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The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!!
3 min 946 comments
Barack Obama, our next President
3 min 1081605 comments
AA female exposes how blacks are treated in Amerikkka
3 min 6 comments
NO Predominantly white city has.....
4 min 8 comments
Israel Attacks Gaza: Horrifying, Criminal, Historic
4 min 252 comments
Random thoughts...
5 min 78290 comments
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not
6 min 2415 comments
Unreported crimes against blacks in Amerikkka
8 min 15 comments
Cops Kills BM With ChokeHold For Nothing.
9 min 590 comments
I Love White Police Officers!!!!!!!!
10 min 65 comments
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world?
12 min 1388 comments
Hebrew Israelite
12 min 94474 comments
i have no money for food
13 min 3 comments
Shocking: Republican suggests labor camps for Immigrantion Children!
15 min 5 comments
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!!
16 min 4886 comments
.........Weapons and mass shootings & Race
18 min 22 comments
homeland security prepares a race war
20 min 26 comments
Paris Hilton is a RACIST. She "hates" black men
23 min 115 comments
What have black people contributed to the world? (Besides music)
25 min 182 comments
'Acting white' and being black?
26 min 5 comments
Another BM with a HOT WW Wife__-----------
26 min 248 comments
Which race is Physically the strongest?
28 min 408 comments
Nothing is more important than Black Love
31 min 14 comments
mark luther king was a black race sellout
36 min 12 comments
Black dhs agent exposes Jews plans against blacks
37 min 5 comments
If everything was taken away from a slave, then why.........
45 min 7 comments
Behold the Future!
45 min 103 comments
i need help from any whites.
47 min 3 comments
72 year old human male shoots 14 year old black male LOL
49 min 4 comments
Blacks Need White Partners
51 min 8 comments
Why are white men jealous of black men?
53 min 757 comments
The burden of dating a "Black Man"
59 min 10 comments
BESTIALITY .... In h3ll animals will bang ya for eternity.
1 hr 5 comments
If any AA speaks/acts intelligently.....
1 hr 202 comments
Gene therapy will turn white people into black people
1 hr 20 comments
Why are "some" white people always bringing up slavery?
1 hr 3 comments
Time to end race mixing now! White and Black should be separate...
1 hr 465 comments
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
1 hr 29 comments
We Love White Men and White Women!
1 hr 3 comments
What music are you listening to right now?
1 hr 32368 comments
HANNIBAL BARCA: A caucasian Phoenician leader from Carthage?
1 hr 165 comments
BREAKING NEWS...New discovery of European family tree.
1 hr 3 comments
Gentiles = white people. Definition = savage, heathen
1 hr 1 comments
Why do good looking black women like white men so much?
1 hr 6209 comments
Toxic's racists have extreme delusions of grandeur
1 hr 2 comments
Blacks Destroy Whites In Racial Debates
1 hr 276 comments
The White Racist Police Officer Who Killed Eric Garner
2 hr 28 comments
impeachment talks heating up
2 hr 8 comments
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists?
2 hr 9517 comments
are indians black?
2 hr 140 comments
Take It From A WW, Why Big WW Love BM
2 hr 101 comments
KKK Endorsement
2 hr 90 comments
Do Black men like Asian girls?
2 hr 445 comments
Juneteenth - " celebrating the end of slavery
2 hr 749 comments
Black woman bought Crab Legs with Foodstamp card
2 hr 67 comments
To Those Who Think Trayvon Martin Was Harmless!
3 hr 29 comments
Whites are loved universally
3 hr 32 comments
Ciara and Future BROKE UP
3 hr 23 comments
Black men need to DUMP BLACK WOMEN.
3 hr 19331 comments
For the Millionth Time: Black People Cannot Be Racist!!!!!!!!
3 hr 209 comments
Computer Issues
4 hr 134 comments
Are the Tutsis of Rwanda originally from Somalia?
4 hr 1162 comments
Most smartest post posted on Topix ever
4 hr 22 comments
Black men: You are Losing your black women to white men! Hahahahaha!!...
4 hr 474 comments
What color was the first man on earth?
4 hr 763 comments
WM Domestic Terrorist, Bill Ayers
5 hr 1 comments
The White Man Is The Devil
5 hr 21 comments
Latino Men are Sexier than black men.
5 hr 441 comments
Why do white women enjoy anal sex so much?
5 hr 184 comments
Why do American Blacks think they're Egyptians?
5 hr 2340 comments
About foreign born blacks. ----------
5 hr 550 comments
So Good to Be A BLack Man
6 hr 39 comments
black men latina women are no good they hate black men as well.
6 hr 266 comments
Europeans believe the Bible. Why racist tell AA's it is fiction
6 hr 2 comments
Do black women like Irish men?
6 hr 191 comments
White Men And Latino Men Are So Ugly
6 hr 174 comments
Whites Are A Race Of Demons
6 hr 293 comments
White women dream of sex with Black men
7 hr 26 comments
Muslim: Code Word for Black?
7 hr 4 comments
White men are ugly
7 hr 45 comments
Whites and IRBW Please Explain THIS...
7 hr 16 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
7 hr 23973 comments
why are all black males criminals?
7 hr 3 comments
3-year-old critically wounded in Chicago shooting
7 hr 3 comments
Former star in hot water after death threat audio tape surfaces, repo...
7 hr 1 comments
White Women Are Gods
7 hr 3 comments
Why are Dominicans so stupid?
8 hr 29 comments
Proof!!! White People Are A Race Of Devils
8 hr 82 comments
Melanin-Your Blackness Is A Blessing Not A Curse
8 hr 343 comments
How Slavery Led To Modern Day Capitalism
8 hr 6 comments
Rejects of main stream white America begging for attention
8 hr 6 comments
Why So many Children Go Missing without a trace--MC'donalds exposed!
8 hr 2 comments
Why do black people commit SO MUCH crime?
8 hr 752 comments
The Last Trick Of The Devil: Interracial Mixing
8 hr 793 comments
Movie Game
8 hr 9409 comments
best city from single black men
8 hr 45 comments
Traitorous BW Sherrif Deputy Has Sex With White Supremacist-IR Sell Out
8 hr 3215 comments
Whites are ugly hook nosed chimps
9 hr 6 comments
Does the Sun hate White People?
9 hr 338 comments
White people are all evil and they all go to hell for racism.
9 hr 34 comments

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