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The only way OUT for black people is to SELL OUT 6 min 7
USA is Spirtual Egypt 7 min 8
BW Dating White Actor Is Harrassed By Jealous White Women! 12 min 85
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 13 min 26,422
Do Samoan men even like Black women? 16 min 1,071
The signs of being brain washed and programmed 22 min 1
Islam is the best religion in the World. 25 min 1
Yes, those Kim Kardashian photos are about race 41 min 9
The Kardashians aren't just trashy. They're dangerous. 51 min 58
WHITE english woman only want BLACK MEN 1 hr 1,730
ILLEGAL Mexicans 1 hr 206
Hebrew Israelite 1 hr 96,648
Talking about UNITY and not knowing what is UNITY 1 hr 1
Barack Obama, our next President 1 hr 1,141,668
hi 1 hr 10
HORRIBLE!! Blacks kill Asian!!! 1 hr 85
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 1 hr 2,402
Whites' Pathological Desire to put Blacks down 2 hr 119
Why do black men like light skin so MUCH? 2 hr 647
FERGUSON. Machine guns on U.S. Capital Steps. 2 hr 1
Why english white south africans hate boer white afrikaaners! 2 hr 57
Blacks Posess the Highest IQ Levels 2 hr 3
how you get a ww to like you? 3 hr 68
Why black males hate and fear white men 3 hr 581
White women jealous because they want Black Womens Curves 3 hr 38
Blacks Better Start Mobilizing NOW For The Next 3 Years 3 hr 29
Do white women hate white men? 3 hr 147
I believe Aaliyah was killed on purpose. 3 hr 95
Black men who are sell-out and slaves of white women 3 hr 416
White murdered is woeful. Black murdered is celebrated. 3 hr 7
Decision in Ferguson Monday !!! 4 hr 19
United States of Germany 4 hr 4
My Lesbian Encounter. 4 hr 13
The Ugly Singer That Sings Home 4 hr 15
Why are black '' women'' jealous of Asian women? 4 hr 84
Obama's Amnesty Pushes Blacks Aside 4 hr 192
Lemony Snicket Apologies for Racist Joke at National Book Awards | Ne... 4 hr 2
History of white violence from Columbus to Columbine 4 hr 1
Latino Male Says AA Men Only Wimps in the World Who Bash Their Women ... 5 hr 1,974
black stay with black! white stay with white! stop IR 5 hr 166
Black woman, you are envied 5 hr 2
African American arranged marriages 5 hr 11
Why do AA call West Africans Ugly? 5 hr 376
Bill Cosby: ..........."Innuendos"?????? 6 hr 5
why do people always have a problem dating dark skinned black women 6 hr 118
Creeping Fascism 6 hr 3
Asians are the superior race 6 hr 48
Are white women attracted to black men? 6 hr 121,334
White women who only date black men. 6 hr 5
Why don't black americans and africans usually date/marry? 6 hr 1,215
Warning to black women:Some Caucasian men have a "slave fantasy." 7 hr 27
S. Epatha Merkerson Challenges African Americans With Type 2 Diabetes 7 hr 5
The Itus... Why do we get sleepy after eating? 7 hr 8
Are white people going extinct or is that just a myth or a hoax? 8 hr 1,230
What music are you listening to right now? 8 hr 32,874
Why are black people wearing Luxury designer Brands? 8 hr 63
If a man likes anal sex, does that make him gay? 8 hr 349
White Power, what is it ? 8 hr 36
Brown Skin is Not dark Skin .stop lumping Medium toned girls with Dar... 9 hr 264
Husband prolems 9 hr 4
Why do African American women think italian men love black women 9 hr 51
FRENCH THREAD in AA Forum? 9 hr 3,870
Do WW Love U, 15 WW Has Accused Bill Cosby Of Rape. 9 hr 110
Were the moors black? 10 hr 6
Why do American Blacks think they're Egyptians? 10 hr 2,430
The BLACK RACE is failing . 10 hr 8
Why do White men like Black woman so much? 10 hr 1,686
The myth of the big black penis is ruining black women's IR prospects... 10 hr 270
Blacks are burden on humanity 10 hr 10
The Moors and White Women 10 hr 58
How may women has Bill Cosby RAPED ????? 11 hr 97
why some white people are obsessed with black people 11 hr 21
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!! 11 hr 1,375
NAACP Ignores Black GOP Midterm Winners 11 hr 10
Stop lying about the origin of white people. Here's the truth 11 hr 27
Another unarmed bm murdered by NY cop 12 hr 24
Black people more likely to be jobless in Britain than US, research r... 12 hr 386
Black Christians are the DUMBEST of the DUMB 12 hr 116
Why Don't Black People Want To Go Back To Africa? 12 hr 18
Filipino community indignant over treatment of Cajon High teacher acc... 12 hr 8
First African American Female Pink Ranger 13 hr 3
Black African's Moors Ruled Europe 700 Years 13 hr 2,400
Proof America is the worst place to find true 13 hr 6
I hate being white. I hate being white. 13 hr 28
Why do adult womens vaginas look so gross and ugly? 13 hr 71
Moroccan Arabs (Moors) Were The FIRST Self Hating Blacks 13 hr 13
Islam an empire of faith 13 hr 4,606
Bill Cosby shows all blacks are rapists 13 hr 47
I am going to defend Bill Cosby and it is a valid defense 13 hr 2
European Prepare for the Moors Parade! 13 hr 76
Students protest school official's racially-insensitive retweet 14 hr 12
prooof horn africans are mixed 15 hr 12
The Myth That Illegal Aliens Work Harder 15 hr 9
WE The People 15 hr 259
Run The Republicans are coming 16 hr 79
White Crime: Few Comments 16 hr 2,084
Why do black people like claiming that us Mexicans are on their side? 16 hr 2,203
WM & BW why so rare ? 16 hr 1
Black girls are pretty...but somali girls are prettier 16 hr 99

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