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What's your favorite movie of 2014?
entertainment 298
Who do you side with in Ferguson?
ferguson 4,586
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Atheism to Defeat Religion by 2038 46 min 22,533
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Becoming a parent changed everything. 1 hr 22
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Can atheists pray? Gretta Vosper on Andrew W.K., Sam Harris, and athe... 1 hr 16
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Girl's Christmas letter to atheist dictator shows contrasts 9 hr 1
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How Awe-Inspiring Experiences Can Make You Happier, Less Stressed And... Mon 1
Science Disproves Evolution Mon 936
Noah's flood real Mon 4,515
After brutal persecution, Albania 'reopened' to missionary zeal Sun 4
Hollywood Actor Reveals What He Thinks Is 'Weird' About Atheists Sun 141
Respecting belief: why should you? And why shouldn't you? Sun 21
Another week, another atheist demands we call his sexism not-sexism. Sat 1
20+ Questions for Theists Sep 20 421
Introducing The Universal Religion Sep 20 763
Stump a theist with 2 questions Sep 20 70
How much faith it takes to believe in Evolution. Sep 20 195
Atheist Babies Sep 20 43
Here's a place for Patrick's off-topic articles Sep 19 1
Glorify God, our Heavenly Father Sep 19 1
Atheists forgetting the meaning of freedom Sep 19 78
Bill Maher's "dirty secret": He's deeply religious and prays with Ann... Sep 18 5
Why I have rejected ATHEISM because of the JEWS Sep 18 3
Atheism 101: What's the most aggravating argument against atheism? Sep 16 3
The Ultimate Evidence of God Sep 15 120
If Christianity were true... Sep 15 200
What Bums Me Out Most About Being an Atheist Sep 14 88
Should Uninformed Opinion Be Respected? Sep 10 41
Journeys of the Minds: Where do we go from here? Sep 9 5
Why Do Atheists Ridicule Christianity? Sep 9 5,929
Barney Frank Has the Last Word On Atheism Sep 6 1
you can read how great 2 current popes are Sep 6 1
100% Faith Free Sep 6 20
Atheist group's lawsuit against Orange County School District thrown out Sep 5 1
It seems there are more Atheists in the Christian forum than here!! Sep 4 23
The myth of the angry atheist Sep 3 7
I left Creationism! Ask me anything! Aug 30 7
Atheists that tout free thinking use bully tactics to halt opposing v... Aug 29 13
Richard Dawkins in a nutshell Aug 28 27
How I feel about my atheism Aug 26 66
HELL real or not? Aug 26 325
Adam Atheoi - the god of 'humanity' Aug '14 84
One top most argument for atheism Aug '14 4
Are Atheists ripping off God by defining God as a personification of ... Aug '14 44
AlterNet Writer: Fox News Audience's Fear of Atheists Is Just Part of... Aug '14 3
Civil War on the Left, Part 10 Aug '14 16
"All autistic kids are atheists and atheism is a form of autism" Aug '14 25
The Dumbest Thing Posted by a Godbot Aug '14 5,577
Apology Aug '14 19
Alabama atheist gets death threats from loving Christians Aug '14 4
Atheism on TV Aug '14 9
God (in the bible) orders to kill infants, dishonest children Aug '14 6
Evangelism Is A Core Leadership Quality Aug '14 1
Talking some sense into you people... Aug '14 36
Atheists on the march in America Aug '14 70,981
The Amazing Atheist Embarrasses Himself on CNN Aug '14 41
What does "Atheism" mean? Aug '14 42
Atheists, give up your lost religion and seek the truth of Jesus Aug '14 235
Spencer Case: Godless Transmissions: Atheist TV Hits the Airwaves Aug '14 1
Atheism Destroyed At Last! - The Debate Of The Millenium (I) Jul '14 1,287
Maher to Stewart: 'Drugs are good, religion is bad' and... Jul '14 5
Of Interest InTheNews Jul '14 3
How anti-atheist stigma affects the mental health of American nontheists Jul '14 1
A Really Good Thing Jul '14 1
Rev. Jim McCurdy: The beauty of atheists Jul '14 7
BreakPoint: Demographics favor the faithful: A doubtful future for at... Jul '14 2
Human agency is our source of real faith and optimism' Jul '14 1
Science vs Morality Jul '14 16
Imagine a world without Organized Atheism Jul '14 14
New Mexico scientists fight taxpayer-funded evolution celebration Jul '14 89
The Hymen Jun '14 10
Atheism - a fizzer or fantastic? Jun '14 41
Creation Conversion: The Turning Point Jun '14 2
Nigerian man is locked up after saying he is an atheist Jun '14 3
Can An Atheist Be a Republican? Not If Evidence Matters Jun '14 8
Pakistan woman stoned by family outside Lahore court Jun '14 10
God can not exist- logical arguments, and why religion is nonsense Jun '14 5
Chris Stedman a " No, jailed rocker Tim Lambesis didna t try to kill ... Jun '14 2
Are More Saudi Arabians Wandering Away From Islam? Jun '14 2
Reverend Reality at TedX talk Jun '14 2
Atheism is dying out, christianity is becoming stronger Jun '14 453
Cross latest attempt at stealth Jun '14 2
Atheism not needed for a life of greater value/pleasure Jun '14 7
More christian morality: 800 dead kids, some probably murdered Jun '14 4
Atheism is not Science Jun '14 23
Ralph Reed Defends Religion Against Maher's Aggressive Atheism... Jun '14 3
"Science flies you to the moon; religion flies you into buildings" Jun '14 9
Religious wars vs. Atheist wars Jun '14 8
Do Christian Televangelists Have Something to Fear? Atheists Reveal N... Jun '14 7
Letter: Abortion and atheism Jun '14 9
If God is false, why are we here? Jun '14 260
If it's Empty, it's Atheist Jun '14 8
Atheism destroyed with one question Jun '14 13
Why isn't the world perfect? Jun '14 71
More People Bothered by Atheist Pols Than Cheating Ones, Poll Finds Jun '14 6

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