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Which Fall TV Shows Are You Most Excited About?
Fall TV 2
What role do you think humans play in global warming?
Environment 1,100
African-American Discussions 1 to 100 of 199,067
Jewish women crazy for african american men 6 min 174
Barack Obama, our next President 6 min 1,115,042
White woman gets injured trying to take 2 black corks in her VJ 7 min 16
a message to black american from a jewish man 13 min 8
Ebola case in Texas 14 min 2
Just Saw On CNN Of A Possible Ebola Case In Dallas Texas 15 min 2
Whites bringing Ebola to USA 16 min 3
What if black students boycott all schools for Mike Brown 17 min 72
Historic Victory for Voting Rights in Ohio 18 min 17
Mugabe says whites need to go back to England lol. 21 min 159
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 27 min 25,895
Cop Shoots BM 4 Reaching 4 License, Why R Cops So Leery Of BM? 31 min 279
Why Isn't FoxNew Covering the Global Citizens Festival? 34 min 129
Why Do BM Value Any Race of Woman Above BW? 44 min 200
Interracial film "Addicted"! SMDH! 48 min 42
white and latino men are better in bed than black men 1 hr 32
Why black women don't give oral sex? 1 hr 971
Advice for Indian men: Keep your sisters away from black men 1 hr 173
small cock white male only good for 1 hr 17
How Do You View White Latinos and Hispanics in general? 1 hr 879
There's A War On The Black Male 1 hr 715
Real evidence that ebola and aids is man made 1 hr 11
"No Good Deed" First BM Psychopath! 1 hr 15
BW pulled over with baby in trunk 1 hr 1
Black Men Harassing IR Couples 1 hr 194
White men make up 95% of all cuckolds 1 hr 35
Why are nigerian women so beautiful 1 hr 12
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 2 hr 2,214
Biracial people are in denial... 2 hr 95
Why are Black women required to feminize Black men to attract white men? 2 hr 11
Russia is Africa's biggest supporter of all of history 2 hr 10
White Power is finally ending, Blacks will rightfully regin the world... 2 hr 947
Is Kevin Hart white folk's new pet Negro? 2 hr 13
Blacks commit nearly 100% of the crime !!!!!!!!! 2 hr 21
Blacks 4 TIMES more Criminal than Whites >Proof> 2 hr 272
BM smells 3 hr 38
Most of our ancestors didnt come on slaveships? 3 hr 1,191
Black guest stuns CNN anchor: Racism is - not a major problem' in thi... 3 hr 499
Why don't black americans and africans usually date/marry? 3 hr 1,174
The big hero of Africa and a moment of honor 3 hr 21
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 3 hr 25,036
Obama Says the Economy Thriving, What Do You Think? 4 hr 1
Latino Men are Sexier than black men. 4 hr 525
'Gone With the Wind' at 75: Celebration, censure 4 hr 44
Why are Blacks called "African" Americans? 4 hr 11
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 4 hr 5,382
The Great Big Holy Putdown!!!. 4 hr 1
Why do white boys always compare themselves us black men? 4 hr 2
Are white women attracted to black men? 5 hr 121,310
youtube : mob attack 5 hr 2
Why do some Afghans look more European than some Italians? 5 hr 32
Do you think that Carmen Callaway is hot? 5 hr 0
why do black men get the hottest white women? 5 hr 30
Dummy of the day! 5 hr 6
Why are black males such pitiful crybabies? 6 hr 13
Another white man beheaded by IsIs 6 hr 400
American system leads AAs to a failure 6 hr 14
Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac 6 hr 87
Russia give flowers and gifts to micheal brown's image 6 hr 2
RACE MIXING - A Secret Plot To Increase The White Population. (PICS) 6 hr 31
93% of all blacks have criminal records. 7 hr 19
Ferguson Cops Handled the Blacks all Wrong 7 hr 1
Black animal molests child 7 hr 19
Island BM Prostitutes for Old Elderly White Women! lmao 7 hr 4
blacks people are scared of white people. 8 hr 26
Harrisson,Savant,Kip= progressive white men ? 8 hr 112
update Soon Atlanta will be affected with ebola 8 hr 15
why are white men better than black men? 8 hr 461
wm found guilty in SA for trying to kill blacks with bio weapons 8 hr 5
African Americans are not black!!!! 8 hr 646
The Real Reason Black Americans are more Attractive than Africans 8 hr 17,903
My Beautiful Chocolate Sister dating a White Boy and I HATE IT. 8 hr 51
Update on white male hatred for females plus 3 9 hr 3
Brothers, would you Date A Black Woman Dating White men? 9 hr 395
Hebrew Israelite 9 hr 95,582
For Black Women Only 9 hr 12
Paul Mooney Jesus Is Black 9 hr 5
Muslim player penalized by NFL for praying: 9 hr 1
QalMart Cop Lied: According to Video 9 hr 4
How To Get To Heaven When You Die 10 hr 13
Who has the best skin color? Whites, Blacks, Asian or Latinos?? 10 hr 201
Charleston conference to discuss need for more black tourism in South... 10 hr 2
Black gets wrongfully sentenced to death 10 hr 4
Black student accused of raping school teacher 11 hr 8
why do african americans hate africans 11 hr 11,066
Why do women in general prefer Dark Skin Black men Over Light Skin Bl... 11 hr 1,483
Biracial women are beautiful and fake black women envy them. 12 hr 43
Why do blacks hate white people so much? 12 hr 8
Interracial Relationships?... 12 hr 13
The race with the most beautiful women 12 hr 699
Black men prefer Latina women. Always have, always will. 14 hr 446
Why don't black men like Asian women? 14 hr 304
White men are too ugly and wimpy for white women 14 hr 1
Are East Indians Black? 15 hr 726
were u raised to hate whites ?? 15 hr 25
Post photos of people you find attractive such as models, actors, mu... 15 hr 3,190
Are black people the most creative people on earth 15 hr 4
jonah falcon and paul horner 15 hr 20
Melissa....It's Something About You I Gotta Question 15 hr 54

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