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Was wondering if any other women have craved n ate corn starch while pregnant and how u quit and any negative things that came from it. Serious comments only this is a real thing its a eating disorder called pica

I've heard of that. Like women craving laundry detergent and crazy stuff! You just have to make yourself quit, it's a battle within your mind, like an addiction. Speak with your MD and see about an appointment with a nutritionist. They can do a lot of good for you :)

I crave pickled pigs feet

I sure did crave it.. I had one box a month .. Lol

I've tryed to cut back but its almost out of my control. I fell like I have to have it. Its not really the taste its the texture. I plan on talk I g to my doctor even tho it is embarrassing. I do worry because I have severe stomach pain n constipation sorry for the details

I eat about half a box a day depending on the stress level of the day

MSG me, I'll send u to a Dr you can tell anything to. No judging and ya never feel weird (even for eating corn starch)

Thank you but I don't know how to message

Ive been eating cornstarch for over 5 years now. I also eat white dirt aka kaolin clay. Yes it is Pica but, don't feel alone. If you research on topix why do I crave clay, u will that you are not alone. Look on Youtube a lot of videos on eating cornstarch. Just finished eating Argo(my fav kind) I've eaten over 9 different brands of cornstarch.

Have u had any negative side effects? Also have u ever been told u have low iron?

I take iron pills haven't gained any weight. Sometimes my stomach swells but, I started taking probiotic pills for digestion.

Years ago black women working in the fields would eat handfuls of red clay dirt. They were anemic. You are probably deficient in something and your body is trying to correct it. Go to a doctor and have a blood work up. Not sure what is in corn starch that you would be needing.


I've finnaly stopped myself from swallowing it so I fell much better about that

Try crayola sidewalk chalk not as harmful and tastes some what the same. (And no I'm not being funny) less messy also!

Haven't had any cornstarch in a week. I ate one box in 3 days. About to order my white dirt from www.whitedirt.com It's very creamy and crunchy all at the same time. There r a lot of people that have Pica

Some facts wrote:
Try crayola sidewalk chalk not as harmful and tastes some what the same. (And no I'm not being funny) less messy also!

I've tried crayola side walk chalk but they were colorful. It had the crunch but I didn't like the chemical taste it had. If it was just crunchy with no taste or an earthy taste I probably would eat it.

Google this and once you do u will see thousands with the exact same problem with corn starch..... U may just have to go cold turkey....apparently a lot of people say it acts like a drug and is very hard to quit also try vitamins especially iron....

Also it does make you constipated and causes a whole slew of other problems!

http://www.ehow.com/how_8223402_stop-eating-c... here ya go hope this helps
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Posts 1 to 20 of 169

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