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Fed Judge Strikes Down California's 10-Day Gun Waiting Period
guns 1,185
Who do you side with in Ferguson?
ferguson 4,462
African-American Discussions 1 to 100 of 198,717
African American dies fighting for ISIS 2 min 81
how to get a white girl you white males ask 3 min 10
Black men are starving for attention 4 min 12
Barack Obama, our next President 5 min 1,110,492
Truth B Told, I’d Sleep with a BM but not marry him 5 min 19
Even Rapper Drake, Called East African Women, "Authentically Black" 5 min 214
Arab women love black men!!!!!!!!! 6 min 2,285
Somali Women: You Are Wrong About Bad Features Between Somali/Blk Ame... 10 min 275
When Black Women Is Out In Public..... 10 min 72
Chicago abandons plan to name high school after Obama 12 min 10
White Power is finally ending, Blacks will rightfully regin the world... 14 min 780
Are black people really the real jews? 18 min 238
Since white people have the most dating eligibility 19 min 64
Nobody cares how much you hate black people 20 min 18
Why do white people have to be apart of everything? 21 min 74
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 21 min 2,124
A record threads about whites. 23 min 22
Mugabe says whites need to go back to England lol. 23 min 69
man arrested for selling foodstamp card facebook 30 min 2
Why is the media pushing interracial relationships so much? 31 min 70
Why do black people like claiming that us Mexicans are on their side? 32 min 2,190
Maceo- A 60 year Old Black Un-Wanted TRICK! 33 min 3
Southern Baptist Pastor: Gays Should Be Put To Death, God Can Cure Ho... 33 min 55
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 37 min 6,441
American > Britain 41 min 43
White women are flocking to Goa, India for sex 53 min 9
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 58 min 24,680
White men have 4.1 inches, Nigerian men have 7.5 inches 1 hr 48
china owns Africa? 1 hr 4
Brady Paige: Yet Another Damaged Goods BBC Bytch 1 hr 5
Congolse women and "A-to-M" with Belgian men 1 hr 2
Do you believe that IRBW are worthless? 1 hr 5
Voto Latino: African Americans and Latinos Unite in Alabama to Fight ... 1 hr 894
Was Jesus or Mohammed black ? 1 hr 268
Are white women attracted to black men? 1 hr 121,073
The Preamble of Destruction 1 hr 3
Ebola man made? uh oh busted 1 hr 11
Brothers, would you Date A Black Woman Dating White men? 1 hr 42
how I have sex with Ugh's wife 1 hr 8
How Nigeria’s economy grew by 89% overnight 1 hr 46
Another white man beheaded by IsIs 1 hr 279
Ugandan women are defying their men to be with Indians 1 hr 2
US sends 3000 troops to help African m0nkeys 1 hr 5
Why don't Indian women use deodorant 1 hr 12
BM: BW are DONE with you! 1 hr 183
White people just admit you 1 hr 46
are white men attracted to white woman having interracial sex? 1 hr 1
TN pastor vows not to 'repent' for homophobia: God says... 1 hr 18
white woman prefer non white men more 2 hr 1
White guys are dumber than George Bush jnr 2 hr 1
ALL white guys are like Ted Bundy! 2 hr 7
DARK skin Men Vs. LIGHT skin Men 2 hr 150
I hate white people I only wish theyd all die out 2 hr 69
Why do white women think they have big butts?? 2 hr 750
hypocrisy about slavery... 2 hr 34
Are black people natural savages? 2 hr 39
BW Cuffed by Police for Kissing WM: Prostitute??? 2 hr 334
BM are making more threads attacking bw 2 hr 1
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 2 hr 5,277
The Simian Cave Beast News Service #5 3 hr 138
Trying to unite the black race always backfires 3 hr 7
I must admit to my fetish of extremely huge boobs 3 hr 24
I don't want to marry a BLACK MAN 3 hr 3,975
white guys buying a lot of IR porn to satisfy their sexual fantasies 3 hr 1
Was George Washington Carver Castrated? 3 hr 26
Are Negros bigger child molesters than Whites? 3 hr 41
Allie Rae gets blacked 3 hr 1
Why do so many BM have "BAD CREDIT"? 3 hr 8
Callie Cobra cheers as black man knocks some white guy out 3 hr 2
Black Men: Do You Hate Black Women? 3 hr 5,293
"White men have little boys' weewees" - Zoe Voss 4 hr 1
Jessie Volt v Mandingo 4 hr 1
Mandingo v Lia Lor 4 hr 1
Mandingo vs Riley Reid 4 hr 1
Michele Bachmann: Obama Won Because He's Black and America Felt Guilty 4 hr 333
Asian Women Don't Hate Black Men But! 4 hr 2,131
She's a beauty and a geek: Supermodel is a coder 5 hr 5
Black people do not suffer anymore shut up! 5 hr 9
Female Cop Beats Black Male With Baton - He Dayed 5 hr 4
Do Men Have Feelings 5 hr 10
I am a cynic I hate mankind 5 hr 3
Why do African Americans and Jamaicans hate Africans? 5 hr 1,471
Discussing The Media's Anti-Black Bias 5 hr 24
Are Jewish Males the Top of the Racial Hierarchy? 5 hr 17
tommy sotomayor says.... 5 hr 21
Why don't blacks value education? 6 hr 56
Why black women don't give oral sex? 6 hr 963
Truely Beautiful Ballerina!! 6 hr 3
Orphaned girl starts university in Zimbabwe at 14 6 hr 3
Ww do it too is not a good talking point. 6 hr 1
surging black ufc fighter anthony johnson suspended indefinitely 6 hr 13
Don't be fooled ISIS is not just killing whites they will kill blacks... 6 hr 14
Anya Ivy loves white men 6 hr 1
Hey, where is everybody? The "CDC whistleblower" manufactroversy... 6 hr 46
Black women become more fertile around white men 7 hr 74
Prima Ballerina 7 hr 2
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists? 7 hr 9,936
Why do Blacks have $2000 rims on $1000 old cars? 7 hr 140
American blacks have nothing going for them 7 hr 4
A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals... 7 hr 22

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