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Why do blacks move into white neighborhoods
1 min 26 comments
Barack Obama, our next President
1 min 1033543 comments
Most beautiful women of the zodiac
3 min 190 comments
Which race is Physically the strongest?
3 min 259 comments
Are white women attracted to black men?
3 min 111368 comments
when will the racism end!?
15 min 1 comments
If Adam Lanza was black what would white people say?
16 min 186 comments
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Was Jesus( Yeshua) an Ethiopian Jew?
23 min 216 comments
White people go postal when they learn the truth
25 min 1 comments
White Crime: Few Comments
27 min 1724 comments
Why most serial killers and pedophiles are WHITE MEN
28 min 153 comments
Golden Dawn leader warns Greek traitors
28 min 488 comments
Why didn't whites kill off Africans like they killed off Native Ameri...
29 min 26 comments
Latino Male Says AA Men Only Wimps in the World Who Bash Their Women ...
31 min 1403 comments
BM Only, About My Freaky White Princess!
34 min 50 comments
I have a sex addiction, but only with my husband.
46 min 6 comments
Why aren't half black-half East Indian considered Indian as much as b...
47 min 115 comments
Black African's Moors Ruled Europe 700 Years
51 min 2065 comments
Church Leaders Vow Political Backlash if Gay Marriage Passes
55 min 17539 comments
COMMENTARY: Should Pastor Apologize for Calling Black Women 'Hoes'?
1 hr 34 comments
Latin males who like black females
1 hr 30 comments
Hebrew Israelite
1 hr 88558 comments
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals)
1 hr 1395 comments
White Backlash: Whose Next
1 hr 150 comments
I Feel Sorry For Pro-Black Black Women
1 hr 384 comments
Africa with China ep. 5 | Building an Army
1 hr 15 comments
Black Joke of the Day
1 hr 1 comments
BM: Legacy of Living off Women!
2 hr 18 comments
Do Rappers Hate Black Women? Afro Glitz Magazine
2 hr 293 comments
Random thoughts...
2 hr 67743 comments
Why do white people make out with their dogs?
2 hr 10 comments
Are whitegirls attracted to blackguys??
2 hr 14 comments
All white men should marry black women Why?
2 hr 3 comments
Obama Ties LBJ's Civil Rights Legacy to LGBT Americans
2 hr 1 comments
Black men; Please stop hitting on us white girls!
3 hr 945 comments
is toni braxton black?
3 hr 123 comments
Black Men with atleast $100,000 income, marry black women 83% of the ...
3 hr 48 comments
Black women Asian men Unite?
4 hr 59 comments
The History of How Africa Civilized Europe
4 hr 14 comments
Mexican immigrants doing better than Blacks.
4 hr 29 comments
Do Black men like Asian girls?
4 hr 418 comments
It's Time For Blacks To Leave Ametica
4 hr 33 comments
Obama healthcare mandates all Americans have a chip implant
5 hr 4 comments
Brothers who sniff their sisters panties
5 hr 60 comments
A Rising GOP Star In Oklahoma Aims For The U.S. Senate
6 hr 50 comments
Blacks are Dumb, Inferior, Un evolved!
6 hr 50 comments
Why are men so horny early in the morning?
6 hr 125 comments
Post photos of people you find attractive such as models, actors, mu...
6 hr 2810 comments
Median income for Black families is $20 thousand a year less
6 hr 22 comments
Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis, jumps off building, but survives
7 hr 19 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
8 hr 22653 comments
white children see blacks as evil and ugly
8 hr 259 comments
Another white pedophile hollywood director
8 hr 4 comments
White men are superior to black men in every way
9 hr 104 comments
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are BLACK
9 hr 2341 comments
9 hr 233 comments
Polynesian guy speaks his mind about blacks.
9 hr 632 comments
What song is stuck in your head at the moment?
10 hr 10 comments
Michigan unveils steps to boost black enrollment
10 hr 10 comments
Why are African, & African Caribbean Women jealous of African-America...
11 hr 2900 comments
Paul McCartney's yesterday
11 hr 1 comments
Minneapolis Public Schools aims for new level of Black student...
11 hr 1 comments
Why are Black women-------looking up to Marilyn Monroe
11 hr 2 comments
BLACK Couples
12 hr 97 comments
Why is it Black Males seem to femininze White boys
12 hr 70 comments
Black men not to the Japanese women's taste?
12 hr 588 comments
Sky Ferreira Hits Back at Racism Claims Over 'I Blame Myself' Video
12 hr 8 comments
Why Are African Men So Controlling?
12 hr 17 comments
The Civil War Is Over: Let The Battle Flag Be
12 hr 4025 comments
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not
13 hr 1604 comments
are indians black?
13 hr 77 comments
Hookers say "Sorry no black men" I think that's funny
13 hr 196 comments
The Simian Cave Beast News Service #5
13 hr 18 comments
A single man is a better off man
13 hr 76 comments
Sign-------------this PETITION
13 hr 53 comments
Why do black people commit SO MUCH crime?
14 hr 710 comments
Why do white men need guns?
14 hr 16 comments
Somali and Eritrean Black Women Got The Whole Package!
14 hr 378 comments
To Black Americans: Notice Black Africans Are Pitting Us Against Each...
14 hr 3 comments
why do white people steal from other cultures
14 hr 973 comments
The CITY/Nation that bombed its own people.
14 hr 9 comments
A message for the haters
15 hr 110 comments
black women say " where is the closest sex shop"
16 hr 1 comments
why i hate white people
16 hr 16 comments
white women why does your hair shed like dogs???????
16 hr 4 comments
Which race of people is rude, rudest of all in USA ?
16 hr 9 comments
what do women love about Arab men?
17 hr 1895 comments
Just a word about BLACK
17 hr 2 comments
What's Going On With You Black Guys
17 hr 4 comments
Why are women physically useless after 35yr old
17 hr 156 comments
Do black men really have larger penises?
17 hr 893 comments
Race Relations in 50 Years
17 hr 12 comments
Why are Black people still such losers ?
17 hr 29 comments
Poverty is American, not racial, problem
17 hr 78 comments
Why are black people on this forum? Racist control your messages
18 hr 2 comments
Indian c0ck is simply too tiny
18 hr 20 comments
White 'Devil Baby' Scares Blacks in NYC
18 hr 3 comments
18 hr 3 comments
I Donít Want to be Black Anymore!!
19 hr 25 comments
Books U Should Read (black people only)
19 hr 1128 comments
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African-American Posts 1 to 100 of 191920

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