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The new attack on Israel civilians by al Qaida terrorists from Sinai prove to the civilized world that Obama concocted the revolution of Egypt only to serve the interests of the Iranian regime and his terrorists by removing Mubarak and bringing pro-Iranian regime to Egypt. Undoubtfully, Obama is celebrating the victory of the Mozlem Brothers and their success in taking control over Egypt for the reactionary Shariya laws of oppression revolution that Obama falsely called Arab Spring. The fake democracy that Obama promised to the American people was nothing else but a hoax. Obama and his liberals must be happy for pushing the Egyptian culture back more than 1300 year to a culture of humiliation of women and persecution of Christians until they die or being expelled of Egypt. However, Israel learned that Obama is big fiend of the Ayatollah Khamenei even if he try to hide his defend the Iranian regime from Israeli attack on its nukes. Clearly, Obama will fail to push Israel to agree to new attacks by al Qaida and Hamas from Sinai and Gaza and Israel will fight back regardless of what the Obama regime will say. Will the ignorant and illiterate American people ever learn the difference between good and evil regime that Obama put in Egypt? Will the ill-informed Americans by the Obama instructed liberal corrupt media of AP and NY Times continue to follow Obama like blind sheep after Obama financing Mozlem Brotherhood regime and their terrorists organizations knowing that it will destabilize the entire Middle East, trash the peace treaty with Israel and convert Egypt to become ally of Iran and its terrorist’s organizations against America and Israel?

True to the last word, ever tried to send it to those wonderful papers???
Obama is a closet muslim supporting all the radical muslims in the world. By attacking here and there muslims and killing them, thats nothing new in islam. They will kill their own brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to advance islam. Islam is uber alles. We know that Shitler took great pleasure in copying the attrocities from stinking islam. Obama must go, but I am not sure if the completely uninformed American public gets it and knows whats coming down the road if he stays in office. I hope NOT!!!!! Dont forgett those few words from Obama to the Russian Mafia President, just wait till I"ll be in second term and (my interpretation) not just will sell you my mama but will deliver her for free too.
If the American public will keep him in office, I must say, I am happy for not living there and witnessing the distraction of the greates Country in the world by a closet muslim and supporter of arab terroists groups like the muslim Brotherhood.
He even invited them to the White House. Lets hope.

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