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Most beautiful women of the zodiac
7 min 193 comments
Are white women attracted to black men?
8 min 112700 comments
African People: Black Americans DO NOT Claim You As One Of Our Own
21 min 89 comments
I love ARAB MEN, but do they date black girls?
23 min 404 comments
Michelle: "Queen of Mean."
23 min 8 comments
Barack Obama, our next President
25 min 1036087 comments
Alright who deleted my Arab thread?
26 min 25 comments
Find the lowest prices with Find&Save!
Latino Male Says AA Men Only Wimps in the World Who Bash Their Women ...
26 min 1570 comments
Blacks On Deathrow Always Request Fried Chicken As Final Meal
32 min 9 comments
Hebrew Israelite
41 min 88929 comments
Robert Mugabe on Obama and African Americans
56 min 54 comments
The IP Swap Game
1 hr 11 comments
Why do I/R BW allow WM to beat them??
1 hr 8 comments
Why is Black on White crime not considered a hate crime????
1 hr 87 comments
BLACK MEN are Worthless!
1 hr 266 comments
Look At Moses Crying Like A Baby
2 hr 10 comments
Who Wants To Be Cha's Friends?
2 hr 1 comments
Black Female Murders White Co-worker at yoga Store
2 hr 7 comments
2 hr 3 comments
Poverty is American, not racial, problem
2 hr 157 comments
Mozambique: Africa's new narco-state?
2 hr 2 comments
Lowlife BM saying Lupita Nyong is Dark & Ugly no man will want her!
2 hr 22 comments
To AA's. CIVIL RIGHTS ans EQUAL RIGHTS are not tye same
2 hr 2 comments
Should white people be enslaved?
2 hr 71 comments
Citizens Take Action! The Jumper Report.
3 hr 4 comments
The Spotted Place
3 hr 79 comments
What if all blacks in the U.S. were shipped back to Africa?
3 hr 459 comments
‘Piles and piles’ of bodies: Crisis in South Sudan hits breaking point
3 hr 2 comments
Which race of women have the best bodies?
3 hr 1131 comments
Will Whites Be With Us In the 22nd Century?
3 hr 6 comments
How white institutions get around discrimination. The house slave
4 hr 2 comments
Why Was Affirmative Action Created?
4 hr 12 comments
Italians are NOT White!!!!
4 hr 4865 comments
Whites Are A Race Of Demons
4 hr 89 comments
Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Kills Over 140, UN Agency Says
4 hr 5 comments
Nighur flies on plane's landing gear
4 hr 3 comments
Black women and Latinas do you prefer very dark skin guys?
4 hr 191 comments
Blacks are not humans
4 hr 123 comments
Knock Knock who's there? Jim! Jim who? Jim Crow
5 hr 52 comments
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are BLACK
5 hr 2588 comments
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals)
5 hr 1422 comments
BW need to be more aware of WW
5 hr 6 comments
47 Blacks Shot Durring Easter Weekend in Chicago
5 hr 13 comments
Black men not to the Japanese women's taste?
5 hr 608 comments
GodBody, I Require Amswers !!!!!!
5 hr 9 comments
Savage Black Animal Rapes Woman & Steals Food Stamp Card
6 hr 7 comments
The Simian Cave Beast News Service #5
6 hr 26 comments
4 women raped & murdered by 2 WHITE SERIAL KILLERS.
6 hr 1 comments
Chicago,Detroit,And Harlem - Stage 1 For White America Re-Gentrification
6 hr 9 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
6 hr 22717 comments
Jesse Jackson Visits Junior @ The Big House
6 hr 8 comments
Stop the lies about MLK, Civil Rights, WW and the ERA
6 hr 4 comments
This is what happens when "young AA" ignore "old AA". MISINFORMATION
6 hr 1 comments
WHY are 'African' Americans so ignorant about Africa?
7 hr 27 comments
What music are you listening to right now?
7 hr 31616 comments
Why are African Americans so stupid compared to ....?
7 hr 110 comments
I Feel Sorry For Pro-Black Black Women
7 hr 483 comments
Black African's Moors Ruled Europe 700 Years
7 hr 2072 comments
black on black killings
7 hr 2 comments
7 hr 50 comments
Is it true the Actor ryan phillippe is octoroon
7 hr 51 comments
Obama Ties LBJ's Civil Rights Legacy to LGBT Americans
7 hr 80 comments
How come biracial kids from white fathers and black mothers are calle...
7 hr 434 comments
USSC Strikes Down Affirmative Action in Michigan's Universities
7 hr 7 comments
Whats Wrong With Race Mixing?
7 hr 1954 comments
Latino Men are Sexier than black men.
7 hr 216 comments
Why WE hate whitey????
7 hr 4 comments
Why hate blacks?
8 hr 2 comments
Are Black Women Mentally Unstable
8 hr 13 comments
Why do good looking black women like white men so much?
8 hr 5999 comments
I have a question for the Supreme Court. What's you quota?
8 hr 3 comments
Is it a sin to paint your nails?
8 hr 25 comments
timeess, define suspicious?
8 hr 2 comments
The CITY/Nation that bombed its own people.
8 hr 16 comments
Prep-School Grads Behind Massive Drug Ring
8 hr 13 comments
"Finding My Obama" - Are Black Women Unrealistic
8 hr 1 comments
what is it with white people and there obsession with underage kids
9 hr 7 comments
When You See A BW And WM, You're Dealing With Two Racists
9 hr 21 comments
Nas Giving Out Scholarships
9 hr 1 comments
Black Women's Body Shapes and White Women's Body Shapes are DIFFERENT!
9 hr 180 comments
KKK Endorsement
10 hr 83 comments
why do black women have big bootys; regaurdless if their thin, curv...
10 hr 159 comments
Are white people really the DEVIL?
10 hr 0 comments
Random thoughts...
10 hr 67960 comments
History of Homosexuality
10 hr 8 comments
Saudi princesses being held captive by the King for over a decade
10 hr 8 comments
What's REALLY destroying the Black Community
11 hr 186 comments
MICHIGAN: What choice did they have?
11 hr 1 comments
Why are women from Barbados ugly?
11 hr 145 comments
Do black women like Irish men?
11 hr 176 comments
Have any black women dates Persian (Iranian) men?
12 hr 1282 comments
Why do Africans smile even if they are so poor?
12 hr 41 comments
Asian Women Don't Hate Black Men But!
12 hr 2051 comments
Farrakhan urges Detroit to redevelop all neighborhoods, not just down...
12 hr 460 comments
Another white pedophile hollywood director
12 hr 36 comments
Do Black Men Like White Trannies
12 hr 45 comments
Affirmative Action Ban Upheld In Michigan - An Even Bigger Step BACKWARD
12 hr 2 comments
What You See In Chicago Was Set In Motion By White Amerikkka
13 hr 3 comments
Arab savages: Saudi preacher jailed eight years for raping, killing d...
13 hr 1 comments
Racist? No, Our Black-Face Dance Is A Proud Tradition
13 hr 3 comments
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