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Barack Obama, our next President
4 min 1036866 comments
Just in! Lupita Nyong'o Name Most Beautiful!
4 min 84 comments
Black Women Taking Well-Endowed White Men
7 min 4 comments
why are so many threads in the AFAM so nasty?!
7 min 3 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
12 min 22731 comments
Black women shouldn't date pink skin americans
12 min 12 comments
Are white women attracted to black men?
15 min 112944 comments
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The racist idea of a relationship is "materialism" or "endowed"
17 min 1 comments
Hebrew Israelite
23 min 89049 comments
Blacks don't take this forum serious. Racist are dead serious
29 min 20 comments
Blacks have no rich history
30 min 2 comments
An Act of God... or Racism?
30 min 1 comments
The Spotted Place
32 min 106 comments
I Feel Sorry For Pro-Black Black Women
33 min 499 comments
Should white people be enslaved?
33 min 102 comments
What should Africa do?
40 min 27 comments
42 min 242 comments
Is black unity between africans, african americans and black caribbea...
58 min 5483 comments
Robert Mugabe on Obama and African Americans
1 hr 92 comments
RIP James Earl Ray
1 hr 8 comments
Ladies, Size of the Boat or Motion of the Ocean???
1 hr 81 comments
Proof!!! White People Are A Race Of Devils
2 hr 15 comments
Forget It Black Women, You'll Never get Married
2 hr 386 comments
Why wasnt capree in Boston when the bombs went off?
2 hr 4 comments
Stunning African Actress Lupita Nyong'o is dating Jared Leto
2 hr 23 comments
People who use Fake Pix
2 hr 117 comments
Lupita Nyong'o Looks Like Starvin Marvin From South Park
2 hr 6 comments
Free Streaming Of African TV channels!!
2 hr 14 comments
Black men not to the Japanese women's taste?
3 hr 611 comments
White women stink like feces! Yuck!!!!
3 hr 7 comments
CIA and NSA paid TROLLS are Here; READ!!!
3 hr 97 comments
Reasons why periods suck
3 hr 8 comments
77 Year old BW: The oldest Body Builder in the world!
3 hr 20 comments
African People: Black Americans DO NOT Claim You As One Of Our Own
3 hr 238 comments
Whites Are A Race Of Demons
5 hr 95 comments
Why are Indian women so freaking UGLY
5 hr 34 comments
All White people should be slaves to Blacks
5 hr 9 comments
Who is the least desired Black men or Asian men?
5 hr 105 comments
"Finding My Obama" - Are Black Women Unrealistic
5 hr 8 comments
Black women with black spots on legs
6 hr 44 comments
Poverty is American, not racial, problem
6 hr 161 comments
Help Me Out.....
6 hr 2 comments
Why are so many black men turning Gay?
7 hr 693 comments
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not
7 hr 1613 comments
Black Boys Rock…Suits & Ties!
7 hr 6 comments
‘Sizzurp’ cough syrup reportedly popular with celebrities: PULLED
7 hr 8 comments
Fake News Article Game
7 hr 21 comments
Trayvon Martin Rap Video
7 hr 2 comments
Russell Wilson divorcing White Wife
7 hr 15 comments
7 hr 8 comments
Earth To Black Women: Dating a Non Black Man is Not a Science Project
7 hr 51 comments
The CITY/Nation that bombed its own people.
7 hr 18 comments
Why do women in general prefer Dark Skin Black men Over Light Skin Bl...
7 hr 1416 comments
Black/African actors need to get smart!
8 hr 10 comments
Cuba Gooding Jr's wife files for divorce after 20 years of marriage
8 hr 45 comments
Church Leaders Vow Political Backlash if Gay Marriage Passes
8 hr 17567 comments
BM killed BW at Mall-She kept turning down dates!
8 hr 2 comments
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals)
8 hr 1432 comments
Black Ex UFC Fighter Charged With 1st Degree Murder
8 hr 2 comments
White women belong with black men.
9 hr 1382 comments
Asian Women Don't Hate Black Men But!
9 hr 2052 comments
yahoo answers..will wm date a ww if shhe dated a bm?
9 hr 12 comments
KKK Endorsement
9 hr 85 comments
White women worship the Digger Nick
9 hr 2 comments
Why are black men sexier than Indian men?
9 hr 2 comments
Black Men with atleast $100,000 income, marry black women 83% of the ...
9 hr 108 comments
Tips on getting a white girl
9 hr 44 comments
Black people don't tip
10 hr 374 comments
Affirmative action ruling jeopardizes Michigan's progress against ine...
10 hr 3 comments
Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Kills Over 140, UN Agency Says
10 hr 10 comments
Major Detroit employer finds success in new approach to diversity
10 hr 1 comments
Would you date a big/fat/overweight person!
10 hr 4 comments
Latino men are MADE for Black Women!
10 hr 649 comments
Why everyone on topix are all imbeciles
10 hr 15 comments
There is no logical reason for whites to hate blacks
10 hr 8 comments
Trayvon Martin
11 hr 2 comments
Trayvon Martin - Dead or in Cuba like Tupac?
11 hr 0 comments
Why do more black people follow Islam than White people?
11 hr 3 comments
islam beyond black and white
11 hr 3 comments
Black women love Indian men
11 hr 4 comments
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists?
11 hr 8773 comments
melanin=(c) carbon 666
12 hr 107 comments
Are black women wife material .....
12 hr 783 comments
Even 'CASPER' Was Seen.
12 hr 2 comments
Racist trolls have failed in life and seek to be noticed
12 hr 13 comments
Why are blacks so much stronger, physically better built than whites?
12 hr 477 comments
White ladies love it big, black and thick
13 hr 3 comments
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are BLACK
13 hr 2595 comments
Latino Male Says AA Men Only Wimps in the World Who Bash Their Women ...
13 hr 1644 comments
Getting a traffic ticket because you are black
13 hr 13 comments
This is what happens when "young AA" ignore "old AA". MISINFORMATION
13 hr 4 comments
MSNBC wonders: Christian love for Jesus is kind of homoerotic, huh?
13 hr 18 comments
Black men need to DUMP BLACK WOMEN.
13 hr 19464 comments
do not reject the new testament
14 hr 2 comments
What are some of the pros and cons of dating an African man?
14 hr 4 comments
Why are men so horny early in the morning?
14 hr 126 comments
A single man is a better off man
14 hr 85 comments
Warning, black people living in LaLa land
14 hr 1 comments
Michelle: "Queen of Mean."
14 hr 12 comments
Wilmington on Fire A massacre kept secret for over 100 years.
14 hr 15 comments
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