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Hebrew Israelite
5 min 94319 comments
Hebrew Yisrealite,
6 min 1084 comments
Random thoughts...
7 min 77956 comments
Barack Obama, our next President
8 min 1079018 comments
8 min 25 comments
Why do blacks claim to be the true Israelites? You're not
20 min 2241 comments
Capree aka SBT.......BM - BM - BM - BM
26 min 2 comments
the moors were black africans not arabs!!!
43 min 23952 comments
Black Men turning Black Women Gay
45 min 66 comments
Why white America "needs" to lie? DENIALISM and GOEBBEL.
45 min 24 comments
Guys: which race of women are most attractive to you?
45 min 51 comments
KFC or churches chicken?
48 min 3 comments
Bm losing Bw...Bw losing Bm. Jethro done lost his mind.
52 min 1 comments
The Moors, Egyptians and Phoenicians were not black!!
54 min 827 comments
Black men: You are Losing your black women to white men! Hahahahaha!!...
1 hr 368 comments
latina wondering what its like to date black men
1 hr 220 comments
Black men prefer Latina women. Always have, always will.
1 hr 426 comments
Why do good looking black women like white men so much?
2 hr 6044 comments
Arab men rarely marry black women
2 hr 2480 comments
Why did Madonna adopted African kids?
2 hr 62 comments
In Light Of Obama/Illegal Immig., BM's New Coalition Is Formed, Natur...
2 hr 1 comments
Keep a Word, Drop a Word, GAME ON!!!
2 hr 4859 comments
Movie Game
2 hr 9402 comments
Juneteenth - " celebrating the end of slavery
2 hr 703 comments
What music are you listening to right now?
2 hr 32316 comments
White Athletes and Black Women
3 hr 549 comments
I need proof that the Ancient Egyptians Were Not Black
3 hr 23814 comments
Racist Baby-HILARIOUS!!!
3 hr 9 comments
OOPS! Obama On His Way Out.
3 hr 16 comments
black men latina women are no good they hate black men as well.
3 hr 242 comments
Why do black people commit SO MUCH crime?
4 hr 748 comments
Black Women: You are Losing your black men to white women! Hahahahaha...
4 hr 52 comments
Ladies? Which race of men do you find most attractive?
4 hr 292 comments
Ku Klux Klan Willing To Work With Blacks To Fight Illegal Immigration?
4 hr 112 comments
Study finds White women not attracted to Black men
4 hr 385 comments
Why do black people hate biracials
4 hr 246 comments
Are Black Africans Jealous of Africa's ALBANIAN PAST?
5 hr 19 comments
80% of whtie women cheat on their white husband with black men
5 hr 45 comments
Why do gay black men love white men so much =)
5 hr 271 comments
About foreign born blacks. ----------
5 hr 411 comments
The Beautiful Somali Women And Why Every Decent BM Should Have Her
5 hr 79 comments
11 year old Black kid has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein
5 hr 51 comments
Farrakhan: Black men headed for extinction
6 hr 1099 comments
BM with Extremely Pretty WW
6 hr 7 comments
Just Leave the Weave in Already!
6 hr 1 comments
Are white women attracted to black men?
6 hr 119417 comments
Grateful for Juneteenth
6 hr 1 comments
Are you accused of "Selling Out"?
6 hr 164 comments
goodnite everyone I love you
6 hr 4 comments
I did'nt go back
6 hr 1 comments
....BM on Children's Bicycles...LOL
6 hr 93 comments
GAZA: Israel's Actions Are Warcrimes?
6 hr 1 comments
who spends too much time on topix?
6 hr 2 comments
Cops Kills BM With ChokeHold For Nothing.
6 hr 320 comments
Sistas its not self hate.
6 hr 1 comments
Take It From A WW, Why Big WW Love BM
7 hr 80 comments
Race in America: Why are blacks being seen as racists?
7 hr 9457 comments
Racist casting call for N.W.A Bio pic
7 hr 1 comments
Are Puerto Ricans white?
7 hr 5877 comments
Time to end race mixing now! White and Black should be separate...
7 hr 450 comments
Blacks Destroy Whites In Racial Debates
7 hr 261 comments
Will Maceo Ever Stop Harassing Young IR BW he's 60 years old!
8 hr 2 comments
Adult Swims Black Jesus
8 hr 6 comments
Are Black people really the DEVIL?
8 hr 152 comments
CIA behind MH17 Planes Shot down??
8 hr 21 comments
What if your son or daughter wanted to marry white?
8 hr 281 comments
WW/AW catching up with BW in Booty Department
8 hr 8 comments
Is Maceo a Silverback Gorilla?
8 hr 72 comments
Violence on the border!
8 hr 1 comments
Loyalty is for S-u-c-k-e-r-s!
8 hr 21 comments
The 7 major CHAKRAS of the body(7 seals)
8 hr 2042 comments
Black colleges face hard choices on $25M Koch gift
9 hr 24 comments
More Black Women Attending College Than Any Other US Group
9 hr 3 comments
We Love White People!
9 hr 11 comments
Father catches BLACK "person" molesting his boy
9 hr 54 comments
A&E: Duck Dynasty will continue, religion and greed, motivators
9 hr 21 comments
Will most Blacks vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016?
9 hr 21 comments
I"ll be gone for a while
9 hr 6 comments
...........Fleeing man runs into police academy
9 hr 3 comments
Jodi Arias killed and butchered white phagggote abuser. loooool!!!
9 hr 4 comments
Israel Attacks Gaza: Horrifying, Criminal, Historic
9 hr 45 comments
Obama: Black Boys Are Only Passionate About Basketball and Rap
9 hr 9 comments
Honest cops are all alike....a bunch of fugging phagggotes!!
10 hr 7 comments
Zimmerman Federal Hate Crime Charges ?????
10 hr 77 comments
2 Norwegians got #1 song!
10 hr 1 comments
Reggie Bush Marries Kim-like Babymama.
11 hr 51 comments
Women and VIOLENCE: Are Women REALLY less violent than men?
11 hr 20 comments
Why do white people hate us more than any other people?
11 hr 769 comments
Military Geniuses
11 hr 15 comments
Why are African Americans so stupid compared to ....?
11 hr 122 comments
To dark skin men
11 hr 118 comments
Black leaders worry about low turnout in November
11 hr 2 comments
NYC Policeman Daniel Pantaleo. What AA's don't know
12 hr 3 comments
The White Racist Police Officer Who Killed Eric Garner
12 hr 24 comments
12 hr 5 comments
'They're still our slaves.' Enlightening article
12 hr 4 comments
What would happen if i pulled the tail off a cave person?
12 hr 1 comments
UN Ambassador Susan Rice CUSSED out Palestinian
12 hr 2 comments
Are black voters turning against Obama?
13 hr 46 comments
Zoe Saldana who nearly quit the business after a bad experience
13 hr 1 comments

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