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Upcoming Tennessee State Park Events
Jun '14 7 comments
EF-1 tornado crossed into county Monday
May '14 1 comments
16 Known Dead From Storms In Tennessee
May '14 1375 comments
Judge Gives Cleveland Man 31 Months Below Prosecutor's Recommendation...
Apr '14 1 comments
David T. Richardson identified as man who fell from plane
Mar '14 2 comments
Jennifer Price submitted this photo of the Lovings' ice fountain.
Jan '14 8 comments
Bradley County Youth Services Officer
Dec '13 3 comments
2 accused of killing Dalmatian in Bradley Co.
Nov '13 16 comments
Drug Task Force agent arrested in Bradley County after standoff
Sep '13 25 comments
2 Arrested For Home Invasion In Ooltewah
Jul '13 7 comments
Gangs exist, but closely monitored
May '13 1 comments
Logan's steak house brawl
Feb '13 1 comments
Davis is arrested, issues a statement
Jan '13 1 comments
New Cleveland airport will require structure height limits
Jan '13 18 comments
Jacksons Furniture
Dec '12 1 comments
Bars in cleveland
Nov '12 2 comments
A ReStore remix
Oct '12 1 comments
One dies in crash in Meigs County
Sep '12 1 comments
Legal Aid to begin operating from Refuge office Monday
Jul '12 1 comments
Funeral held for officer killed in crash
Jun '12 1 comments
Dillon Selby is honored for his quick thinking
May '12 1 comments
Mike Hall
May '12 1 comments
donald cross
Mar '12 2 comments
Meigs resident succumbs to March car crash injuries
Mar '12 1 comments
Female Fire Fighters Assaulted
Mar '12 5 comments
Tasso resident worried about well
Mar '12 2 comments
Wreck on Mouse Creek Road
Mar '12 1 comments
Former officer won't face drug charges
Feb '12 2 comments
Thomas Bennett gets 13 years in aggravated child abuse case
Jan '12 1 comments
Jan '12 1 comments
Haslam to visit Cleveland next week
Oct '11 1 comments
Corker says Obama - misguided' on what makes country great
Oct '11 1 comments
Bradley County teen airlifted to Erlanger after accidental shooting
Sep '11 1 comments
Partners sought for - unmet needs' families
Sep '11 2 comments
Officer West Cleveland City Police Department
Sep '11 1 comments
Thank you for caring!'
Aug '11 1 comments
Woman found dead in home
Jul '11 1 comments
Man Arrested after Police Hat Attracts Attention
Jun '11 1 comments
Airport case set for grand jury soon
Jun '11 23 comments
looking for a place to hunt hogs
Jun '11 3 comments
4 Charged With Theft From Home On Storm-Damaged Archer Lane
May '11 3 comments
Survivors guard against looters
May '11 2 comments
please help me find my family members.
Apr '11 1 comments
Salvation Army serves disaster victims, seeks donations
Apr '11 1 comments
Two dead in Charleston shooting: Suspect is still on loose; called ar...
Apr '11 1 comments
East Tennessee drying out from Monday's deluge
Mar '11 1 comments
Jim Ruth's first initiative will be healing wounds
Dec '10 21 comments
bradley county sheriffs office
Dec '10 2 comments
Whirlpool plant gets CU focus
Nov '10 1 comments
Drug Task Force New Hire, NO application process ,No questions,
Nov '10 4 comments
Sarah Lamb sentenced to 10 years
Oct '10 3 comments
Used undies for prisoners? No problem if washed
Oct '10 1 comments
Joe Shepherd dies in prison at age 57
Sep '10 3 comments
Just moved here, looking for stuff to do.
Sep '10 2 comments
Early voting shuts down Saturday; pace picking up with 7,000 voters
Jul '10 1 comments
Two-vehicle APD-40 car crash details released
Jul '10 1 comments
Cleveland Police Department Busts Marijuana Growth Operation
Jul '10 2 comments
Morningside residents receive visit from political candidates
Jul '10 1 comments
Lawson Says Ad Was Meant To Sabotage His Campaign
Jul '10 1 comments
Looking for someone
Jul '10 1 comments
Former police officer sentenced: six years
Jul '10 1 comments
Mount Olive Freedom Celebration
Jul '10 9 comments
Bradley County: Three-vehicle accident kills two
Jun '10 4 comments
Deputy bill nears passage
May '10 1 comments
Oregon Sex Offender Charged with Violating Tennessee's Registry
May '10 1 comments
Politeness and respect for citizens of Cleveland
Mar '10 1 comments
Red light at Paul Huff and Peerless
Feb '10 1 comments
County works to improve web site, but watchdog group gives poor...
Jan '10 1 comments
our new sam's club that was opening in feb. 2010
Jan '10 1 comments
Tennessee Death Row Facts
Jan '10 18 comments
3 Charged With Beating Teen In Bradley County
Nov '09 3 comments
hall chevy
Nov '09 1 comments
Freeze Warning in effect for Entire Region Overnight
Oct '09 1 comments
NC couple arrested after road rage incident on I-75
Oct '09 27 comments
Political Activist June Griffin Wants Your Vote For Governor
Sep '09 1 comments
Cleveland To Allow Parking On Some Sidewalks
Aug '09 1 comments
Deputies Arm Cleveland Churches
Jun '09 1 comments
Seeking more jobs for Tennessee
Jun '09 3 comments
Deadly Crash in Bradley County
Jun '09 4 comments
jamie taylor
May '09 1 comments
Gracie Trentham's Mother Talks
May '09 1 comments
Flush with class: Tenn. bathroom voted best in US
May '09 1 comments
Flush with class: Tenn. bathroom voted best in US
Apr '09 2 comments
Lake Forest Middle School in Cleveland locked down in wake of c...
Apr '09 2 comments
Dunlap Woman Accused Of Stealing Checks From Cleveland Business
Mar '09 4 comments
no paper
Mar '09 1 comments
Cleveland - Bradley Chamber Supports 1/2 Cent Tax Increase
Feb '09 1 comments
Sheriff Gobble: Illegal Immigration And The BCSO
Feb '09 10 comments
Viva Mexico Owner Found Murdered In Cleveland
Jan '09 3 comments
YouTube - Testimony of illegal alien care from 1 Florida hospital
Jan '09 16 comments
Cleveland stormwater work pays off
Jan '09 3 comments
US man, Gabe Watson, who has been charged with murder of bride in Aus...
Oct '08 1 comments
School budget proposal $357K in the hole
Sep '08 2 comments
Second Arrest in Major Burglary Bust
Aug '08 1 comments
Will real Gary Davis stand up?
Aug '08 1 comments
Tennessee Sheriff's Department Sued By Illegals
Jul '08 6 comments
The Power Of Big Government In Bradley County
Jul '08 1 comments
Copper Theft Arrests
Jul '08 3 comments
Chinese Nationals Caught In Traffic Stop To Be Deported
Jul '08 3 comments
Bradley County's Gobble named "Sheriff Of The Year" By Constabl...
Jul '08 4 comments

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