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Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 4 min 2.78k
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 5 min 1.43k
Barack Obama, our next President 6 min 1.08M
I just got ran over. 8 min 7
Computer Issues 10 min 138
Why don't white people take baths? 10 min 3
Proof The Bible clearly says God will destroy white people 11 min 6
Random thoughts... 14 min 78.8k
Uncontrollable Urge to hurt Crackas and Chinks? 15 min 28
CIA/WHO/UN spreading EBOLA in AFRICA 24 min 3
What do blacks think of the Illegal Immigrant crises?. 25 min 34
Black girls love white guys! 28 min 43
Should their be a 6th season of the Wire? 29 min 1
I love black women, but I hate black men 29 min 517
Toxic is ANTI-AA. That is a fact. 30 min 26
Ex DC Mayor Adrian Fenty H-A-T-E-S & disrespects ALL BW! 35 min 9
What is it that "RACIST" White People Hope to Accomplish? 35 min 84
About foreign born blacks. ---------- 35 min 708
Apple founder Steve Job's wife is fcking a BM! 37 min 41
I Love White Police Officers!!!!!!!! 39 min 115
The burden of dating a "Black Man" 41 min 24
Another BM with a HOT WW Wife__----------- 48 min 466
The White Man Is The Devil 48 min 58
Take It From A WW, Why Big WW Love BM 1 hr 107
Juneteenth - " celebrating the end of slavery 1 hr 796
Jealous hating blackwoman pretending to be Mexican for lesbian love. 1 hr 3
wm were stepping foot on the moon and creating vaccines 1 hr 1
Steve jobs' ex wife is a RACE TRAITOR 1 hr 12
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!! 1 hr 999
Cops Kills BM With ChokeHold For Nothing. 1 hr 603
to racist "not from africa"& other rednecks remember the black death? 1 hr 1
White vet has sex with animals 1 hr 19
Hebrew Israelite 1 hr 94.6k
Why do black men and women put each other down so much? 1 hr 62
Black slaves breastfed white babies. 1 hr 193
What is a good middle name for the name Aaliyah? 1 hr 5
Caucasoid built Mayan pyramids 1 hr 1
The only way to stop the Israel and Palestine war is..... 1 hr 1
Black Guy at an All White Party 1 hr 93
There Is No Unity Among Blacks! 1 hr 86
Blackwomen MUST abort black male babies 2 hr 4
When is the next million man march? 2 hr 2
why do ethiopians look like Dark skinned white??????????? 2 hr 883
Black Men are not a Prize 2 hr 10
Robin Thick can't stand BW and prefers Wht and Asian women too.. 2 hr 2
Palestine and Israel. World War III 2 hr 27
Black women are the best and they are all over the world. mwah 2 hr 21
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 2 hr 24.0k
EBOLA VIRUS and the NWO depopulation program 3 hr 23
Do Thin BW think they're better than ....... 3 hr 2
Black Men Stealing from BLACK Women 3 hr 29
White people are depraved, immoral, unethical savages 3 hr 25
House Approves Lawsuit Against Obama! 3 hr 7
Africans spreading the Ebola Virus like wildfire 3 hr 77
Activist: "Abortion Threatens Black America's Future" 3 hr 5.13k
Boo hoo, Israel don't fight fair. This is war. 3 hr 1
Blacks 5 times more Deviant than Whites >>Proof 3 hr 29
If you want to help Africans send them condoms, not food 3 hr 4
ir ww who lose weight and ditch their inspirational read 3 hr 53
Politics the focuse of NAACP meeting 3 hr 2
Another BLACK man cheats on his WW 3 hr 35
Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen 3 hr 46
Why do 20 yr old men flirt like they are in elementary school 3 hr 16
are indians black? 3 hr 153
Barack Obama, the First African-American President 3 hr 47
Is it self hate if black men like Somali/Ethiopian/Eritrean Women 4 hr 134
Israel Attacks Gaza: Horrifying, Criminal, Historic 4 hr 306
When The White Man First Came To Africa 4 hr 27
How long does it take the mods ... 4 hr 4
why do white men prefer african women but NOT AA women 4 hr 1.46k
Young AAm protect black females from a rapist 5 hr 32
do bi black men prefer white or black shemales? 5 hr 3
Stephen A. Smith suspension 5 hr 23
Guess what racist is confined to a wheelchair. Lives on AFAM 5 hr 2
What AA do ALBINOS hate the most on this forum? 6 hr 1
White people brag about being better swimmers? LMFAO 6 hr 21
King's legacy still cause of debate 6 hr 933
Ms. Ohsilly, what kind of mufflers ya got on that wheel chair? 6 hr 4
The Rev. Al Sharpton in Birmingham: 'We are here to fight against vot... 7 hr 1
Why do black people commit SO MUCH crime? 7 hr 756
Never seek white approval or acceptance. Never! 7 hr 1
BW shots BM after not being pleased 7 hr 1
Racists claiming to be VICTIMS and all non-whites VILLAINS 7 hr 1
There are no blk people on this forum. 7 hr 2
China = Chinese...Japan = Japanese... Where is NEGROLAND 7 hr 1
Nobody Cares or Respects Black men and they know it! 8 hr 337
Black Purse-Snatching Suspect Detained 8 hr 8
Climate Change In Communities of Color 8 hr 1
Are white women attracted to black men? 8 hr 119k
Do Brothers have a Legitimate reason for Not dating Black women? 9 hr 1
Why are Black men evil ? 9 hr 37
black men latina women are no good they hate black men as well. 9 hr 287
Why are Black Men obsessed with White Women 9 hr 1.78k
why are there so many transexuals in brazil 9 hr 75
Most of our ancestors didnt come on slaveships? 9 hr 968
white people lied for so long, they believe their own lies 9 hr 5
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals) 10 hr 2.05k
Interracial romance during slave days in novels ? What do you think ? 10 hr 7
Asian Women Don't Hate Black Men But! 10 hr 2.10k

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