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Unwanted Help
2 min 163 comments
Cops Kills BM With ChokeHold For Nothing.
2 min 194 comments
Barack Obama, our next President
4 min 1078354 comments
If any AA speaks/acts intelligently.....
4 min 161 comments
Are white women attracted to black men?
4 min 119488 comments
white guys hate when this happens
6 min 18 comments
Zimmerman Federal Hate Crime Charges ?????
7 min 62 comments
Juneteenth - " celebrating the end of slavery
10 min 679 comments
Ku Klux Klan Willing To Work With Blacks To Fight Illegal Immigration?
12 min 6 comments
Random thoughts...
13 min 77705 comments
I'm Emmett Till Axe Me Anything
14 min 12 comments
Hebrew Israelite
15 min 94259 comments
Blacks Destroy Whites In Racial Debates
16 min 236 comments
Are Black Africans Jealous of Africa's ALBANIAN PAST?
17 min 13 comments
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not
18 min 2133 comments
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!!
19 min 747 comments
indians and black should unite together to get white girls
20 min 2 comments
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black
22 min 23743 comments
The thread About Emmit Till is finished
26 min 6 comments
After 45 years the truth behind the fake moonlandings revealed
27 min 7 comments
Eric Garner >> No throat or windpipe damage <<
27 min 25 comments
This forum is dead cause there are 10 people at all here.
30 min 5 comments
blacks, mixed breeds americans are inferior dna hetercyclic mutts 2 all
30 min 26 comments
Father catches BLACK "person" molesting his boy
42 min 39 comments
So Indians are the wealthiest Asians/minorities in America?
45 min 8 comments
11 year old Black kid has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein
46 min 43 comments
80% of black females fantasize about asian men
49 min 13 comments
Do Black Men likes Asian women? Be Honest please!!
52 min 1113 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
52 min 23948 comments
What if Clive Bundy was black and pointing guns at feds?
58 min 1 comments
Black Men turning Black Women Gay
1 hr 50 comments
Kanye West: Celebrities treated like 1960's African-Americans
1 hr 5 comments
I wanna date a Black chick SO FUARKING BAD (pics)
1 hr 8 comments
R.I.P. James Garner (Whites only thread)
1 hr 4 comments
Documentary - Pile of Sh*t preferred at the dinner table or blacks?
1 hr 3 comments
HEATHEN, SAVAGE and GENTILE refers to white people
1 hr 2 comments
Has a pile of sh()t done more good on this Earth or blacks?
1 hr 34 comments
Farrakhan: Black men headed for extinction
1 hr 1079 comments
Why are there so many single mothers on dating websites
1 hr 39 comments
Why do white women think they have big butts??
1 hr 739 comments
About foreign born blacks. ----------
1 hr 362 comments
gay and bisexual man wanted
1 hr 3 comments
which white actor do most black woman find attractive?
1 hr 2 comments
Marvel unveils black Captain America
2 hr 32 comments
Why do black people like to hang out on the porch?
2 hr 4 comments
Israel Attacks Gaza: Horrifying, Criminal, Historic
2 hr 11 comments
Are black people really the real jews?
2 hr 179 comments
My Dad Killed My Cat Because Of Baby, No Shelter!
2 hr 26 comments
What do African-American Males really want?
2 hr 40 comments
Monkey Faced BM Busted for Stealing $6.60
2 hr 11 comments
What is a CAVE APE PIE?
2 hr 10 comments
Reggie Bush Marries Kim-like Babymama.
2 hr 48 comments
do black men feel black women are marriageable??
2 hr 269 comments
Sick BM Has Sex With A Male German Shepherd
2 hr 11 comments
Why do Black Men like us better than Black Women?
2 hr 477 comments
Mansa Musa, African king of Southern Europe
2 hr 1 comments
Miami-Dade commissioners back plan for Cuban exile museum behind Amer...
3 hr 48 comments
I'm a white man and I love black women
3 hr 289 comments
Return of the Start Menu in Windows 9
3 hr 6 comments
Why are Black men obsessed with Ethiopian/Somali women??
3 hr 88 comments
Black Illuminate
3 hr 3 comments
Why no cases of blacks born with tails or walking on fours
3 hr 41 comments
Pres.Obama $trike$ back at Putin-> [[[AK-47]]]
3 hr 9 comments
Military Geniuses
4 hr 6 comments
moral of the story black guy > white guy
4 hr 1 comments
HIV/AIDS! Blaming black men for a white man's creation.
4 hr 4 comments
Why are black people wearing Luxury designer Brands?
4 hr 62 comments
48 Percent Of U.S. Billionaires Are Jewish
4 hr 578 comments
White people are NOT hated worldwide
4 hr 60 comments
Why are Mexicans Becoming Racist Towards White People?
4 hr 222 comments
Why are Black men Thirsty for us Latinas?
4 hr 1120 comments
Eartha kitt's daughter looks all white!!!!
4 hr 20 comments
Why Does Obama Use Blacks But Does Nothing For Them?
4 hr 5 comments
Forums for bi white men to meet gay/bi black men?
4 hr 13 comments
How do white people feel about half black people
4 hr 42 comments
sick of punk asians
4 hr 1 comments
Why do Blacks commit hate crimes against Asians
4 hr 26 comments
Black Women: You are Losing your black men to white women! Hahahahaha...
4 hr 54 comments
MOSES drops the MEGATON BOMB on Toxic
5 hr 3 comments
black men latina women are no good they hate black men as well.
5 hr 235 comments
Will most Blacks vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016?
5 hr 3 comments
5 hr 2 comments
Michael Jordan Sell-Out?
5 hr 148 comments
why i only like black men now
5 hr 6 comments
Why do African Americans and Jamaicans hate Africans?
5 hr 1470 comments
every white father's worst nightmare they say
5 hr 3 comments
How the Civil Rights Act of 1964 changed America
5 hr 149 comments
Are you a bm? Are you a bw? If so, you are a fool..
6 hr 2 comments
Real Black History
6 hr 59 comments
Give it up IRBW and white males! You will never discourage bm!
6 hr 8 comments
are white people aliens?
6 hr 197 comments
The method of beasts
6 hr 1 comments
The BM Goals is to be accepted by Whites
7 hr 4 comments
do wm get angry when they see good looking ww with bm?
7 hr 225 comments
LOL this vine when white girl see a black guy
7 hr 7 comments
'Type the numbers you see in the image on the right:'
7 hr 5 comments
The White Racist Police Officer Who Killed Eric Garner
7 hr 14 comments
Maceo Creates Divison between BM & BW!
7 hr 2 comments
Movie Game
7 hr 9395 comments
If Blacks are so Great
8 hr 2 comments

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