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Introducing The Universal Religion
1 hr 735 comments
Our world came from nothing?
2 hr 247 comments
Atheism requires as much faith as religion?
3 hr 224514 comments
What does "Atheism" mean?
8 hr 34 comments
20+ Questions for Theists
9 hr 395 comments
How much faith it takes to believe in Evolution.
10 hr 19 comments
Atheism to Defeat Religion by 2038
11 hr 21401 comments
The numbers are in: America still distrusts atheists and Muslims
Mon 21 comments
Talking some sense into you people...
Mon 27 comments
Atheism Destroyed At Last! - The Debate Of The Millenium (I)
Jul 27 1287 comments
Maher to Stewart: 'Drugs are good, religion is bad' and...
Jul 26 5 comments
HELL real or not?
Jul 25 272 comments
Science Disproves Evolution
Jul 24 834 comments
Of Interest InTheNews
Jul 24 3 comments
How anti-atheist stigma affects the mental health of American nontheists
Jul 22 1 comments
A Really Good Thing
Jul 22 1 comments
Rev. Jim McCurdy: The beauty of atheists
Jul 18 7 comments
BreakPoint: Demographics favor the faithful: A doubtful future for at...
Jul 16 2 comments
Human agency is our source of real faith and optimism'
Jul 13 1 comments
Why do i deserve no respect.
Jul 11 7 comments
The Ultimate Evidence of God
Jul 7 18 comments
Atheists on the march in America
Jul 7 70959 comments
God (in the bible) orders to kill infants, dishonest children
Jul 7 2 comments
Science vs Morality
Jul 6 16 comments
Atheism on TV
Jul 6 2 comments
Imagine a world without Organized Atheism
Jul 3 14 comments
New Mexico scientists fight taxpayer-funded evolution celebration
Jul 3 89 comments
The Dumbest Thing Posted by a Godbot
Jun 30 5549 comments
The Hymen
Jun 30 10 comments
Atheism - a fizzer or fantastic?
Jun 29 41 comments
Creation Conversion: The Turning Point
Jun '14 2 comments
Nigerian man is locked up after saying he is an atheist
Jun '14 3 comments
Can An Atheist Be a Republican? Not If Evidence Matters
Jun '14 8 comments
Pakistan woman stoned by family outside Lahore court
Jun '14 10 comments
God can not exist- logical arguments, and why religion is nonsense
Jun '14 5 comments
Chris Stedman a " No, jailed rocker Tim Lambesis didna t try to kill ...
Jun '14 2 comments
Are More Saudi Arabians Wandering Away From Islam?
Jun '14 2 comments
Atheist Babies
Jun '14 38 comments
Reverend Reality at TedX talk
Jun '14 2 comments
Atheism is dying out, christianity is becoming stronger
Jun '14 453 comments
Richard Dawkins in a nutshell
Jun '14 5 comments
Cross latest attempt at stealth
Jun '14 2 comments
Atheism not needed for a life of greater value/pleasure
Jun '14 7 comments
Richard Dawkins jumps yet another shark
Jun '14 6 comments
100% Faith Free
Jun '14 2 comments
More christian morality: 800 dead kids, some probably murdered
Jun '14 4 comments
Atheism is not Science
Jun '14 23 comments
Ralph Reed Defends Religion Against Maher's Aggressive Atheism...
Jun '14 3 comments
Atheists, give up your lost religion and seek the truth of Jesus
Jun '14 227 comments
"Science flies you to the moon; religion flies you into buildings"
Jun '14 9 comments
Religious wars vs. Atheist wars
Jun '14 8 comments
Do Christian Televangelists Have Something to Fear? Atheists Reveal N...
Jun '14 7 comments
Letter: Abortion and atheism
Jun '14 9 comments
Jun '14 7 comments
If God is false, why are we here?
Jun '14 260 comments
If it's Empty, it's Atheist
Jun '14 8 comments
Atheism destroyed with one question
Jun '14 13 comments
Why isn't the world perfect?
Jun '14 71 comments
More People Bothered by Atheist Pols Than Cheating Ones, Poll Finds
Jun '14 6 comments
Why can't the Religious accept 'No' as answer?
Jun '14 96 comments
High-priest of atheism is on his way
Jun '14 114 comments
Respecting belief: why should you? And why shouldn't you?
Jun '14 13 comments
Did God command the eating of a poop sandwich?, part 2 of 2
Jun '14 16 comments
How I feel about my atheism
Jun '14 11 comments
Religious but not spiritual
Jun '14 8 comments
Women in secularism: Got a problem with that?
Jun '14 2 comments
'Good without a god': Faces of atheism in Oklahoma
May '14 7541 comments
Crazy atheists going insane as street pastors
May '14 9 comments
Atheism and religion
May '14 2 comments
Getting Back To Religious Freedom
May '14 1 comments
If a atheist on the atheism forum was president?(USA)
May '14 9 comments
muslims rape 10 year old slave
May '14 20 comments
Richard Dawkins - God is evil, pedophilesa not so bad
May '14 3031 comments
Cleveland billboards give a face and positive message to atheism
May '14 2 comments
Adam Atheoi - the god of 'humanity'
May '14 3 comments
Losing My Religion
May '14 3 comments
The God-Believing Atheist: a Q&a with Frank Schaeffer
May '14 3 comments
god versus the debbil...
May '14 5 comments
'Atheist Experience' TV Host Shocked By Caller's Statement About Chil...
May '14 20 comments
Book for young atheists sent to secondary schools in Newham
May '14 2 comments
Why Do Atheists Ridicule Christianity?
May '14 5918 comments
Secular Principles
May '14 17 comments
The Last Word On Nothing
May '14 6 comments
Godless Church Goes GlobalBy Nico Hines
May '14 3 comments
God not-botherers: Religious apathy reigns
May '14 2 comments
There are No Darwinists:
May '14 8 comments
Your atheism isn't going to keep your kids from believing i...
Apr '14 4 comments
Scientific explanations for why atheists and Christians are so hostile
Apr '14 3 comments
Are you now the same religious/lack of religious /"belief" system of ...
Apr '14 30 comments
Our nation is lost without God
Apr '14 4 comments
Much Ado About Nothingness
Apr '14 6 comments
Pat Robertson suggests woman's atheism was caused by rape or abuse
Apr '14 56 comments
Atheists, go hunting where the ducks are
Apr '14 4 comments
Sweet and Sour Spirituality
Apr '14 1 comments
Apr '14 6 comments
The 'Argument from Evil' doesn't disprove God
Apr '14 18 comments
The age of atheism: "If God exists, why is anybody unhappy?"
Apr '14 36 comments
New Jersey woman sues to get '8THEIST' on her license plate
Apr '14 3 comments
New Jersey woman sues over '8THEIST' license plate
Apr '14 8 comments
The Amazing Atheist Embarrasses Himself on CNN
Apr '14 39 comments

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