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What's your favorite movie of 2014?
entertainment 160
What's your favorite dessert?
food 34
Who do you side with in Ferguson?
ferguson 2,378
2014 Emmy Awards Discussion
entertainment 160
African-American Discussions 1 to 100 of 198,018
I don't want to marry a BLACK MAN 3 min 3,595
Black American men and African women 5 min 1,977
Barack Obama, our next President 11 min 1,102,071
AA BM Should Really Go Back To Africa and Here's Why 14 min 204
African American dies fighting for ISIS 19 min 76
All of this Racism Must Stop 22 min 112
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 31 min 5,129
Was Jesus or Mohammed black ? 40 min 22
There's A War On The Black Male 43 min 638
Why the hell are blacks listening to classical music? 45 min 7
This forum used to have hign numbers in Topics. What happened? 46 min 4
Why do Blacks commit hate crimes against Asians 50 min 29
NBC: Obama Approval at All-Time Low 57 min 20
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 58 min 5,057
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 1 hr 25,169
What is it that "RACIST" White People Hope to Accomplish? 1 hr 114
I bet all blacks on topix have been arrested at least once 1 hr 2
Topix and HTML Tags 1 hr 10
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 1 hr 24,289
Are blacks the ugliest race? 1 hr 146
As Predicted: Drones Now Being Used to Kill Africans 1 hr 27
And we have a winner 1 hr 13
Most IRBW Quality As A Hate Group, Did Y'all Know That??? 1 hr 3
What music are you listening to right now? 1 hr 32,590
Behold the Future Redux! 2 hr 2
Kim Kardashian and Northwest cuter than Blue Ivy? 2 hr 24
RACIST ASIANS Hate black people! Wake up! 2 hr 143
Black people don't tip 2 hr 389
do black guys think white guy are gay for enjoying interracial porn? 2 hr 1
Smith: Remember What Coretta Scott King Thought About Amnesty 2 hr 3
Black guest stuns CNN anchor: Racism is - not a major problem' in thi... 2 hr 145
What animal do you fear the most? 2 hr 20
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 2 hr 1,954
BLACK WOMAN gives birth to WHITE BABY 2 hr 24
ISIS Training Looks Tempting: Would The Brothers Join It For The Trai... 2 hr 26
Been having some crazy kinky dreams 2 hr 80
do you consider mariah carey a white woman? 3 hr 230
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!! 3 hr 1,193
Are Black American Women willing to wear A BLACK AFRO WIG? 3 hr 28
9-11 photo of "bomber." Bush & and Cheny Not Shown 3 hr 1
America Already Said Black Boys Are More Accepted Than Black Girls.... 3 hr 2
Nat'l Day of Rage. Locate Your City and Meeting Place. Attend 3 hr 1
The truth behind Taylor Swift's racist video 3 hr 2
USA vs. UK Racism. Which Is Worse? 3 hr 287
Ebola has now reached the U.S 3 hr 2
Michael Brown .. STRONG ARM ROBBERY ??? 4 hr 2,402
BM: Ignore The Marriage Propoganda! 4 hr 33
Lol.. WW Has 8 Mix Kids wants MORE!! 4 hr 367
The Official 2014/2015 NFL Season Thread 4 hr 81
Why do good looking black women like white men so much? 4 hr 6,294
Who is NoMo and Maceo? 4 hr 1
Latina women hating on black women. 4 hr 4,784
Fox News Makes An Ass Of Itself (Once Again) 5 hr 10
Blacks in Britain 5 hr 16
Books U Should Read (black people only) 5 hr 1,188
Why do african americans hate africans??? 5 hr 226
do black woman like white guy with small penis? 5 hr 3
Are white women attracted to black men? 5 hr 120,542
Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen 5 hr 47
I think white boys are jealous of Black men 5 hr 785
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are BLACK 5 hr 3,315
Former Cop who raped BW gets support 5 hr 3
VENUS WILLIAMS'S MAN!!!!!!! whew :) 5 hr 2
Why are black men so ugly? 6 hr 37
Why do Blacks have to act so different? 7 hr 238
Why are AA still religous? 7 hr 49
The rise of Africa will be the rise of African People World-wide 7 hr 187
uk posters!!!!!!!!!! 8 hr 12
why can't black men physically fight like real men? 8 hr 217
Debate on race being a social construct 8 hr 5
Who looks better, Puerto Ricans or Mexicans? 8 hr 1,254
Hair relaxers/perm Sales Plummet, As Natural Hair Care Skyrockets!!! 8 hr 7
Stabbed to Death by a Black Male 8 hr 7
Half of African-Americans may need increased dose of HIV drug: simple... 9 hr 15
BW steal Watches and Hide them in Vagina's!!! LOL 9 hr 7
MMR Vaccine/Autism Revelation: Another "Tuskegee Experiment"? 9 hr 11
CeeLo's rape comments shock 9 hr 1
Random thoughts... 10 hr 80,470
Can't wait til my TANF comes 10 hr 2
Hebrew Israelite 11 hr 95,395
What is it about Latinas 11 hr 85
White Crime: Few Comments 12 hr 1,865
Why do black men molest and beat their own daughters? 12 hr 48
Black Man leaves nine kids to fight and die for ISIS 12 hr 13
Mitt Romney: Another over rated White boy. 12 hr 948
Whatever Happened to Bappie? 12 hr 6
Run The Republicans are coming 12 hr 42
Proof: Blacks More Likely Than Whites to be Serial Killers 13 hr 3
Why Do BM Value Any Race of Woman Above BW? 13 hr 29
Black Men Made From The Same Substance as God 13 hr 22
Why can't most blacks swim? 13 hr 147
WHY does the SUN kill white people? 13 hr 280
What Do BM Think WW Love Them? 14 hr 95
Blacks 4 TIMES more Criminal than Whites >Proof> 14 hr 248
I cheated on my boyfriend with a White Man 14 hr 30
Why to mexican women love blackmen? 14 hr 52
are indians black? 14 hr 235
Why do white women love Indian men? 14 hr 2
S. Epatha Merkerson Challenges African Americans With Type 2 Diabetes 14 hr 4
New R&B /Pop Female artist next big thing? 14 hr 7

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