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Barack Obama, our next President 2 min 1,193,248
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 3 min 31,271
Hebrew Israelite 3 min 110,224
Jessie Washington Lynching 5 min 62
African AE, states that Kurds are white? 7 min 61
Was Jesus or Mohammed black ? 8 min 344
Italians are NOT White!!!! 12 min 5,385
Exposed: Jesus is not God but was a speaker for God 12 min 10
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 16 min 29,191
Why do good looking black women like white men so much? 20 min 6,491
Why do black people worship a white man as jesus? 25 min 32
I dont wants to be black no mo! 30 min 1
White Woman Marries A Dog 32 min 6
My fellow black people...Leave America. 36 min 124
After reading the Bible, would you consider God to be evil or good? B... 36 min 14
White Gays 43 min 3
Per Capita Blacks commit 440% more crime thanWhites 45 min 776
Dept. of Justice...Ferguson "routinely" violated rights of AA 47 min 51
Islam an empire of faith 48 min 4,670
Is Capree Out To Destroy BM or Just Telling The Truth? 54 min 312
White US children will be minorities by 2020 after immigrant 'baby boom 55 min 46
Blacks Are Biologically Superior To Whites 56 min 193
Majority of White Women Don't Want Black Men 56 min 278
Horrible economic news! Fewest working in 37 years! 1 hr 1
All women prefer white men 1 hr 2,673
unemployment down to 5.5%....Obama has rebuilt US economy! 1 hr 5
40 day repent... for lent. 1 hr 16
3 muslims killed execution style by 46 year old white "extremist athe... 1 hr 140
Who put the Chinese in black communities? 2 hr 56
Spotted Girl, prove to me that you're not an IRBW 2 hr 1
Why do all African women want a European husband? 2 hr 1
Interracial sex clubs, the new rage 2 hr 29
Why does Tiger Woods want white women? 2 hr 45
NIGERIA Actresses are MORE BEAUTIFUL Than Black American Actresses. (... 2 hr 67
The average black man is 5 - 5.5 inches, black guys are not big at all 2 hr 23
Sarah Palin: “We Abolished Slavery And Got Obama 3 hr 36
My son better never bring a white woman home, Racist family members. 3 hr 320
The forgotten history of HUMAN ZOOS deleted 3 hr 20
Fight against colorism in black community 3 hr 11
ABC “Family” Airs First-ever Homosexual Kiss Between 13-year-old Boys 3 hr 9
50 Years After Bloody Sunday, Voting Rights Are Under Attack 4 hr 1
Black women and their BUTTS!!!! 4 hr 38
NAACP Blasts Plan For High Schools For Immigrants 4 hr 21
tamil language is cameroonian!! 4 hr 6
Why are REJECTS still here and blks are gone. 4 hr 4
The black American Church is a cesspool of hoes. 4 hr 4
Africa DO NOT Need you Black Americans. (from mekushe) 4 hr 111
african americans DID NOT build america, get this through your thick ... 5 hr 126
I’m Afraid Blacks will take over the world 5 hr 15
Latino Men/Black Women 5 hr 3,761
Why don't Blacks own guns like so many Whites? 5 hr 55
I'm EXTREMELY racist, but love my Black wife 5 hr 163
Pastor David Manning 5 hr 4
How do you feel about black women with white men (BWWM)? 7 hr 18
Join the brother hood illuminate in RIVERS,for money and fame cal:_08... 8 hr 1
Join the brother hood illuminate in SOKOTO,for money and fame cal:_08... 8 hr 1
Join the brother hood illuminate in TARABA,for money and fame cal:_08... 8 hr 1
Join the brother hood illuminate in YOBE,for money and fame cal:_0816... 8 hr 1
White women are flocking to Goa, India for sex 8 hr 7
WHY do white people let their dogs lick them in the mouth? 9 hr 30
Power Bottoms 9 hr 3
Old Gray Black Men are Disgusting Looking! 10 hr 2
Why do MOST BW say, I"m not taking care of no Old BM"? 10 hr 1
How to join Illuminati in BORNO state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166... 10 hr 1
How to join Illuminati in BENUE state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166... 10 hr 1
How to join Illuminati in BAYELSA state, For Money And Fame Call:_081... 10 hr 1
Berbers are not eurasian 10 hr 100
How to join Illuminati in BAUCHI state, For Money And Fame Call:_0816... 10 hr 1
Illuminati in ANAMBRA state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166235610 10 hr 1
Illuminati in AKWA IBOM state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166235610 10 hr 1
Illuminati in ADAMAWA state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166235610 10 hr 1
Why is Egypt Called the Land of Ham? 11 hr 28
About foreign born blacks. ---------- 12 hr 748
How do racist win a debate? DELETE YOUR RESPONSE 12 hr 1
Are blk people ignoring your post? No, topix hides your post. 12 hr 1
Black and white women please read.. 12 hr 48
Why is every thread exposing BIG KNOB deleted? 12 hr 2
OLDEST MARRIED COUPLE 82 years together. 12 hr 3
white comeduans are much funnier than blacks. 13 hr 6
Big Knob is a TROLL and here is the proof 13 hr 2
Average BM wants to "PREY ON & LIVE OFF WOMEN"! 13 hr 3
Does a Small Penis in BM mean a Small Brain? 13 hr 6
Repeating the same lie. Cognitive Programming 13 hr 4
RACISTS = AAW have no good sons, brothers and fathers 13 hr 4
ferguson 13 hr 12
People Should stop mixing 13 hr 27
Whine + Cry babies = Social Inhibitions or Dehumanizing AA's 14 hr 4
Who's the funniest poster on Topix AFAM? 15 hr 217
Mekushe. is, "does not and not do not" 15 hr 1
Why Are Black Men So Delusional? 15 hr 129
Eritreans are NOT BLACK! 15 hr 782
What unusual features would you like to see on a woman? 16 hr 4
Why don't African Americans speak out against their bigots? 16 hr 6
Hide yo kids V2 17 hr 4
‘Lost Boys Of Sudan' In Georgia Sue Producers Of Hollywood Film 17 hr 1
I need d!k tonight, an Brother out there can help? 17 hr 0
Black Men Are Superior To White Get Over It Already 17 hr 336
Selina London Appreciation Thread 18 hr 47
Capree you NEED to get a life 18 hr 11
Capree is a whiteboy!!! 18 hr 37
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