!!

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh ya, that's true. Out of all the times I've been to church, that was the one and only where I heard any pastor say "God gets mad at you if you don't tithe".
I'm fully aware that churches are different, as are pastors.

And why are you incapable of making that leap to other peoples?

Is it because you are biased towards Christians and can only view them as persons with complex personalities?

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Eh?! I've never said "proof" doesn't exist, where are you getting that from?

You have, in multiple posts. You asked a person "prove your hand exists" as a joke alluding to the fact that nothing can be proven.

You and I, we covered this topic when you first joined the thread, in detail.

Hidingfromyou wrote:
<quoted text>
"It's never been proven..."
"You can't prove to me..."
The statements of a cowardly mind.
You've already admitted that such a thing as "proof" doesn't exist. So when you ask for it, you're just laying another pedantic trap, plain for all to see.

You have come to another point that is (so far) "untouchable" for society as a whole... but everyday experience for a great many of the folks "in the grey".
You may become "famous" or "infamous"... both are reputable in this ole' dog's book of history.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Repost your "professional's only" list, Hiding.

Red herring, continued lie of omission. As I wrote, I've already conceded that professional can also be used to mean "expert" and "career."

It also means "on of the professions" as in "traditional careers based around professing."

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, they are still a photographer.
I think the "denies photographs" is an entirely different matter.
I do believe in freedom of choice, so I'd back that photographer's decision.
I'd also back an atheist photographers decision to not photograph a Christian wedding.
It's all about free choice, not ascribed/achieved classifications.

You are claiming that her right to free choice enables her to discriminate against people, because they are members of a certain group.

That's the bottom line. You claim that a business can discriminate against people.

Hence, according to you, the actions of your Indian Boss are fully ethical. He is well within his rights to only hire people like him, according to your moral perspective.

Unless your moral perspective is so repulsive to include the exception "except to white people. White people are not allowed to be discriminated against." And your moral system certainly seems to work this way in practice.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh no, no, no.... I can't deny the fact of that one school....

If you could, you would have already done so....
You can not.

Prove your deity exists.

Anon wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm reading "Noble Savages" by Naploeon Chagon. I'm coming to the conclusion that humans are really, really, fuckedup. Nasty creatures are we.

Keep in mind that Napoleon himself is an asshole and has a biased opinion. He's a man who, drunk, thought it would be funny to scare his students on their first night in the field, in Yanomami territory, far from Western medicine, and tear their mosquito nets. He's a man who denied malaria medication to his student, who sent his student upriver without a motor, etc.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Hatred?!? Did you ever get a chance to see any of the hate mail that poor photographer got?

Red herring - distraction, doesn't speak to her hatred of others.

[QUOTE]What about that bakery that denied a gay couple? They were so intimidated and scared, they shut their business down and moved![/QUOTE]

Red herring - distraction, doesn't speak to their hatred of others.

Catcher1 wrote:
<quoted text>
You have my respect.
There HAVE to be limits to what a decent person will put up with.

I will probably fail Catch. In "frustration" I am compelled to make reply...it is a weakness I reckon.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
"Treatment" is no excuse for his recent behavior and posts.
And I'm appalled at the so-called "good people" here that have ignored his rants.

Ya... I KNOW!
These folks must Really love that Rotten Apples fella...
He should'a been banned long ago!\
Go figger1

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Unintentionally, I guess I am. That's because I see ethnicity as ascribed but not sexuality. I've seen of and heard of too many 'straights going gay' to believe sexuality is innate.
<quoted text>
I didn't say "no one should join".
I said "would be crazy to be a part of", as in contracting work for either one of them.

That wasn't clear for me.

[QUOTE]Negative. You must've missed the 'relationship' part of the post. Here, exactly:
"Achieved status, like "I'm now gay, and always have been", ignoring all the heterosexual sex and relationships they've had. That's a choice."
Notice the "heterosexual sex and relationships" part?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I noticed. It seems like you're emphasizing sex, since it's placed first, but perhaps I shouldn't draw that conclusion. In like manner, you're drawing conclusions based on people's actions alone, and not on the details. I know a gay man who thought he should be straight and so dated a very hot girl. They dated for a long time before they tried sex - and he ran to the shower and threw up, just like in that movie, but opposite.

He realized, with her help, that maybe he shouldn't be trying to conform to a hegemonic heterosexual culture.

But you aren't bothering to pay attention to what homosexuals are saying of their heterosexual relationships. That leads you to make poor conclusions.

[QUOTE]*hands Hiding a cookie*[/QUOTE]

<has her taster test it for poison>

[QUOTE]Don't accuse me and only me of misreading posts. You just did twice.[/QUOTE]

Distraction, red herring: I don't only accuse you of misreading posts. I'm perfectly capable of misreading posts.

RiversideRedneck wrote:
<quoted text>
Apology accepted.
Try not to do it again.

You owe atheists here an apology for your bigoted claims against us.
Posts 558041 to 558060 of 599045

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