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Barack Obama, our next President 7 min 1,126,227
17 yr old Black kid lynched for dating white woman 8 min 238
Record number of black candidates seeking office 10 min 29
Study links Racism to LOW IQ!!!LOLOLOLOL 10 min 15
Is Architecture "Racist"? 11 min 6
Is ISIS racist? 13 min 39
The real reason why us white Neanderthals hate black people 22 min 29
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 30 min 2,289
All this data showing black men are undesirable 32 min 21
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 33 min 26,276
White women don't want white guys's an epidemic people 47 min 546
Ferguson evidence starting to harm black community 1 hr 8
Are Puerto Ricans white? 1 hr 5,898
The Cowboys are winning. 1 hr 3
The biggest haters of blacks are blacks themselves 1 hr 3
BM only get big fat WW and Harrisson is not black 1 hr 6
Blonde babes bob for big dangs 2 1 hr 3
Hebrew Israelite 1 hr 95,814
Sub to Grownfolksdancing 1 hr 1
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 1 hr 7,471
Protesters temporarily block Downtown Atl Connector 1 hr 1
Autopsy. Michael Brown was shot in hand 1 hr 12
Must see! Caught on tape interracial couple racist traffic stop 1 hr 772
Jimi Hendrix - Singer, was Black, Caucasian and Cherokee. 1 hr 180
..................Mike Brown GRABBED that GUN 1 hr 12
Eric Holder is suspicious of Ferguson authorities 2 hr 4
Dear young people. 2 hr 1
The ancient internet REVEALED !! 2 hr 6
Why do WM have all the women, power, prestige, wealth, and intelligence? 2 hr 19
How do white people feel about half black people 2 hr 45
People laugh when blacks claim Native American 2 hr 444
black woman say sex with black men is boring 2 hr 26
Do you need further evidence that white people are devils 2 hr 22
Ferguson protesters march inside St. Louis County Police Department 2 hr 27
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 3 hr 25,593
why are their more white men/black women couples in england compare... 3 hr 208
Obama pitches for votes on black radio 4 hr 3
Obama Has Put America In A Funk....And the Children Of Israel Will Su... 4 hr 3
Blonde babes bow to Black kings 4 hr 5
are indians black? 4 hr 257
Are black men jealous of Asian men? 4 hr 51
Gov't Approves Reperations For Southern Whites Who's Ancestors Owned ... 4 hr 24
Proof naturally whites can get Ebola eassier than blacks can 4 hr 7
Russian Tennis Chief: Disses the Williams Sisters 5 hr 33
BM and "Street Harassment" of Young & Older BW! 5 hr 27
If Mike Brown was white and Officer Wilson was black 5 hr 4
Latino Male Says AA Men Only Wimps in the World Who Bash Their Women ... 5 hr 1,849
why do african americans hate africans 5 hr 11,093
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists? 6 hr 9,963
Who destroyed the Black Woman? 6 hr 207
How can I get Blacks to stop talking to me 6 hr 90
Will white women learn to love pink 6 hr 1
OMG I Hate White Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 hr 50
King Mansa Musa of Ancient Mali Empire.(the world richest man in hist... 7 hr 8
Proof East Indian Women Don't Want BM 7 hr 27
What music are you listening to right now? 8 hr 32,794
Why i do not like white men? 8 hr 15
Random thoughts... 8 hr 80,417
Im a white women Why am I addicted to Black men? 8 hr 60
Here I am still standing 8 hr 27
87% of white teenage babes have had sex with black men 8 hr 40
Drugsaredumb, pullo debbo mido yidi ma 8 hr 1
Lenny Kravitz's American Woman (white woman) 8 hr 25
Sassyntrashy said slavery was not all that bad. 8 hr 104
****Moors not Black African**** 8 hr 1,602
Why do black people hate each other so much? 9 hr 74
Word Game 9 hr 11,598
Black people smart is different from white people smart round 2 9 hr 17
Do white girls know how to stay out of the hood? 9 hr 3
I want to dress like Negro, Whats latest fashion 9 hr 8
ALLAH Hates Divorce! 10 hr 11
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals) 10 hr 2,076
GodBody, I Require Amswers !!!!!! 10 hr 64
Why does beyonce try SO HARD to look like a white woman? 10 hr 532
The myth of the big black penis is ruining black women's IR prospects... 10 hr 212
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 11 hr 5,467
White, Asian, and Latina women confess their love for black men 11 hr 127
Prez BUSH's Dirty SECRET 11 hr 30
Police brutality on black males must stop or we fight 12 hr 3
Russians attacks white supremacy and degrade white Europeans 12 hr 7
Kill The Messenger: The CIA, Crack & Black America 12 hr 1
TO ALL BLACK WOMEN: The truth is... 12 hr 156
What is God to you? 12 hr 9
Why don't Indian women use deodorant 12 hr 16
What young Chinese people think of black people 12 hr 7
Question of the day........... 12 hr 4
Film that shows U.S gov testing bio weapons on Americans 12 hr 6
Whites are helping isis destroy themselves and cause more wars around... 12 hr 8
Russia & China make deal to free the world of nuclear weapons 12 hr 3
Chinese VS white Europeans get your copy today 12 hr 5
Britain citizens themselves even hates white power 13 hr 7
Adrian Peterson should be arrested 13 hr 4
Atlanta Black Star is the greatest website 14 hr 6
Black people will only go back to Africa on these conditions 14 hr 14
Please check out my video on quadroons 15 hr 7
The Official 2014/2015 NFL Season Thread 15 hr 172
White poverty exists, ignored 15 hr 18
On HBCUs, White House Moves From Disregard to Dismantling 15 hr 3
All Black Men Want A Light Skin Girl!!!!!!! 16 hr 2,599
'White boy' Biden calls tea party 'crazy' 16 hr 212

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