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Barack Obama, our next President 4 min 1,130,101
Why do Jewish people love black people 9 min 125
Mistake of black people 22 min 14
Nothing will make people stop hating BLACK MEN NOTHING! 29 min 164
Why Don't White Men Respect White Women? 38 min 279
Stop always defending your own gender and escape your selfishness 43 min 3
the moors were black africans not arabs!!! 44 min 25,973
WHITE english woman only want BLACK MEN 53 min 590
White, Asian, and Latina women confess their love for black men 1 hr 220
"Afrocentric" "Pro Black" "Militant" blacks only 1 hr 716
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black 1 hr 26,583
Black Men Hate Black Women 1 hr 1,752
Kenya, South Africa in fresh diplomatic row 2 hr 2
Black-Americans Opening Business In Americans In Pointless In A Way... 2 hr 3
Herodotus Report on Ethiopians 460 to 450 BC. 2 hr 17
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not 2 hr 7,813
Your favorite posters? ----------------- 2 hr 2
Student's Mom Says Teacher Told Class She'd Kill All Black People If ... 3 hr 3
The myth of the big black penis is ruining black women's IR prospects... 3 hr 267
Random thoughts... 3 hr 80,435
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!! 3 hr 5,492
Nice Try,....typical FAIL: 3 hr 5
17 yr old Black kid lynched for dating white woman 3 hr 557
do black women find blond n blue eyed men sexually attractive? 3 hr 104
African-Americans claim Ebola hurting business 3 hr 2
Young people admit white people are child molesters 3 hr 2
Chinese people love raising black African children 4 hr 3
D.C. cop attacked with ax 4 hr 1
The Official 2014/2015 NFL Season Thread 4 hr 210
White people are intimidated by Blacks 4 hr 1
Folks, Tell Me What You Think Here..... 4 hr 3
negroes = hebroes = Hebrews 4 hr 13
The most well educated youngest black boys 4 hr 6
Being full of hate is a good thing and thank god for it 5 hr 12
Blacks Deserve to be Discriminated Against 5 hr 7
Gang of white men rape black teen boy caught on tape 5 hr 10
black men are liars they hate seeing black women 5 hr 11
Most of our ancestors didnt come on slaveships? 5 hr 1,330
Many HISPANICS think they're WHITE 5 hr 289
atlanta is heaven for gay black men 6 hr 139
Fear Thy Black Male Neighbor 6 hr 5
Do BLACK people REALLY HATE each other, OR is it just TOPIX??? 6 hr 44
Why black males hate and fear white men 6 hr 529
brothers harassing ww walking in nyc...wake up! 6 hr 16
1970S LA history: What became of Louis Tackwood? 6 hr 4
Russia & China make deal to free the world of nuclear weapons 6 hr 8
Why do white women enjoy anal sex so much? 6 hr 259
Solved! Ancient Egyptians were Black! 7 hr 11
Should We Biracials Be Recognized As A Seperate Race From The Blacks? 7 hr 68
african american forum is called the black men forum now 7 hr 1
God loves you all, Black People! 7 hr 8
What has the Democratic party done for you? 7 hr 26
China restoring & protecting the ancient cultures of Africa 7 hr 12
Time to leave Islam 7 hr 46
Michele Bachmann: Obama Won Because He's Black and America Felt Guilty 7 hr 371
Canada Halts Visas for Ebola Countries in West Africa 8 hr 3
Are Puerto Ricans white? 8 hr 5,981
Africans worst responders in Ebola crisis 8 hr 2
List of white inventions 8 hr 77
Is ISIS racist? 9 hr 98
America country of burdeners for self haters and rejects 9 hr 4
Big hero of Africa and moment of greatness 9 hr 1
African American twerking vs Polynesian twerking 9 hr 5
Why Shamericans wish to do every thing like European countries? 9 hr 4
Britain citizens themselves even hates white power 9 hr 12
Can a white leader really lead black people? 9 hr 8
Guide to picking up Nigerian women. --------------- 9 hr 7
Whites are helping isis destroy themselves and cause more wars around... 10 hr 11
90 year old magabe push for one African army 10 hr 1
Russia: America has a war on Africa 10 hr 5
Who are the best black power leaders in the world? 10 hr 8
White leaders lead the entire AA community to a failure 11 hr 3
The Democrats' Achilles' Heel 11 hr 1
Obama team shows signs of strain as anonymous officials take gripes t... 11 hr 1
ASK A WHITE GUY thread. Ever wondered anything about white people? 11 hr 605
Ladies thread only BEAUTY SECRETS 11 hr 103
Russians attacks white supremacy and degrade white Europeans 11 hr 12
Proof blacks can do just as well as any other group 11 hr 2
African Americans are critical to helping fight ALS 11 hr 2
The Authority Of The Black Male Dick 12 hr 5
Update to proof that makes guns & witchcraft evil 12 hr 12
Do you support racial and cultural separation? 12 hr 22
Ok Black men now i am pissed.Stop dating Ugly white ,spanish women. 12 hr 52
Film that shows U.S gov testing bio weapons on Americans 12 hr 11
White people stop denying your sexual obsession 12 hr 9
Race doesnt matter to me when it comes to men 12 hr 1
White men are superior to all other races of men. 12 hr 4
Everybody date out and mix races so that well all look the same 12 hr 1
Finally Figured Out What Happened to the Economy: 13 hr 16
Michael Brown .. STRONG ARM ROBBERY ??? 13 hr 3,024
Why do adult womens vaginas look so gross and ugly? 13 hr 67
Why are White People Such Weak Mofos? 13 hr 49
I'm in love with a black man named Daddy Yankee 13 hr 81
Majority of White Women Don't Want Black Men 13 hr 209
what has happened to the elderly AAs? Things are not good 13 hr 4
Is the AA community improving or getting worse? 13 hr 18
White mayor, black wife: NYC shatters an image 13 hr 139
Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are BLACK 14 hr 3,320
How ya like me 'DOW'??? 14 hr 17
FRENCH THREAD in AA Forum? 15 hr 3,818

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