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Frank, and NoMo....GITcho azzes in here and FACE me like a man 5 min 9
Finally Figured Out What Happened to the Economy: 8 min 14
My cave ape_____& knows when it's Banana Time 9 min 2
Nothing will make people stop hating BLACK MEN NOTHING! 9 min 153
Nice Try,....typical FAIL: 11 min 2
Hillary Clinton might be our next President! 12 min 240
How to catch a CAVE APE 13 min 89
America is just a country of self hating reject immagrants. 19 min 18
Barack Obama, our next President 19 min 1,129,402
Why do white women enjoy anal sex so much? 19 min 256
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 20 min 26,526
Solved! Ancient Egyptians were Black! 21 min 3
Do BLACK people REALLY HATE each other, OR is it just TOPIX??? 23 min 9
Ladies thread only BEAUTY SECRETS 25 min 77
White, Asian, and Latina women confess their love for black men 26 min 202
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 30 min 7,776
WHITE english woman only want BLACK MEN 38 min 465
Black guest stuns CNN anchor: Racism is - not a major problem' in thi... 52 min 768
If you want to avoid Black people 54 min 49
Somali women vs eithiopian women 54 min 8
Should We Biracials Be Recognized As A Seperate Race From The Blacks? 59 min 17
Black Women Begging White Men To Date And Marry Them 1 hr 38
Majority of White Women Don't Want Black Men 1 hr 196
Black Men Hate Black Women 1 hr 1,749
Why black males hate and fear white men 2 hr 523
Video: 10 hrs of AA Men Harassing 1 Woman: Video Cam 2 hr 315
Is APV sexually attractive? 2 hr 8
Many HISPANICS think they're WHITE 2 hr 283
The myth of the big black penis is ruining black women's IR prospects... 3 hr 262
Random thoughts... 3 hr 80,426
Run The Republicans are coming 3 hr 50
Michele Bachmann: Obama Won Because He's Black and America Felt Guilty 3 hr 355
The Lyin Hawaiian... 3 hr 13
Who holds Toxic's all time record for being banned? 3 hr 13
I can't take NoMo 3 hr 63
Dems won't be seen with Obama 3 hr 2
What has the Democratic party done for you? 3 hr 14
No Work, Lousey Schools: 4 hr 11
Blacks are burden on humanity 4 hr 6
17 yr old Black kid lynched for dating white woman 4 hr 543
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 4 hr 5,487
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 5 hr 25,923
Are black people really the real jews? 5 hr 296
Why are Hispanics usually ugly? 5 hr 494
Thomas Jefferson: The Face of a Rapist 5 hr 1,131
WW Refuses to Obey Quarantine-May Spread Virus ! 6 hr 35
are jewish people caucasian,eurasian or another ethnic race ? 6 hr 383
Interracial Relationship Will be The Death Of Us 6 hr 1
Typical White Denial: Reflections on Racism and Uncomfortable R... 7 hr 14
do black women find blond n blue eyed men sexually attractive? 7 hr 102
Crop Circles = Our DNA! Created by Sound Frequencies 7 hr 1
Obama's final mission in 'his' last election: Get out the African-Ame... 8 hr 2
Yes, there is room for black people in the new Detroit 8 hr 6
Proof of God's Existence in the Solar System! 8 hr 1
Big lips make people ugly in my opinion! 9 hr 572
I want My white wife to carry a black Mans baby. 9 hr 316
GodBody, I Require Amswers !!!!!! 9 hr 64
Why do White People like having Scat Sex? 10 hr 6
Smith: Remember What Coretta Scott King Thought About Amnesty 10 hr 12
Griot > NO grand jury leaks in Ferguson case 11 hr 6
WTF is this???? 11 hr 6
Questions about Eric Frein's Capture 11 hr 3
Are white people going extinct or is that just a myth or a hoax? 11 hr 1,228
House slave vs field slave vs yard slave 11 hr 24
Mike Tyson Mysteries TV show 11 hr 1
God loves you all, Black People! 12 hr 3
what has happened to the elderly AAs? Things are not good 12 hr 2
Fear Thy Black Male Neighbor 12 hr 1
Are Puerto Ricans white? 13 hr 5,975
Gang of white men rape black teen boy caught on tape 13 hr 5
How ya like me 'DOW'??? 13 hr 16
White people stop denying your sexual obsession 13 hr 7
Black Men Harassing IR Couples 13 hr 216
Why do adult womens vaginas look so gross and ugly? 13 hr 66
Why do Blacks hate biracial people? 13 hr 140
Why women choose the worst losers? 13 hr 29
White women don't want white guys's an epidemic people 13 hr 561
Hebrew Israelite 13 hr 95,888
A.F.A.M. acronym for......? 14 hr 15
It's 2014. Ever thought about wearing a belt? 14 hr 2
Why do black people like claiming that us Mexicans are on their side? 14 hr 2,194
FRENCH THREAD in AA Forum? 14 hr 3,817
Why do Blacks have to act so different? 14 hr 240
Black women dating Arab men 14 hr 1,714
Do you believe that Jews control the world? 14 hr 7
all bm should leave us bw alone! 15 hr 29
20000 Americans Convert To ISLAM Each Year 15 hr 740
africans talk about white disease epidemics worse than ebola 15 hr 1
Ny state blesses marriage between uncle and niece. 15 hr 11
Sister2Sister Magazine Files for Bankruptcy | News One 15 hr 2
Prison 16 hr 6
Al Sharpton Claps Back At Gilbert Arenas 16 hr 2
SEND "INTERRACIAL" and his werido type back to Jim Crow in a time mac... 16 hr 2
Blonde babes bow to Black kings 16 hr 14
What is it like living in NEW YORK? 17 hr 23
Wow, she's one of the prettiest women I've ever seen! 17 hr 6
Brady Paige: Yet Another Damaged Goods BBC Bytch 17 hr 37
WHY don't BLACKS WORK ??????? 17 hr 40
Arab men rarely marry black women 17 hr 2,497
Another black child molestor caught! 18 hr 30

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