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Black women and their BUTTS!!!! 4 min 36
Barack Obama, our next President 8 min 1,193,088
Who put the Chinese in black communities? 12 min 64
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 36 min 31,258
NAACP Blasts Plan For High Schools For Immigrants 41 min 20
How do you feel about black women with white men (BWWM)? 52 min 28
Join the brother hood illuminate in RIVERS,for money and fame cal:_08... 1 hr 1
Join the brother hood illuminate in SOKOTO,for money and fame cal:_08... 1 hr 1
Join the brother hood illuminate in TARABA,for money and fame cal:_08... 1 hr 1
Join the brother hood illuminate in YOBE,for money and fame cal:_0816... 1 hr 1
White women are flocking to Goa, India for sex 2 hr 7
Italians are NOT White!!!! 2 hr 5,381
WHY do white people let their dogs lick them in the mouth? 2 hr 30
White Woman Marries A Dog 2 hr 2
Hebrew Israelite 3 hr 110,175
Power Bottoms 3 hr 3
All women prefer white men 3 hr 2,686
White US children will be minorities by 2020 after immigrant 'baby boom 3 hr 43
African AE, states that Kurds are white? 3 hr 52
Why does Maceo go to Trans-Sexual site & Post Penis all the time? 3 hr 1
Black Males High Risk-Growing Stats of High Risk BM! 3 hr 1
Do Black Men Like White Trannies 3 hr 54
Old Gray Black Men are Disgusting Looking! 3 hr 4
Per Capita Blacks commit 440% more crime thanWhites 3 hr 775
Why do MOST BW say, I"m not taking care of no Old BM"? 3 hr 3
I’m Afraid Blacks will take over the world 3 hr 13
Sad, Inferior BM refuse to change their Pathetic Plight! 3 hr 1
Jessie Washington Lynching 3 hr 49
How to join Illuminati in BORNO state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166... 4 hr 1
How to join Illuminati in BENUE state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166... 4 hr 1
tamil language is cameroonian!! 4 hr 4
How to join Illuminati in BAYELSA state, For Money And Fame Call:_081... 4 hr 1
Berbers are not eurasian 4 hr 100
How to join Illuminati in BAUCHI state, For Money And Fame Call:_0816... 4 hr 1
About foreign born blacks. ---------- 4 hr 755
Fight against colorism in black community 4 hr 19
Illuminati in ANAMBRA state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166235610 4 hr 1
Illuminati in AKWA IBOM state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166235610 4 hr 1
Illuminati in ADAMAWA state, For Money And Fame Call:_08166235610 4 hr 1
Why are REJECTS still here and blks are gone. 4 hr 2
Pastor David Manning 4 hr 3
Why is Egypt Called the Land of Ham? 4 hr 28
Why does Sr Troll Maceo Patterson have 90% of AFAM profiles? 5 hr 2
Average BM wants to "PREY ON & LIVE OFF WOMEN"! 6 hr 10
How do racist win a debate? DELETE YOUR RESPONSE 6 hr 1
Are blk people ignoring your post? No, topix hides your post. 6 hr 1
Black and white women please read.. 6 hr 48
Why is every thread exposing BIG KNOB deleted? 6 hr 2
OLDEST MARRIED COUPLE 82 years together. 6 hr 3
Is Capree Out To Destroy BM or Just Telling The Truth? 6 hr 310
white comeduans are much funnier than blacks. 6 hr 6
Big Knob is a TROLL and here is the proof 6 hr 2
RACISTS = AAW have no good sons, brothers and fathers 6 hr 9
Sarah Palin: “We Abolished Slavery And Got Obama 6 hr 35
Does a Small Penis in BM mean a Small Brain? 7 hr 9
Repeating the same lie. Cognitive Programming 7 hr 4
ferguson 7 hr 13
People Should stop mixing 7 hr 27
Whine + Cry babies = Social Inhibitions or Dehumanizing AA's 7 hr 4
Maceo Patterson-A pathetic Old BW Internet Harasser! 7 hr 1
Latino Men/Black Women 8 hr 3,760
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 8 hr 29,187
Africa DO NOT Need you Black Americans. (from mekushe) 8 hr 111
Who's the funniest poster on Topix AFAM? 8 hr 217
Mekushe. is, "does not and not do not" 8 hr 1
ABC “Family” Airs First-ever Homosexual Kiss Between 13-year-old Boys 9 hr 8
40 day repent... for lent. 9 hr 11
Why Are Black Men So Delusional? 9 hr 129
Eritreans are NOT BLACK! 9 hr 782
Dept. of Justice...Ferguson "routinely" violated rights of AA 9 hr 46
What unusual features would you like to see on a woman? 9 hr 4
Why do good looking black women like white men so much? 9 hr 6,483
‘Lost Boys Of Sudan' In Georgia Sue Producers Of Hollywood Film 10 hr 2
Why don't African Americans speak out against their bigots? 10 hr 6
Hide yo kids V2 10 hr 4
I need d!k tonight, an Brother out there can help? 11 hr 0
Black Men Are Superior To White Get Over It Already 11 hr 336
Selina London Appreciation Thread 11 hr 47
Capree you NEED to get a life 11 hr 11
Capree is a whiteboy!!! 11 hr 37
BLACK MEN, we created Capree the beastly black woman 12 hr 35
What music are you listening to right now? 12 hr 33,333
Detroit downtown resurgence divided by race? 12 hr 2
LaQueefa -- we want to hear your life story! 12 hr 2
My fellow black people...Leave America. 12 hr 122
Why Blacks are scared of Samoans 12 hr 93
Why do Blacks call themselves Kings and Queens? 13 hr 52
ptbw, is this you? 13 hr 2
AMC, Regal, Cinemark and Carmike -will not show film child soldiers i... 13 hr 1
The Chinese Buy Billboards Announcing The Renminbi As "The New World ... 14 hr 2
BET taps Vanilla Ice to perform at Selma anniversary concert 14 hr 4
Damn! Kola Boof Marries a white dude and goes off on AA 15 hr 60
Are white women attracted to black men? 15 hr 121,717
Huge Rail Network To Put West African Economies On The Right Track 15 hr 1
This Chicken Is Totally Black from Head to Toe. (Plus it's organs!) 15 hr 1
Liberia Releases Its Last Ebola Patient (For Now) 15 hr 1
The true 'powah' of Melanin! 15 hr 1
The black American Church is a cesspool of hoes. 15 hr 2
Capree Loves Black Men 15 hr 10
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