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Barack Obama, our next President
4 min 1078075 comments
Zimmerman Federal Hate Crime Charges ?????
4 min 49 comments
About foreign born blacks. ----------
5 min 358 comments
My Dad Killed My Cat Because Of Baby, No Shelter!
5 min 14 comments
Are white women attracted to black men?
7 min 119442 comments
white guys hate when this happens
11 min 17 comments
Israel Attacks Gaza: Horrifying, Criminal, Historic
13 min 4 comments
Father catches BLACK "person" molesting his boy
14 min 30 comments
Cops Kills BM With ChokeHold For Nothing.
18 min 175 comments
Random thoughts...
19 min 77681 comments
This forum is dead cause there are 10 people at all here.
20 min 3 comments
Give it up IRBW and white males! You will never discourage bm!
34 min 8 comments
are white people aliens?
36 min 197 comments
MOSES drops the MEGATON BOMB on Toxic
40 min 1 comments
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black
41 min 23737 comments
The method of beasts
41 min 1 comments
Juneteenth - " celebrating the end of slavery
41 min 675 comments
Blacks Destroy Whites In Racial Debates
42 min 232 comments
48 Percent Of U.S. Billionaires Are Jewish
53 min 577 comments
Are Black Africans Jealous of Africa's ALBANIAN PAST?
55 min 6 comments
The BM Goals is to be accepted by Whites
1 hr 4 comments
So Indians are the wealthiest Asians/minorities in America?
1 hr 4 comments
do wm get angry when they see good looking ww with bm?
1 hr 225 comments
LOL this vine when white girl see a black guy
1 hr 7 comments
11 year old Black kid has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein
1 hr 40 comments
'Type the numbers you see in the image on the right:'
1 hr 5 comments
The White Racist Police Officer Who Killed Eric Garner
1 hr 14 comments
Miami-Dade commissioners back plan for Cuban exile museum behind Amer...
1 hr 40 comments
Maceo Creates Divison between BM & BW!
1 hr 2 comments
Movie Game
1 hr 9395 comments
If Blacks are so Great
1 hr 2 comments
I desperately want black woman. But where to find her? how to approach?
1 hr 2 comments
Unwanted Help
2 hr 159 comments
If any AA speaks/acts intelligently.....
2 hr 159 comments
After 45 years the truth behind the fake moonlandings revealed
2 hr 2 comments
Another Malayasia Air flight shot down!
2 hr 81 comments
Ku Klux Klan Willing To Work With Blacks To Fight Illegal Immigration?
2 hr 1 comments
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!!
2 hr 745 comments
Are black voters turning against Obama?
2 hr 44 comments
Farrakhan: Black men headed for extinction
2 hr 1070 comments
Why does hatian food smell so bad?
2 hr 16 comments
FAA Halts All US Flights To Israel
2 hr 1 comments
SBT choked on its Booger Statue
2 hr 1 comments
Why are black people wearing Luxury designer Brands?
2 hr 61 comments
Hebrew Israelite
2 hr 94241 comments
Eartha kitt's daughter looks all white!!!!
2 hr 16 comments
Would you marry this Black girl?
2 hr 113 comments
Women With Big Feet. What does it mean?
2 hr 60 comments
Eric Garner >> No throat or windpipe damage <<
2 hr 10 comments
What is the purpose of going to NIGHT CLUBS???
2 hr 3 comments
every white father's worst nightmare they say
2 hr 2 comments
CIA behind MH17 Planes Shot down??
3 hr 19 comments
Black Americans, Why Are We So Quiet On Illegal Immigration???
3 hr 110 comments
Want To See How Blacks Made The White Ethnicity?
3 hr 2 comments
Angry Black Males Build Memorial For Black Cop Killer
3 hr 80 comments
Why are Mexicans Becoming Racist Towards White People?
3 hr 218 comments
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists?
3 hr 9440 comments
[[[Sweden refuses Israeli presidentís plane entry into its airspace!]]]
3 hr 2 comments
UC Davis: Black males more likely to be pedophiles
3 hr 8 comments
Eric Garner was a Career criminal
3 hr 4 comments
Can the negro ever become a civilized productive member of society?
3 hr 202 comments
Blabbermouths may wake Dems
3 hr 1 comments
Latina women hating on black women.
3 hr 4765 comments
this could be YOU
3 hr 1 comments
Real Black History
3 hr 58 comments
Black Illuminate
3 hr 2 comments
Why no cases of blacks born with tails or walking on fours
4 hr 38 comments
Today is voting day in Georgia
4 hr 1 comments
Trannies = best oral s*x!!!
4 hr 1 comments
Who gets aroused when a doctor of the opposite sex examines your inti...
4 hr 8 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
4 hr 23947 comments
Why do black people hate gospel music?
4 hr 20 comments
Why are BM buying Dyck Pumps for 25k but not paying Child Support?
4 hr 18 comments
pathetic jealous insecure black males Lol
4 hr 29 comments
How SBT degrade AAM and AAW. The big con.
5 hr 16 comments
White people are NOT hated worldwide
5 hr 59 comments
Have Black Men Become Weak?
5 hr 46 comments
Black girls are underestimated White men can become their shields
5 hr 1 comments
Every Russian man dreams of black girl as his wife!
5 hr 1 comments
Why do women in general prefer Dark Skin Black men Over Light Skin Bl...
5 hr 1450 comments
White men are superior to black men in every way
5 hr 113 comments
Return of the Start Menu in Windows 9
5 hr 3 comments
The Beautiful Somali Women And Why Every Decent BM Should Have Her
5 hr 49 comments
Why do gay black men love white men so much =)
6 hr 270 comments
Why are over 91% of pedophiles white males.
6 hr 136 comments
To dark skin men
6 hr 115 comments
why i only like black men now
6 hr 4 comments
He traveled to Africa to rape kids
6 hr 5 comments
blacks cant compete on Big Brother
6 hr 2 comments
Do Black Men likes Asian women? Be Honest please!!
6 hr 1109 comments
Baltimore Joins Cities Toughening Curfews
6 hr 1 comments
Kanye West: Celebrities treated like 1960's African-Americans
6 hr 4 comments
SBT Creates Division Between BM and BW
6 hr 5 comments
It's 0peration Mind Control!!!!!!!!!!
6 hr 1 comments
It's 0peration Mid Control
7 hr 1 comments
Why Does Obama Use Blacks But Does Nothing For Them?
7 hr 1 comments
The Youth Unemployment Crisis Hits African-Americans Hardest
7 hr 11 comments
What music are you listening to right now?
7 hr 32313 comments
Loyalty is for S-u-c-k-e-r-s!
7 hr 17 comments
There's no such thing as police brutality. Here's 1 less criminal
8 hr 1 comments

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