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Which Fall TV Shows Are You Most Excited About?
Fall TV 11
Was Adrian Peterson wrong to punish his child with a switch?
sports 474
African-American Discussions 1 to 100 of 199,112
Barack Obama, our next President 2 min 1,115,598
Ebola case in Texas 11 min 87
A Second Moses Movie In The Work: They're All White Characters.....Ag... 11 min 1
Time For Me To Take A Long Break From Topix. Too Upset About This Ebo... 18 min 25
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 20 min 5,392
how often should we bath? 22 min 417
Why blacks interact with racists threads. Proving what? 23 min 2
Biracial women are beautiful and fake black women envy them. 27 min 66
Voto Latino: African Americans and Latinos Unite in Alabama to Fight ... 37 min 897
The true black race 39 min 22
Do East Indian women like black men? 42 min 609
White women belong to Indian men 49 min 4
Just Saw On CNN Of A Possible Ebola Case In Dallas Texas 55 min 15
Learning From Kansas City 1 hr 2
do black woman like indian guys? 1 hr 6
Hi, I'm brazilian 1 hr 13
Michael Brown .. STRONG ARM ROBBERY ??? 1 hr 3,139
Are East Indians Black? 1 hr 727
What have black people contributed to the world? (Besides music) 1 hr 185
Cop Shoots BM 4 Reaching 4 License, Why R Cops So Leery Of BM? 1 hr 309
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!! 1 hr 1,352
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 1 hr 6,528
What does it mean to be born veiled? I was? 2 hr 1
Should Women Start REJECTING DARK SKIN Black Men ?? 2 hr 331
White Community Activism 2 hr 21
white and latino men are better in bed than black men 2 hr 45
Black men who are sell-out and slaves of white women 2 hr 22
The White House falling apart security needed? 2 hr 1
How To Get To Heaven When You Die 3 hr 17
Mugabe says whites need to go back to England lol. 3 hr 174
White woman sues, says sperm bank gave vials from black donor 3 hr 7
Ebola In The U.S. Would Hurt Dating Prospects For Black Americans 3 hr 34
Most of our ancestors didnt come on slaveships? 3 hr 1,201
Black Men Harassing IR Couples 3 hr 212
Black guest stuns CNN anchor: Racism is - not a major problem' in thi... 3 hr 522
Why do BM always ask women for money? 3 hr 38
Michael Dunn found GUILTY of 1st Degree MURDER! 4 hr 9
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 4 hr 2,217
Do some black people want segregation again? 4 hr 8
There's A War On The Black Male 4 hr 728
Secret Service "Queen" Quits, Returns to KKK Duty! 4 hr 1
White men make up 95% of all cuckolds 4 hr 40
Where will we be after Obama? 4 hr 358
Jewish women crazy for african american men 4 hr 211
I Spit on treacherous Black woman on the street ! 4 hr 7
When style is 'ghetto' on black women, 'chic' on whites 4 hr 8
Who else LOVES natural hair on black women ! 5 hr 36
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 5 hr 25,069
How RAP "music" is used to destroy blacks ! 5 hr 4
savant thinks doby is 5 hr 30
Brothers, would you Date A Black Woman Dating White men? 5 hr 456
EBOLA VIRUS and the NWO depopulation program 5 hr 40
Why Do BM Value Any Race of Woman Above BW? 5 hr 224
Latino Male Says AA Men Only Wimps in the World Who Bash Their Women ... 5 hr 1,821
Why do adult womens vaginas look so gross and ugly? 6 hr 54
The new word: 'Blerds' 6 hr 8
OMG why do black guys think every race of women should like them? 6 hr 606
Racist and black girls are intimidated by IRwhitewomen who loves AAmen. 6 hr 8
Why black males hate and fear white men 6 hr 504
The rise of the female entity 6 hr 5
Biracial people are in denial... 6 hr 106
Is Kevin Hart white folk's new pet Negro? 7 hr 23
Filipino community indignant over treatment of Cajon High teacher acc... 7 hr 5
What if black students boycott all schools for Mike Brown 7 hr 81
Who is the least desired Black men or Asian men? 7 hr 108
a message to black american from a jewish man 8 hr 18
TN pastor vows not to 'repent' for homophobia: God says... 8 hr 30
Historic Victory for Voting Rights in Ohio 8 hr 38
White Power is finally ending, Blacks will rightfully regin the world... 8 hr 960
white women are superior 8 hr 177
Texas Ebola Patient Was Helping A DYING, EBOLA-INFECTED WOMAN IN AFRI... 8 hr 1
BM versus Cartels and ISIS 8 hr 1
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 9 hr 25,910
Black Somali ISIS member interview 9 hr 1
White woman gets injured trying to take 2 black corks in her VJ 9 hr 24
Black men prefer Latina women. Always have, always will. 9 hr 447
Why Are WM Surviving Ebola But BM Are Dying? 9 hr 19
Why are Blacks still so Poor? 9 hr 19
Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac 9 hr 88
Was Jesus or Mohammed black ? 9 hr 309
Black british vs afro-americans? 9 hr 307
Black Boy Tormented By Bullies Takes Own Life 9 hr 20
Why do many black women have facial hair? 10 hr 24
Black Men made White Women Arrogant. 10 hr 17
Texas Governor Just Stated Ebola Patient Had Contact With His School ... 10 hr 2
Hebrew Israelite 10 hr 95,595
I don't want to marry a BLACK MAN 10 hr 4,000
The Great Big Holy Putdown!!!. 11 hr 1
First HIV, now ebola. 11 hr 1
To Africans: See How We Deal With Ebola? 11 hr 1
Why are Most Black Men Selfish, Self Centered & Arrogant? 11 hr 7
Faith is Dangerous? (Drunk Jubi Post #1) 12 hr 5
Which race of women have the best bodies? 12 hr 1,166
Why are African, & African Caribbean Women jealous of African-America... 12 hr 3,301
We give you crackers Russia with filipino monkey slaves! 12 hr 1
Advice for Indian men: Keep your sisters away from black men 12 hr 176
FRENCH THREAD in AA Forum? 12 hr 3,778
BM and IMPOTENCE! How Bad health effects your Sexual ability! 13 hr 2

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