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Proof East Indian Women Don't Want BM 5 min 27
What music are you listening to right now? 10 min 32,794
Who destroyed the Black Woman? 24 min 206
Hebrew Israelite 25 min 95,797
Why i do not like white men? 26 min 15
Random thoughts... 27 min 80,417
Im a white women Why am I addicted to Black men? 27 min 60
Here I am still standing 29 min 27
Blonde babes bow to Black kings 31 min 3
87% of white teenage babes have had sex with black men 32 min 40
How can I get Blacks to stop talking to me 36 min 88
Drugsaredumb, pullo debbo mido yidi ma 37 min 1
Lenny Kravitz's American Woman (white woman) 38 min 25
King Mansa Musa of Ancient Mali Empire.(the world richest man in hist... 41 min 7
Sassyntrashy said slavery was not all that bad. 43 min 104
Barack Obama, our next President 45 min 1,126,130
Ferguson evidence starting to harm black community 54 min 2
..................Mike Brown GRABBED that GUN 56 min 9
****Moors not Black African**** 1 hr 1,602
17 yr old Black kid lynched for dating white woman 1 hr 224
Are black men jealous of Asian men? 1 hr 49
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 1 hr 7,455
Why do black people hate each other so much? 1 hr 74
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 1 hr 26,271
Word Game 1 hr 11,598
Black people smart is different from white people smart round 2 1 hr 17
Do white girls know how to stay out of the hood? 1 hr 3
I want to dress like Negro, Whats latest fashion 1 hr 8
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 2 hr 25,591
How do white people feel about half black people 2 hr 44
Is ISIS racist? 2 hr 37
ALLAH Hates Divorce! 2 hr 11
All this data showing black men are undesirable 2 hr 20
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals) 2 hr 2,076
GodBody, I Require Amswers !!!!!! 2 hr 64
Ferguson protesters march inside St. Louis County Police Department 2 hr 26
Why does beyonce try SO HARD to look like a white woman? 2 hr 532
Study links Racism to LOW IQ!!!LOLOLOLOL 2 hr 14
The myth of the big black penis is ruining black women's IR prospects... 2 hr 212
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 3 hr 5,467
Why do WM have all the women, power, prestige, wealth, and intelligence? 3 hr 18
White, Asian, and Latina women confess their love for black men 3 hr 127
Prez BUSH's Dirty SECRET 3 hr 30
Police brutality on black males must stop or we fight 4 hr 3
Russians attacks white supremacy and degrade white Europeans 4 hr 7
Kill The Messenger: The CIA, Crack & Black America 4 hr 1
BM only get big fat WW and Harrisson is not black 4 hr 5
TO ALL BLACK WOMEN: The truth is... 4 hr 156
Do you need further evidence that white people are devils 4 hr 19
Autopsy. Michael Brown was shot in hand 4 hr 5
What is God to you? 4 hr 9
Why don't Indian women use deodorant 5 hr 16
What young Chinese people think of black people 5 hr 7
Question of the day........... 5 hr 4
Film that shows U.S gov testing bio weapons on Americans 5 hr 6
Whites are helping isis destroy themselves and cause more wars around... 5 hr 8
Russia & China make deal to free the world of nuclear weapons 5 hr 3
Chinese VS white Europeans get your copy today 5 hr 5
Proof naturally whites can get Ebola eassier than blacks can 5 hr 6
Britain citizens themselves even hates white power 5 hr 7
Adrian Peterson should be arrested 5 hr 4
Atlanta Black Star is the greatest website 6 hr 6
black woman say sex with black men is boring 6 hr 19
Black people will only go back to Africa on these conditions 6 hr 14
OMG I Hate White Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 hr 48
Gov't Approves Reperations For Southern Whites Who's Ancestors Owned ... 6 hr 20
Barack Obama Represent the Mind Of Every African In America 6 hr 19
Please check out my video on quadroons 7 hr 7
The Official 2014/2015 NFL Season Thread 7 hr 172
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 7 hr 2,286
Record number of black candidates seeking office 7 hr 28
Shit, Baby.... 7 hr 1
White poverty exists, ignored 7 hr 18
On HBCUs, White House Moves From Disregard to Dismantling 7 hr 3
All Black Men Want A Light Skin Girl!!!!!!! 8 hr 2,599
'White boy' Biden calls tea party 'crazy' 8 hr 212
why do all latinas prefer white men than blacks? 8 hr 33
Amber Joy Vinson to ue CDC 8 hr 2
Why do African Americans hate Africans? 8 hr 68
72% of black mothers are single. Can't blame black men.. 8 hr 291
why do ARABS & ASIANS wish they were caucasian? 8 hr 79
Are you a women of God?? 8 hr 14
Oh Phaggy got spies @ proxy locations 9 hr 3
native americans wants white people to go back to europe (live on video) 9 hr 74
The 911 They dont want you to know 9 hr 26
White Crime: Few Comments 9 hr 1,935
Run The Republicans are coming 9 hr 54
Must see! Caught on tape interracial couple racist traffic stop 9 hr 769
I don't like Black people they're dirty, mean, and dishonest 9 hr 43
34 million blank IDs printed up->Obama 9 hr 3
Interracial Cuckold....Sickening! Are You Ashamed? 10 hr 565
Italians are NOT White!!!! 10 hr 5,131
Weak, corrupt false Jews getting desperate 10 hr 1
Black Women dating Indian Men: Experiences 11 hr 335
Why do Nigerian men target American women to cheat and to harm? 11 hr 86
Once again: White Pumpkin Rioters 11 hr 5
Since the minute the Civil War ended, Texas has been suppressing the ... 11 hr 3
Another angry, spurned black man murders white woman 11 hr 5
Interracial sex clubs, the new rage 11 hr 28
Why are so many black men turning Gay? 11 hr 727

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