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Fed Judge Strikes Down California's 10-Day Gun Waiting Period
guns 1,306
What role do you think humans play in global warming?
Environment 806
African-American Discussions 1 to 100 of 198,800
Brothers, would you Date A Black Woman Dating White men? 3 min 192
Overheard my GF's mom and boyfriend having sex (pics) 3 min 33
Please Answer Honestly, Blacks Brothers & Sisters 4 min 7
Why Do Blacks Envy Whites So Much? 5 min 47
‘What Liberalism Has Done To Black Communities Is Horrific’ 6 min 23
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 12 min 5,335
The Official 2014/2015 NFL Season Thread 12 min 122
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 15 min 25,791
Why do Black women think Black men care about their interracial relat... 24 min 10
Choking Women During Sex 25 min 246
Even Rapper Drake, Called East African Women, "Authentically Black" 26 min 338
How has Africa from the begining of time influenced the world? 27 min 2,154
Jealous White Men 27 min 76
Why do pink devils always talk about BM crime? 31 min 12
Barack Obama, our next President 33 min 1,111,594
Nobody cares how much you hate black people 38 min 75
Who else LOVES natural hair on black women ! 41 min 20
What music are you listening to right now? 42 min 32,678
Why is Black Men/ White women divorce rate so high? 44 min 71
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!! 46 min 1,286
All Africans should support china, russia, and syria & here is why 1 hr 8
$1,000,000,000,000 for nukes. Cut Backs on Health Care 1 hr 5
black women SOLD US OUT!!! 1 hr 19
Please Answer this Question 1 hr 3
Caribbean Women Are More Beautiful Than African American Women 1 hr 90
2 White Contractors Said Mike Brown Had his Hands Up Uh Oh 1 hr 24
The big hero of Africa and a moment of honor 1 hr 11
Are white women attracted to black men? 1 hr 121,101
White Men should be 2 hr 10
old racist white man takes it too far!!!! 2 hr 67
Black People: Know That Rock Is Impersonating Me, Okay? 2 hr 9
IMPOTENT BM are the angriest at IR BW!!!!!! 2 hr 29
white guys are the best ever 2 hr 5
Do you think Jesse Mathews is guilty or is he being set up? 2 hr 1
Why can't people... 2 hr 22
White Power is finally ending, Blacks will rightfully regin the world... 2 hr 849
Why Do So Many BM Athletes Physical Abuse Their Spouses/Gfs? 2 hr 55
Another white man beheaded by IsIs 2 hr 312
Why do white women think they have big butts?? 2 hr 752
Why do women in general prefer Dark Skin Black men Over Light Skin Bl... 2 hr 1,462
Are black people really the real jews? 2 hr 259
Predicting Detroit's future: The beginning 2 hr 6
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 2 hr 6,524
There's A War On The Black Male 2 hr 693
Obama bombs Syria 2 hr 1
Paula Deen serves up another racism-scandal apology, with a side of s... 2 hr 22
White women have sex on first date with non-white men 2 hr 3
BW/WM. How do you have productive dialogues about race? 3 hr 9
BM hate BW and are jealous of them 3 hr 9
WW discusses her insatiable sexual desire for BM 3 hr 22
Murdered for his sneakers: 3 hr 4
BW Cuffed by Police for Kissing WM: Prostitute??? 3 hr 384
Since white people have the most dating eligibility 3 hr 82
Sri Lankans have bigger weewees than Spaniards 3 hr 1
Mugabe says whites need to go back to England lol. 3 hr 87
DARK skin Men Vs. LIGHT skin Men 3 hr 168
Why are blacks so much stronger, physically better built than whites? 3 hr 505
Obama's tea cup salute 3 hr 4
Black people can't fight 4 hr 115
Why Do Black Men Love to DEGRADE Black Women. (a Nigerian American Gu... 4 hr 29
why do white people love animals so much 4 hr 111
Why do black girls think other races of women are jealous of them? 4 hr 31
Cloning 4 hr 5
Random thoughts... 4 hr 80,349
Sharpton urges people to vote 4 hr 2
Video of Indian women ridiculing white guys. 4 hr 1
Biracial women are beautiful and fake black women envy them. 5 hr 29
Why are African Americans Jealous of us Puerto Ricans ? 5 hr 1,004
"Anti-ISIS Coalition"?... LMBAO!! 5 hr 1
Forums for bi white men to meet gay/bi black men? 5 hr 15
why ethnic male should date white woman 5 hr 1
White Italian women are putty in the hands of Black guys 5 hr 1
Brady Paige: Yet Another Damaged Goods BBC Bytch 5 hr 17
Why do Somalis think they're better than African-Americans? 5 hr 11
How to tell if your wife has been BLACKED 5 hr 1
When will bw admit that wearing weaves RUINS your daughter's self est... 5 hr 51
African American dies fighting for ISIS 6 hr 103
Boxing is OFFICIALLY OWNED by WHITE MEN! 6 hr 75
Civil Right Leaders to Danielle Watts: Apologize! 6 hr 19
Discussing The Media's Anti-Black Bias 6 hr 33
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 6 hr 24,742
Maceo is Obsessed with WM/BW & WW!!!!! LMAO 6 hr 8
Roland Martin Speaks Out On Society's Treatment Of Black Women [VIDEO] 6 hr 1
More lies. More deception. 6 hr 1
Goldsmiths professor wins diversity award 6 hr 1
Sistas, whats up with us and this angry black woman syndrome? 7 hr 213
filipinas are ugly and dirty and money hungry 7 hr 132
Nigerian men = 7 inches, Tajiks = 9 inches 7 hr 2
$~the "n" word~$ 8 hr 65
Kristeena Spivey And Her Dad Clarence Watley Are C$$N!!!!!!! 8 hr 1
Why are Indians so rude? 8 hr 821
Why do people hate black women so much? 9 hr 691
I don't want to marry a BLACK MAN 9 hr 3,975
The Black Mans Pit Bull 10 hr 2
Why are so many blacks becoming Muslims?! 10 hr 13
Why are white people SO nosey? 10 hr 169
Southern Baptist Pastor: Gays Should Be Put To Death, God Can Cure Ho... 10 hr 61
Racist Aryan Invasion Theory Punked & Debunked Yet Again! 11 hr 3
Why are black guys jealous of Asian guys? 11 hr 15

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