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'Good without a god': Faces of atheism in Oklahoma
8 min 7027 comments
Atheism requires as much faith as religion?
1 hr 216689 comments
Atheism Destroyed At Last! - The Debate Of The Millenium (I)
2 hr 1061 comments
Introducing The Universal Religion
6 hr 560 comments
Atheism to Defeat Religion by 2038
8 hr 20815 comments
By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party
9 hr 8 comments
Richard Dawkins - God is evil, pedophilesa not so bad
11 hr 2981 comments
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Wiccan Atheists and Agnostics
21 hr 284 comments
Collin Boots | Are atheists persecuted in America?
Apr 15 8 comments
Atheism, a mere 'gateway ideology' to worse convictions?
Apr 15 21 comments
The 'Argument from Evil' doesn't disprove God
Apr 15 17 comments
Are you now the same religious/lack of religious /"belief" system of ...
Apr 14 18 comments
If it's Empty, it's Atheist
Apr 13 6 comments
Saudi Arabia Codifies Atheism as Terrorism
Apr 12 2 comments
Apr 12 2 comments
The age of atheism: "If God exists, why is anybody unhappy?"
Apr 12 30 comments
Pat Robertson suggests woman's atheism was caused by rape or abuse
Apr 12 50 comments
Are there any atheists here that are against homosexuality and/or gay...
Apr 11 36 comments
Religious wars vs. Atheist wars
Apr 10 5 comments
Why evil committed in the name of God is worse
Apr 10 28 comments
A Church-Shaped Hole in Our Lives
Apr 10 38 comments
The Ultimate Evidence of God
Apr 9 8 comments
Christian man washed out to sea during baptism
Apr 7 13 comments
If God is false, why are we here?
Apr 5 259 comments
Doctor's Real-Life Switch From Atheism to Christianity Inspired ...
Apr 4 3 comments
This is why sensible people need to speak up
Apr 2 4 comments
Atheist Ads Implemented in UK and Spain Stopped Short in Italy
Apr 2 172 comments
The problem of evil and hate
Apr 2 331 comments
A - Jewish atheist' lets go of the - Jewish'
Apr 1 7 comments
As atheist TV characters increase, here are 5 of the best
Mar 26 20 comments
USAF Atheism okay Christianity no way
Mar 26 61 comments
Why can't the Religious accept 'No' as answer?
Mar 26 79 comments
The Evil Link Between Communism and Atheism
Mar 25 21 comments
A Christian pastor can live one year as though no God exists?...REALLY?
Mar 25 14 comments
Atheism: a more effective murderer than religion
Mar 25 11 comments
Mikey Weinstein enraged by evangelical atheists
Mar 24 4 comments
15 ways to stand up for rationality
Mar 24 3 comments
Letter: Abortion and atheism
Mar 24 5 comments
Atheism and cowardice
Mar 22 12672 comments
Mar 21 25 comments
STARNES: Why does Air Force Academy encourage atheism, prosecute Chri...
Mar 21 5 comments
'Nones' avoid life's big questions; Christians don't
Mar 21 4 comments
Atheist students say good morals can be practiced without a Bible
Mar 21 1163 comments
Mar 20 5 comments
Reagan was right, ACU wrong: Atheism is enemy of America
Mar 20 5 comments
Who Threatens Marriage More: Gays Who Value the Sacrament or Atheists...
Mar 20 42 comments
Atheism destroyed with one question
Mar 18 8 comments
The Intellectual Snobbery of Loud Atheism
Mar '14 6 comments
Yemen's atheists, banned by Islamic law, find safe haven online
Mar '14 4 comments
Science Disproves Evolution
Mar '14 685 comments
Atheists can be homophobic and sexist, too
Mar '14 6 comments
Invitation To The Debate Of The Millenium
Mar '14 3 comments
Atheists in Worship? Hallehula
Mar '14 10 comments
Atheists, here is your proof of God's existence, the 9th of Av
Mar '14 93 comments
Atheists, give up your lost religion and seek the truth of Jesus
Mar '14 225 comments
Evangelical Atheism: Good or Bad?
Mar '14 11 comments
Atheists on the march in America
Mar '14 70904 comments
What Made You Decide that Atheism Was For You?
Mar '14 259 comments
Guest at ISUvexed by Biblecould have leftit in drawer
Mar '14 4 comments
American Atheists Would Not Have Enjoyed CPAC anyway
Mar '14 8 comments
A Real Puzzle To Me
Feb '14 6 comments
The Amazing Atheist Embarrasses Himself on CNN
Feb '14 37 comments
10 Signs Religious Fundamentalism Is in Decline
Feb '14 84 comments
HELL real or not?
Feb '14 271 comments
Evolution has no evidence!!!
Feb '14 226 comments
Is Pastor Michael Stahl ashamed to be Christian?
Feb '14 11 comments
A life without God in Iraq: This 22-year-old atheist has been called ...
Feb '14 5 comments
Horus and Jesus.
Feb '14 8 comments
Atheism destroyed in under 50 seconds
Feb '14 12 comments
Atheism is dying out, christianity is becoming stronger
Feb '14 449 comments
The Dumbest Thing Posted by a Godbot
Feb '14 5550 comments
An Open Message To Topix Forums Moderators
Feb '14 2 comments
Adam Gopnik: When did faith start to fade?
Feb '14 7 comments
Yet another Flood story pre-dating the biblical account
Feb '14 2 comments
Can anyone Prove there is no God?
Feb '14 331 comments
Collin Boots | Not ready for Ravi
Feb '14 1 comments
Philosopher Who Gave the New Atheists Their Theoretical Foundations B...
Feb '14 5 comments
I Use This To Support My Positions.....Let's Discuss It:
Feb '14 1 comments
Has Religion Ever Done Any Harm?
Feb '14 6 comments
The tyranny of religion and the freedom of atheism
Feb '14 177 comments
Grab A Couple Of Beers And Watch This:
Feb '14 5 comments
The Bible Is Dead!
Feb '14 1 comments
Allah vs atheism: 'Leaving Islam was the hardest thing I've done'
Jan '14 88 comments
Major teen suicide cause found; Discovery Institute nowhere to ...
Jan '14 31 comments
An Age-Old Debate: Is Atheism a Religion?
Jan '14 47 comments
Atheism, the Catholic Church, and Eternal Salvation
Jan '14 4 comments
Young Americans Are Wising Up To The 2000 Year Old Fairy Tale
Jan '14 5 comments
Christians And Their Prayers
Jan '14 19 comments
Liberals Misrepresent Huckabee Remarks About Women's Libidos and 'Unc...
Jan '14 1 comments
Answering Atheism
Jan '14 11 comments
Science is not Atheism
Jan '14 9 comments
Denying the Undeniable
Jan '14 34 comments
Is religious people evil?
Jan '14 126 comments
Science, Reason & Faith
Jan '14 7 comments
Don't dictate beliefs
Jan '14 11219 comments
10 celebs you didn't know were atheists
Jan '14 141 comments
An Afghan Atheist: On the Right to Asylum on Religious Ground II
Jan '14 4 comments
Listen To Ol' Preach And Then You'll Know:
Jan '14 2 comments
Satanic Atheist Doug Mesner with Laura Ingraham
Jan '14 5 comments
Here's How Atheists Are Targeting Inmates in Quest to Battle the Bibl...
Jan '14 2 comments
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