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Fed Judge Strikes Down California's 10-Day Gun Waiting ...
guns 200
Should the U.S. Do More to Address the Ebola Outbreak?
health 59
What's your favorite movie of 2014?
entertainment 143
Who do you side with in Ferguson?
ferguson 2,143
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do right by your woman 9 hr 1
00971527721611 body to body massage full body massage in DUBAI 9 hr 3
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Good bye Michael Sam Sat 12
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Gay Rights dealt REAL blow!: Michael Sams cut by St.Louis Rams!!!!! Sat 4
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Nottingham Stoners Sat 2
Want to be a voluntary frontal lobotomy patient? Sat 3
women should be slaves to men Sat 26
Gleep Sat 67
What Your Church Won't Tell You by Dave and Gary Higgins Sat 33,003
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AOL - Do not use Sat 3
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Rajitkalhe Sat 3
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bali itenerary Sat 1

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