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fun facts about white woman dating trend 10 min 1
Who else hates sambos? 11 min 1
Hebrew Israelite 16 min 109,417
why do white women love black men so much. 16 min 548
White women are sooo ugly! 25 min 17
service 4 women only with stong sex 0630059833 whatsapp in 33 min 1
Blacks and Poles are basically the same 35 min 6
Are black people natural savages? 45 min 1,324
How white People Came To BE... The True Story! 1 hr 6
Barack Obama, our next President 1 hr 1,191,124
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 1 hr 29,133
All women prefer white men 1 hr 2,586
BM is mad b/c white girls don't like him. 1 hr 707
Why are blacks so much stronger, physically better built than whites? 1 hr 546
Black Men Can't Get Pretty, Classy White Women! 1 hr 102
The Moors were not Black 1 hr 19,830
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 1 hr 31,187
Black men disrespected in Mayor Ed Lee's State of the City address 1 hr 4
White women give the best head 2 hr 19
Just got another Rude Cashier Fired... 2 hr 110
People really do believe that BW have bigger vaginas. 2 hr 10
How Did America Become Earth's Laughing Stock? 2 hr 47
Jordans's King Abdullah II on ISIS:'this is a WW3' 2 hr 3
Why do black men like white women so much but black women don't like ... 2 hr 221
Habesha(Ethio/Eri) GIRLS HATE Habesha MEN 2 hr 104
ISIS fed kidnap victim to his own mother 3 hr 1
Black and white women please read.. 3 hr 14
Africa DO NOT Need you Black Americans. (from mekushe) 3 hr 7
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are BLACK 3 hr 3,403
Five reason why being Black sucks 3 hr 110
there is an sociopath in forum laqueefa blacksow!!!!!! 4 hr 3
Black People, Do You Dip Tobacco? 4 hr 30
I Luv White Dyck.............they don't have STDS/HIV or AIDS like BM 4 hr 9
Who put the Chinese in black communities? 4 hr 26
New Study: White birth rate RISING in USA! 4 hr 52
Sarah Palin: We Abolished Slavery And Got Obama 4 hr 3
Why do blacks want to make babies with white women? 4 hr 173
why do white girls love any me that aren't white? 4 hr 1
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was black 5 hr 55
USA greatest ally, LIES. USA greatest enemy, TRUTH 5 hr 13
Are Black people really the DEVIL? 5 hr 177
Are all jewish women willing to go with black men sexually? 5 hr 91
Why do all whites seem tk 5 hr 1
Mexico asking AAs to help with Cartels 5 hr 23
Do blacks get along with Asians? 5 hr 210
Who's the best at gold digging. 5 hr 1
Help me find the Perfect White Man! 5 hr 4
Dr. Umar Johnson confronted by LGBT Feminist 5 hr 1
Remembering Trayvon Martin! 6 hr 19
Has anyone ever had a demon growl at them... 6 hr 257
Another WM guns down a Muslim 6 hr 14
I hate being black.. 6 hr 400
any white males get turned on when they see a white girl with a black... 6 hr 2
Why are most BW saying" I"m not taking care of no Monkey Acting BM" ? 6 hr 2
Chicago's black voters key as Garcia battles to defeat Emanuel in may... 6 hr 8
I am on a MISSION TO save BLACKS from TOPIX 6 hr 2
Black british vs afro-americans? 7 hr 354
H-E-L-P-!!! I dont wants to be black anymoe! 7 hr 10
Black people will never defeat white people. Never! 7 hr 19
Africa will destroy USA 7 hr 3
Any white guys excited for March 2,2015 Monday August Ames vs Jason B... 7 hr 6
Putin is a dictator and about to get the public boot. 7 hr 14
Tanzania Plans To Ditch English For Swahili 7 hr 17
Mexican Drug Cartels vs Black Panthers 7 hr 141
Why do black people like claiming that us Mexicans are on their side? 7 hr 2,242
Michelle Rodriguez's rant about traditional white heroes 8 hr 3
Why are black men so boring? 8 hr 33
4 Important Rules for White Men Dating Black Women 8 hr 1
I don't want to marry a BLACK MAN 8 hr 4,045
Why Do BW Hate Jeremy Meeks? 8 hr 127
Are blacks the ugliest race? 9 hr 158
Beyonce Sings Tribute To Black Men 9 hr 2
ObamaCare Two Point oH 9 hr 1
Lightbulb invented by a black man 10 hr 66
The ages of left wing African American leaders? 10 hr 8
NIGERIA Actresses are MORE BEAUTIFUL Than Black American Actresses. (... 11 hr 61
Maybe You're Not The Worst Thing Ever 11 hr 1
Why Are Black Men So Delusional? 11 hr 124
Norway Just Deported 824 Muslims, Every American Needs To See What Ha... 11 hr 7
Are white women attracted to black men? 12 hr 121,701
White Owners of Topix Concluded Site is more Harmful than beneficial 12 hr 6
Black women and their BUTTS!!!! 12 hr 26
Ancient Egyptians were Black! More Proof! 13 hr 14
kimora lee simmons is carrying a white baby 13 hr 17
Just give him $50,000 and a bucket of chicken and were good. 13 hr 1
Martin Luther King Jr.'s last undelivered sermon: "Why America ... 13 hr 20
Per Capita Blacks commit 440% more crime thanWhites 13 hr 766
African American Forum is NEITHER AA nor a Forum 14 hr 52
African AE, states that Kurds are white? 14 hr 46
Rudy Giuliani's fall from America's Mayor 14 hr 51
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 14 hr 5,872
Why are blacks afraid of Mexicans? 14 hr 418
SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! Not if you're black. 14 hr 6
Blacks Built the Great Wall of China 16 hr 80
Black Peoples Mistrust of Banks Goes All The Way Back to the 1800s 16 hr 1
uh huh WW wearing AFROS now... 16 hr 192
why do white males love watching black on white porn if they hate bla... 16 hr 7
Ta-nehisi Coates Reparations debate 17 hr 19
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